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[Inception] Test Server Commands

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 Test Server Documentation

The following features can be used on Test Server in order to explore whatever you want easier:

- /pkclear - Remove your PK.
- /passquest - First time will evolve you to 2nd class (Blade Knight, Soul Master, etc.), second time will evolve you to 3rd class (Blade Master, Grand Master, etc.).
- /money ZenAmount - Set the desired Zen for your Character.

- /setlevel CharLevel - Set the desired Level for your Character.
- /setmlevel CharMLevel - Set the desired MLevel for your Character -first you have to do the 3rd quest to avoid bugs
- /setpoints LevelUpPoints - Set the desired level-up-points (a.k.a points to be added) for your Character.
- /setmpoint MLevelUpPoints - Set the desired mlevel-up-points (a.k.a master points to be added) for your Character.

- /setstr Strength - Set the desired Strength for your Character.
- /setagi Agility - Set the desired Agility for your Character.
- /setvit Vitality - Set the desired Strength for your Character.
- /setene Energy - Set the desired Energy for your Character.
- /setcmd Command - Set the desired Command for your Character.

- /spawn MobId - Spawn the desired Monster on your Character position.
Example: /spawn 350 will spawn a Cursed Dragon on your Character position.

- /drop ItemSection ItemType ItemLevel ItemSkill ItemLuck ItemAdd ItemExc
Example: /drop 5 12 9 1 1 3 1 will make you an Excellent Grand Viper Staff + 9 + Skill + Luck + Add 12

NEW: Item Code generator online, choose your item / options that you want and copy-paste the code into the test-server.
Link: https://mu-items-maker.vercel.app/
Credits: @Zmora

*ItemSection = The section of the item in Item.txt (from 1 to 15).
*ItemType = The item number from the section number in Item.txt (from 0 to ~ 150).
*ItemLevel = The level of the item (from 0 to 15).
*ItemSkill = If item have skill or not (1 = with skill, 0 = without skill).
*ItemLuck = If item have luck or not (1 = with luck, 0 = without luck).
*ItemAdd = If item have add or not (0 = no add, 1 = add 4, 2 = add 8, 3 = add 12, etc.).
*ItemExc = If item is excellent or not (0 = non exc, 1 = exc, other combinations of numbers from 1 to 64 = combinations of exc options).

Download Items + Mobs information (for /drop and /spawn): https://mega.nz/#!YxwWWITD!7smMkIZo-hiTpXfNOBDfOqjLzwcGB5wiQ40Cb_DKfvc


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