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    1. I had a TOCA drop form merc. bounty, and I put it in my vault. Now I checked and there is no TOCA in my vault, but there was a merc. bounty. What happend?
    2. Can't access the website, getting this page:
    3. You can see it yourself in this topic: So either the topic is wrong and needs fixing, or it's right and I just got a bug
    4. Although I agree we want online players to have an advantage, the problem with it is that Goldens spawn in a random time within the hour. If you miss even by 1 mins, and have 3/4 Budges - you can waster all you time in the wrong map, thus not getting any golden, But you still have a good online time yourself added quote
    5. This quote from the "How to get started + some secrets" thread. I tried doing W3 today, and this what happend:
    6. Character name: GalivanRF Suggestion Type: Server Suggestion Content: Problem: When there are multiple invasion(i.e. goldens and Cursed Dragon) you can't see the first row of goldens. Thus missing important goldens such as: Budge/GGD/Drekon. Fix options:(Best to worst IMO) Make the message display more lines in a time Join the Golems and IronKnights lines together - now we have 1 less line to show which is exactly what we need When goldens up, remove other invasion messages Move the Drekon/Budges line lower in the order How it brings value: Better quality of life for people in invasion Problem: If you come late, and a budge is killed, you don't know where did it die Fix options: Add a location for the budges. when a budge dies, remove the location from the msg, just as we have with WW. Example: Budges: 4/4(Lorencia, Elbeland, Noria, Devias) -> Elbeland dies -> Budges(3/4)(Lorenica, Noria, Devias) How it brings value: Better quality of life for people in invasion
    7. Hi, I got a pvpquest of a target in swamp map. I was RF lvl 378, and thus couldn't tp to swamp - game said I need to be lvl 380 to enter the map.
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