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    The Curse of Inception Episode 2

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    Dear NewsPaper readers , after "so much waiting(I hope you understand the allusion)", finally a FIRST Castle Siege was disputed between the greatest forces of the server, the only thing is that this was the SECOND actual Castle Siege, if you already read Episode 1 of this story you know that the first Battle for Supremacy (in my opinion one of the most beautiful possible when all the players are still in sets non-excelent and without top gear), well, this fight did not take place, I understand, because it had no stake, but again (sorry  for my repetition ) but didn't it really have a real stake??? If you read this story to the end, you will probably understand the stakes of the other fight that did not take place.

    So this Castle Siege started without any defensive guild,  (there is no point in trying to understand why, or even trying to explain because...) but that was the beginning of the episode 1,  so in this first episode (secondary) these two guilds participated: Hardcore (guild that dominated Phoenix) and PURGE (a guild with deep roots that sprout from the legendary Guild Squadron) - the fight was balanced, from beginning to end, a fight as can rarely be seen on any MuOnline servers, those in Hardcore had the advantage of the top five players who dominate the server in the rankings from day one. We can also call them "the dominant party of this server start, because they chose/tested, and managed to find the perfect starting combination and lead the server start with ~2 resets ahead before this CS start", and those in PURGE who had the unity advantage. Those both guilds are build up by the strongest OldSquad players, they know each other inside those guilds because they used to play together for years ...

    So the fight was cruel, a great fight, a fight in which each warrior gave his best, or at least tried, from beginning to end the balance was tilted surprising to "some" towards PURGE, the PURGE CAVALRY did wonders same as  the organization of this guild, which, although was previously dominated on all levels by those from Hardcore (rankings invasions, etc.). Despite that, they slightly dominate those in Hardcore, with better organization. At the crown, No1LiveEr failed to press the button due to congestion of enemies, at switches cavalry of PURGE MAKES MIRACLES !! 

    We enter the last 10 minutes of this great battle and everything is at the limit, a little balanced in favor of the PURGE, it's the time when the Hardcore warriors begin to recover from dizziness, to regroup and start to attack Snook at the crown with all their top dmg dealers. Well.. Snook was knocked down by Endorphin's damage and Hardcore seems to won a lot of precious time, but Snook returns inside the castle, this strategy seems to make a difference, but he returns quickly and regains the crown. Hardcore comes back fast and recovers it, everything is dizzying, Purge returns, registers, but it's too late ... this battle ends and those in Hardcore celebrate a victory! What a VICTORY !! A victory at ONLY 510 points difference! 

    This fight for supremacy seems to continue in favor of Hardcore, it's true, they have won due in large part to the 5 players who are in the top of the server, but also a victory that raises a big alarm for them, they need a little better team-play in the battles that follow if they want to keep the castle, on the other hand the PURGE did an extraordinary job, facing and even dominating Hardcore even with 2 resets less than the main Hardcore party, they did it more 'cause of the unity and better organization !

    Now it is the time to go back to the beginning of this article, or rather to Episode 1, was this first fight really pointless? If, without being arrogant, the people from PURGE would've took the first castle "for free" the result now would have been the same? They would have had the advantage of the defenders... but what if Hardcore would've lost this fight? Would have they been so arrogant as to ignore the advantage they were offered for free as defenders? (of course, if they would have took the castle last week)

    Near the end of this article, I wonder what the other two top guilds would have lost? What would GameZONE and Diamond have lost if they participated? Were all these warriors too busy last Sunday? Or do you think that the fight for supremacy is not worth the effort ... not even as an exercise, or maybe even for these two promising guilds it is not worth the effort? Who knows? I am convinced that time will give us the answer to these questions. 

    In the end I will congratulate the whole gang of the new leader of the server: No1LiveEr and I will also congratulate Snook's gang, you have made an unforgettable fight that will always remain written with the blood of all fighters inside NewsPaper.

    Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one's opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment! 

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