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Hello there, everyone!

I am here to start an unofficial guide about BK's, SM's and Elf's.

This is not the usual guide, I am here to start a discussion and try to get everyone, specially the PRO's to join the discussion in order to explain,  and enlighten us in what they think is the best Gear/Set and Points set up for a PvP character.


I will start by saying what I consider to be the best set and points for each of those 3 classes. Everyone is welcome to reply and say why they do/do not agree with what I said, or even add some other ideas.





Strength - Max (around 1300)

Agility - 550

Stamina - 500

Energy - 10


Dragon Knight + 15 + L + 28 + JoH + JoG

Rings/Pend + 3%hp rec + HP + DD

Bone Blade + 15 + L + 28 + JoH + JoG


The more Str, the more dmg output, which is what we need to blow up people with one or two combos. 550 agi, in order to have some decent defense, but also some nice speed to pull a pro combo. Some people might argue that it is too many stamina points, but I say that is the right ammount, as BKs receive more vit points per stamina stat than any other class, therefore having much more HP and sustain than other classes. Energy is basically useless.

The gear. I opted for raw defense and sustainability as this is a str BK and we can have more builds that require more str than other AGI/VIT Bks. Not only does Dragon Knight look very cool, but also these lvl 380 items can use Jewel of Guardian that is pretty strong. (Also don't know if it drops Excel Great Dragon/Dark Phoenix on this server. If it does that would also be a very nice option with +HP+DD on all parts)

Same for Bone Blade. Though I don't really know what is the best Excel weapon drop on this server. Maybe if there is an excellent weapon with more damage, I'd go for it with + 2%dmg + Excel dmg.

The rings/pend are pretty easy to see why. As we used lots of stats on Stamina, the +HP% is perfect, and also +DD makes us pretty hard to kill.



I didn't talk about the socket items, as I never got past lvl 400 on Webzen Mu, so I still don't know what it is about. Maybe(probably) they are even better than lvl 380 items and Hyon/Vicious, but I don't know. Haven't talked about the Skill Tree after lvl 400 for the same reason.

That's why I would appreciate it a lot if PRO BK players would say what's wrong, and also complete the guide about the Skill Tree and in case the Socket items are better.


Yup I was going to talk about Elfs and SMs too, but yeah, I'm not really skilled enough to talk about them so I'd love to see a similar guide about all the other classes, made by someone with more knowledge.

But I can still give my noobie and fast opinion on these 2.


STR(Enough for Exc Guardian / Ancient Guardian. If Exc, +dd+dsr)

AGI(Max, around 1700 or more)

Sta(150, just to survive a little more)


Rings also+dd+dsr


STR(Enough for Ancient Legendary)


Sta(150 to survive more hits as well. More HP points+teleport+potions=Very good survivability)

Ene(Max, around 1700)

Rings +dd+reflect(because as SMs take some high dmg, reflecting would be cool)


That's it. Hope you guys create a PRO PvP guide for all other classes(SM, ELF, DL, MG, RF and SUM). And also hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for reading.

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I'm noob but I've played summoner/BK for very long time. I used str bk with the following build in the past: agi ~ 300, ene ~10 or 100 (in this mu, you may use 92 ene), 700 vit, rest is str (~14xx). Two boneblades, dd+ref+ddi set.

Pro PvAFK player!

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bb is good weapon on s2, on s6 use socket and u must have minimum 10k hp with buff as bk with forte, same as dk set use socket

vit for elf is nonsense

300 agi and vit for sm is crap too

2k ene for ee is minimum

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Hase did up a good write up about Sum ages ago but still has merit. 



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