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    1. wayyy too toxic ^^ it was a close fight and such a nice castle siege everyone was happy even from your side so why you have to cry here? we all know if i was smg it was 10k diff so youll keep on Banning SMG Build for weeks ^^
    2. Character name that is submitting it (for the potential reward). Character Name : Mael Suggestion type (server/website/forum). Suggestion Type - Server Suggestion content (make sure to include enough details so your suggestion is clear enough). Suggestion Contect : Before the fight actually starts, there are 2 Strategies that participants can profit from: Attackers Advantage During Sign of Lord period, attackers that are registered at CS must register as many Sign of Lord as possible. The team with the highest number of sign of lord registered at the end of Sign period will win the Sign fight, having the opportunity to BAN a BUILD for the incoming CS. This means that the banned build can't be used by all participants. Any build from the banned list can be banned including VDL/VBK, depending on everyone's strategy. Note: You need to register at least 300 Signs in order to be able to BAN a build, not only being first. Builds that can be banned (banned list): ESM, ABK, VBK, EE, AE, SMG, SDL, VDL, ERF, VRF. If a build is banned, characters from that class can't have more than 20% of total points in that stat. Example: If EE build is banned, an ELF with 10000 total points can't have more than 2000 ENE at that CS. Command for banning a build: /banbuild Build. Period for Build Ban is between Saturday 00:00 and Sunday 16:00. Note: If the highest sign guild doesn't ban a build between this period, no build will be banned for the CS. Hello Gion / Admin. i Would like to suggest a new feature that might come in handy in this database. Attackers shouldn't be able to BAN same build week after week. the winning side get insane penalty overtime for winning (-6000 after 2 Wins) at least the winner side needs to have some kind of "small leverage" as not getting banned on their useful / "Op builds. also i think that Ban list is not refined enough - there's no EBK / SBK. it doesn't make sense to have some builds not being able to be banned. please think about it for this database and also for future S17 and etc... have a great day ! How the suggestion can bring value. brining more balance to castle siege event. (Optional) How would you personally implement your suggestion (your vision) making any build being able to be banned and also cant ban the same build 2 weeks in a row
    3. bro are you kidding me ? VPN? I don't even have 1 alt, i'm buying everything with credits to support server existence. even my wings i bought for 5k credits
    4. i just think in order to make icarus "fair" and friendly for chill players it supposed to have more spots / or just somehow duplicate this map to subserver or something liek that
    5. 3. Any racism will be punished with 2 days ban. somehow the guy was supposed to be banned 24h ago and still kicking... what a shame
    6. Hello Gion, as a veteran player in oldsquad i must say this one of the best DB you've made so far. there's some problem with SM - 1. Deleting Teleport in Arena, its very stupid because once we go cages in arena and sm vs DL its 100% dl win... i cannot run cannot fight just instant death.2 2.Releasing Vulcanus WAY TOO FAST. - you should've made the monsters a bit stronger so we couldnt rush vulcanus and stay on Karutan 2. 3.Swamp of Calmness is shitty exp. 2500-3500 Vulcanus 4000.
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