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    1. Hello Gion, as a veteran player in oldsquad i must say this one of the best DB you've made so far. there's some problem with SM - 1. Deleting Teleport in Arena, its very stupid because once we go cages in arena and sm vs DL its 100% dl win... i cannot run cannot fight just instant death.2 2.Releasing Vulcanus WAY TOO FAST. - you should've made the monsters a bit stronger so we couldnt rush vulcanus and stay on Karutan 2. 3.Swamp of Calmness is shitty exp. 2500-3500 Vulcanus 4000.
    2. you're party should just stop being so toxic and racist, enjoy the game as it is without all the drama and trash talk. Sadly ALKIN's ban didn't teach you any lesson.
    3. its so simple translate me what you wrote in pm ?
    4. so please tell me what you wrote? on those pm's in polish right after you said " i don't speak jew language" ... and tell me why you pm in polish so i can't understand ? what's the point of it?
    5. https://imgur.com/a/MW0CHkY @Gion sorry didnt knew i could do it. thanks gion.
    6. Hello Again Gion, **just saying in adanvce i've got all picture's in full size i just cut the chat-box to reduce image size so i can upload** So now after ALKIN is banned for RACISM his friend come over to our spot and kill us, i explain them why it was important for me to file that report ( my grandfather was killed in the holocaust by racist people mostly anti-jewish peoiple). Gion i truly think their entire party didn't learn their lesson and instead just kept trash talking us, insulting and more anti jewish ill give some example's here: Greetings from ww2 Germany - isn't that racist commnet? a direct reference to what happened to my people back then.. Another reference to anti jewish : and reference to WW2 Hitler incoming ? is that another kind of racist joke on the jewish people? i swear i tried to sort things with them after alkin got banned and told them to stop all that acting of bad behiavor and trash talking what was his response? MORE RACISM "Cant understand jew lanague" Another Polish Stuff: son of a guy in prison who is raped by others criminals. Break:brudasy pfu - "gipsy "spit" " or "brown people "spit" Break:"go and fuck goats" he meant something like a goat fucker (very offensive) for us because its another reference to Europe country Arabic,Isreali that raise goats and stuff
    7. does it even make sense ? comment on what? because we said cords first? again you are racist for Jewish people? does it matter ? he said smells like burnt jews for what reason?
    8. what kind of bullshit is that? it was only 3 parties at the blood castle event. ALKIN PARTY PAIN PARTY MAEL PARTY so who did you say it to? to the air?
    9. Hello Gion, Sadly even in a video online game in 2022 people still give reference about what happened at WW2(Holocausts) Burnt Jew? cmon... , people in our server are still racist about jewish people after everything we've been through. I'm so sad that i need to face those guys in the server i lose so much, i would much appreciate if it would be solved by your hands. we are playing here everyday for hours spending our time and why i need to face racism here? AKLIN: its fucking stinks here AKLIN: Jewish ALKIN: Smooked in polish is like "Fucking smells here smoked Jews" does it make any sense to act this way? we are all here to enjoy not to be racist to each other... Thank you, Michael.
    10. Captain: Mael Player2: Hydro Player3: d00m
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