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  1. Support

    Wont make difference for you now as the stats are based from 800/900 per reset no less of stats (50rr server)
  2. Support

    As above
  3. Support

    As much as everyone loves to hate him, he plays the server villain and does quite well at it makes people want to gear up so they can kill him which makes a better pvp so has both his ups and downs.
  4. Support

    Correct. As admin mentioned the stats will be calculated for 3/4 xRR#
  5. Will the old Lag patch work with new server or will a new patch come out?
  6. Support

    Hey Admin i was 2nd stage (killed an EE just 1) i killed 4 or 5 Deather Bones and didnt clean my PK? did i do it wrong haha?
  7. Support

    I think people are missing the part where you get 100% xp for all 30 RR after so getting back to 30 RR would be alot quicker then the first one. I mean and they dont need to GR for like another 3 months cause theres still heaps of players they will pk with. but once everyone is max and has max items what then? you need the extra edge.
  8. ADMIN you are by far the best server i have played as well. I love your stance on no pay to win its great. The GR i feel was the better of the 2, how and when you unlock it is up to you. Aware you can't please everyone but love the way you invite input maybe you could run a comp about ideas on where to? You might be able to get peices from alot of different ideas and do something awesome. keep up the good work.
  9. Can we vote for this stage 4? I mean i think its a bit silly. And really will just create even more of a afk culture for higher players. I think alot of players will leave if it goes ahead. And i know its the life of a private server but still it was and is how it is.