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  1. Khabib

    This could be due to the helper wearing full option set ( which has +zen opt). One suggestion would be to remove zen drop from Helper. If you want to have easy leveling, then you need to sacrifice something.
  2. Khabib

    +1. This exact situation happens in every season and every server.
  3. Khabib

    That's because they donate and use credits to upgrade their gears to +11, so they are stronger than normal players. You can also donate a bunch to make your char stronger 🤣
  4. Khabib

    +1 to stat reset. It's unreasonable to spend weeks to start another char from scratch because of a wrong build. Players who played the previous seasons have experience on this server's settings, thus I believe a stat reset option should be available for everyone to be fair to new players trying out this server for the first time.
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