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    1. If you remember 50rr was the same sorta thing nice to have but didn't really need one
    2. Support

      Hey admin, Last quest i have had have not been able to complete. 1. I got a char who was in town 2. Got same gen on Battle map and wasn't able to atk
    3. Support

      Could bring back a map like arena where you don't get PvP if you kill someone exp is a bit boosted and gens don't matter have mobs of all levels there so anyone no matter the lvl if active can play their at there own risk.
    4. Support

      The answer to why Muppets disbanded seems to be a hot topic so let me answer it for everyone. When we started this DB we were unsure how we would play (most agreed to a casual game). As only 7 of oir normal 15 played we decided to make muppets and not our normal guild as time went we picked up a few people we had played with over rhe last db. As time went on our main players split as rhwy had outside commitments I.e family, work and so on plus many have a hard time getting on for cs time. So we lost a few more mains like mu3tre & trippy. We agreed that would be best suited for people who were more active and wanted to play cs would move to Smurf and the rest who were looking for a more casual would join void hence why the GM of void is an alt. Hope that clears up why we changed around. Had nothing to do with internal fighting.
    5. My Z works opens up clicker
    6. Support

      So far have only failed once in cm I made 8 chaos weapons 90% I then made 6 w1 at 70/90% my pt then has made 4 w2 and 1 cape not sure of % as was done via my party members. In saying that on the 50rr server I burned 34 attempts at w3 but only failed like 3 times making feathers for w3.
    7. Support

      Drop the heal to 4 off top add 25 sec to delay for buffs and should be fine
    8. Support

      Hase did up a good write up about Sum ages ago but still has merit.
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