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  1. If you remember 50rr was the same sorta thing nice to have but didn't really need one
  2. Support

    The answer to why Muppets disbanded seems to be a hot topic so let me answer it for everyone. When we started this DB we were unsure how we would play (most agreed to a casual game). As only 7 of oir normal 15 played we decided to make muppets and not our normal guild as time went we picked up a few people we had played with over rhe last db. As time went on our main players split as rhwy had outside commitments I.e family, work and so on plus many have a hard time getting on for cs time. So we lost a few more mains like mu3tre & trippy. We agreed that would be best suited for people who were more active and wanted to play cs would move to Smurf and the rest who were looking for a more casual would join void hence why the GM of void is an alt. Hope that clears up why we changed around. Had nothing to do with internal fighting.
  3. My Z works opens up clicker
  4. Support

    My ee when buffed in +11 vine w2 + 12 and ms from sm only takes 60 dmg from Genos we really only die if golden comes and our pt doesnt have a erf so with bk buff I only have 600 hp cause I have 20 vit Where you put each party member plus if you have zen pick up and so on is the main factor to being able to afk
  5. Support

    Can bug out if you dont clear spot fast enough
  6. Support

    Agree with Mu3rTe these chars have other advantages like extra stats and early warps this comes at a cost and was well known before started.
  7. Support

    Wont make difference for you now as the stats are based from 800/900 per reset no less of stats (50rr server)
  8. Support

    As above
  9. Support

    Maybe it could be added as a reward with each GR you get 1 free class change? That way you can play each GR as a different class to change it up a bit?
  10. Support

    Correct. As admin mentioned the stats will be calculated for 3/4 xRR#
  11. Support

    Yeah I’m aware of how it works as I’m in these stages I remember stage 1 well getting 5k cp in k3 but if you look the rankings of the top 50 only move with in each other no new players join these which removing the lower grinding stages would help them move the whole way up. We we did it last dB as well and it was high till 10rr then lower then higher again
  12. Support

    It doesn’t help lower players to catch up cause a lot of people get to rr5 and quit, it could be that when 15 starts it’s a little bit higher but slow 5 is removed then at 20 slow 10 is removed but slow 15 is increased and so on? So there is always the slow stage 1 back?
  13. Support

    I think people are missing the part where you get 100% xp for all 30 RR after so getting back to 30 RR would be alot quicker then the first one. I mean and they dont need to GR for like another 3 months cause theres still heaps of players they will pk with. but once everyone is max and has max items what then? you need the extra edge.
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