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    Patch - 06.10.2020


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    Release date: 06.10.2020 at ~17:00 - After the small server restart.


    The Castle Siege from Sunday will unlock the first rewards:
    Discordian Apple + Test of Humility for winners, GM reward as the extra reward.
    Due to the early game (and that most of you won't farm Relics too soon), the spot from LoT (Discordian Apple reward) will be based on monsters from Kanturu2 instead of Relics.
    The spot will be updated to be based on Relics after the last CS reward is unlocked. 

    Due to the fact that nobody won the 1st CS, OldSquad will remain as Defenders for this CS and you only have 3 spots as attackers, based on the amount of Sign of Lord you register & the CS score calculation formula (based on Webzen).


    • [UPDATED] BoK+3 Goldens released.
    • [FIXED] Demonic Items asking for more stats than it is showing.
    • [ADDED] New spots:
      • LostTower7: 3 new spots (32 122, 21 207, 37 190)
      • LostTower6: 2 new spots (9 33, 29 31)
      • LostTower5: 2 new spots (111 57, 83 27)
      • LostTower4: 2 new spots (115 117, 104 137)
      • LostTower3: 3 new spots (122 220, 126 179, 132 206)
      • LostTower2: 3 new spots (245 167, 199 192, 190 214)
      • LostTower1: 5 new spots (208 37, 219 57, 244 82, 244 45, 244 16)
        • Note: Make sure to update the client via Launcher to have them marked on mini-map as well!
    • [UPDATED] Removed the global cooldown when clicking Bibi (Event Qualifier).
      • Now each cooldown is individual for exactly the NPC clicked, and it is set to 3 seconds.
      • The only cases when you can click the same Event Qualifier and get registered is when another player clicked it and it rejected his registration because he's already registered with 1 character, but you'll have to wait the 3 seconds cooldown.
      • On any other cases you can either register instantly or the same NPC you clicked was already clicked by someone else before you and will disappear in 1-2 seconds.
    • [UPDATED] Reduced LostTower Traps damage.
    • [ADDED] Now after each kill on Duel it will also show the killer HP & SD left (in percentages).
      • Note: This is available only for Duel Room 1 from Colosseum.
    • [UPDATED] Instead of spawning on Atlans, Rabbits will now spawn in Lorencia.
    • [UPDATED] Now when you are in 14x14 range of an invasion monster you won't be able to drop items from your inventory (namely, to drop potions to prevent the loot).
      • The permission to drop items will be given back 5 seconds after you leave the monster range or 10 seconds after the monster dies, if you remain on the same range.
      • Note: Currently this does apply to: Goldens, WW, Cursed Dragon & Kundun.
    • [FIXED] Guild Masters guild chat problem.
    • [FIXED] Raven (DL Pet) stopping from attack after few minutes of using a different skill, when DL is under level 400.
      • Note: CMD build is still just "for fun", we don't recommend going for it as it is nerfed to the ground.
    • [Probably-FIXED] The rare sub-servers crashes that would cause an instant-reconnect and a small roll-back.
    • [ADDED] /reconnect command.
      • Because some of you asked about the old /dcfriend command to use it like it was working before (to reconnect a character) for things like Party Master change, etc. we've added it back as a different command.
      • You can use it just like you use /dcfriend, and it will reconnect a character as long as you know its password.
      • Command is /reconnect CharName AccPassword.
    • + Other small fixes/adjustments/improvements.

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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    Patch is now up!

    Let us know if you find anything wrong after the update!

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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