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Patch - 10.01.2020

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Release date: 10.01.2020 at 16:35 - Updates are up and no restart is needed.

Note: Because a refresh of mobs was needed, Selupan is revived.


  • [UPDATED] Stage 3.1 (25rr) is removed (same exp like on 26rr, 27rr, etc.).
  • [ADDED] End-Game Quest System
  • We're glad to introduce you to our first version of Quest-System that was planned since long time ago, but only now we had the chance to start working on it.
  • Quest System is there to make the End-Game more fun, giving new alternatives to end-game characters to continue the journey.
  • It can be activated once a character gets 30 resets and level 400.
  • How does it work?
    • You need to contact David in Lorencia (128x 116y).
    • He will then start giving you quests and rewards.
      • There are 5 stages of 3 quests each. Totally of 15 quests.
      • First quests' type from each stage is Easy.
      • Second quests' type from each stage is Medium.
      • Third quests' type from each stage is Hard.
        • Each easy quest will give you 60% chance OB4, 40% chance OB3.
        • Each medium quest will give you 1x TOCA.
        • Each hard quest will give you an unlock to a new Reset.
        • The last quest (15th) will also give you a free rebuild of points & ML.
      • This means that our gameplay is prolonged with 5 extra resets (until 35rr).
      • These resets can only be unlocked after completing their quests.
        • Each extra reset does also bring you +1% damage (total of +5% at 35 resets).
        • Each extra reset does have lower exp than usual (dynamic upside, with lower values and only raising every 50/100 levels).
      • But, during leveling on these resets, you can use /qchange anytime during Golden Invasions, Witch Queen, Selupan, Medusa, Kundun & Wings Protector are active/alive.
        • /qchange will make your level 380 during that invasion/boss so you can participate at them anytime while leveling your new reset.
      • This will make sure you're not bored of leveling and can also PvP/PvM meanwhile.
      • Only first 3 quests are released for now, so you don't have to wait us to finish all of them before advancing.
      • The first 3 quests are:
        • 1. Kill 50 Bloody Monsters - They can be found in Vulcanus, Aida3 and Raklion2.
          • There are 3 mobs per map (1 from each type) in Aida3 and Raklion2 and 5 mobs in Vulcanus, with Bloody in name.
          • They respawn each 15 minutes after they are killed.
          • They spawn randomly on those zones (Aida3 & Raklion2) and random on Vulcanus.
        • 2. Hunt down 2x Budges & 2x WW.
          • No matter the order, but won't tell you how many from each left, only total progress.
        • 3. Give David 1x OB2 & 1x OB3.
          • You need to farm new ones after starting this quest (old ones won't count, they're rusty).
          • At the end you need to trade him the boxes and they will be deleted.
      • David will guide you with info, progress and everything you need to advance in Quest System.
        • Note: You can only progress in a quest after you start it, old kills/gatherings, etc. are not counted.

The System is new, so despite testing it in the last days with Gion, you may find some issues with it, so we wait your reports/feedback and suggestions to improve it. Visit this topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3550-new-end-game-quest-system/

We hope you'll enjoy it!

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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