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Patch - 03.03.2020

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Release date: 03.03.2020 at around 19:00, after the small maintenance.

Today we'll hold a small maintenance, this means that server will be off for around 5~15 minutes. While reconnect is possible it is not guaranteed!

Note: Make sure to update the client via Launcher!


  • [UPDATED] Now Nightmare Quest does give Quest progress even if you are not in the winner party.
    • Note: New condition is to be in 9x9 range of the Boss when it does die (same range like PvM points).
    • Note2: This will prevent future problems with quest progress, sometimes not being added.
  • [FIXED] Quiz sometimes not starting in the normal interval (either starting out of interval or not starting at all).
  • [FIXED] MG Fire Slash skill getting bugged when a BK attacks with Twisting Slash.
  • [FIXED] Ice Arrow being able to be used if it was learned with 5k energy and then a rebuild (either IT or CS) changed the ENE with a lower value.
  • [FIXED] PS Items not dropping from Medusa & PSS not dropping from Selupan.
    • Note: From now PSS is excluded from W4 mix and Sylph Wind Bow is included.
  • [UPDATED] Gens rewards for February are delivered after the update (you can take them from NPC).
    • The gens reset will also be made.
  • [ADDED] New CS feature for Defenders as part of the "pre-fight" strategy, to encourage rebuilding CS & defending the structures:
    • Now you can reduce your Handicap points if you repair/upgrade your gates & statues.
    • Default values that you gain are:
      • 4 points for each 1kk HP that you have on gates/statues when CS starts (maximum ~51kk HP).
      • 8 points for each Defence upgrade on gates/statues (maximum 30 upgrades).
      • 15 points for each Recovery upgrade on statues (maximum 12 upgrades).
    • Formula for points reduction is (Points from HP + Points from Defence + Points from Recovery) * Handicap level (1...5)
      • Note: Maximum points that can be reduced is 40% of total Handicap points.
        • Example: If you are on Handicap 1 (800 points) you can reduce maximum 320 points from those 800.
  • [ADDED] Top 3 Stampers at CS:
    • Every 6 minutes you can also see now the Top 3 Stampers from CS, just like the Top 3 Contributors.
    • You gain 1 point for each second you hold the switch.
    • You lose 2% of points for each death (in room or outside room).
      • So the stamper score is based on switch time minus the points lost due to deaths.
    • The switch hold time is updated only after you lose the switch (so the period gained on that hold time is updated only after you disconnect from the switch).
    • At the end of CS, if the top 3 stampers are online they will win 3/2/1 VIP days based on their rank, if they have at least 300 points.
  • [UPDATED] Released the last 3 quests:
    • Quest 13: Kill 30x BoK+5 Goldens.
      • Reward: 1x OB5.
    • Quest 14: Hunt down 5x Kunduns, 3x Witches, 3x Cursed Dragons
      • Reward: 1x Exc. 380 weapon with Senior Mix options that can be used for W4 mix.
      • Note: You get progress even if you are in 9x9 range of the Boss when it does die (same range like PvM points).
    • Quest 15: Wear the Wings level 4 for your class.
      • Reward: Unlock of 35th reset and possibility to use /qreward anytime after you reach 35RR and level 400 that will reset stats & ML (will also delete skills due to ML reset).
      • Note: If you already have them just equip them, if you don't you have to acquire them.
  • + Other small fixes/adjustments.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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Updates are up, server is back online! Gens rewards will be up as well in the next 10 minutes.


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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