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    Patch - 10.02.2021

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    Release date: 10.02.2021 at 15:35 - Updates are up - make sure to update client via Launcher (close clients in order to do so).

    Note: Many of the fixes/improvements were already up in the last weeks, and only documented now.



    • [FIXED] Ignore option from W4 showing as Mana + 7 ingame (option was working though, only wrong display).
    • [FIXED] W4 having chance for Complete HP option - those that already had it were replaced with another simulated option.
    • [FIXED] W4 being possible to be traded / moved to vault.
    • [FIXED] IT sometimes sending disconnection warn message to the wrong players (only message though, no real warn).
    • [UPDATED] Doppelganger will now give the quest progress to everyone from party that has it, as well as giving the progress no matter who clicks the chest (quest active or not).
    • [FIXED] Some items from game having different names in different scenarios (web, drop, inventory).
      • Example: Things like Scroll of Cometfall - Blast, Brova - Beuroba Spear, etc. Now they are the same everywhere.
    • [UPDATED] Added Imperial logs for rewards, helping us to debug cases when ppl don't get the reward on Sunday's event.
    • [UPDATED] Disabled Fire Burst mastery skill during Illusion Temple.
    • [ADDED] Now if you get disconnected inside BC (after the Event does start) you will be reconnected on the bridge, but you will only be able to EXP & you won't be able to leave / pass the bridge.
    • [UPDATED] Now there won't be any reconnect in DS or BC if event was closed during your reconnect (due to 0 players remained connected).
      • Note: There may be cases when let's say 2 players are in BC/DS, one of them gets reconnected, event continues, but if the other one gets reconnected as well, event is over because the 1st player was no longer a "participant" of the event.
    • [ADDED] Non-Exc Rings & Pendants with 2-4% HP recovery in drop with a low chance from mobs between level 30 and level 75.
    • [UPDATED] All IT levels now have the same reward (IT5 reward).
    • [UPDATED] IT priority redirection table based on resets:
      • IT5: 28+ resets.
      • IT4: 22+ resets.
      • IT3: 16+ resets.
      • IT2: 10+ resets.
      • IT1: 5+ resets.
    • [UPDATED] Now NPC from Imperial & Doppelganger will reject you if anyone from party doesn't have any entry left.
    • [UPDATED] Now NPC from Imperial & Doppelganger will tell you the invalid characters based on the rules (no level, no reset, no invitation, no entry, limit ip).
    • [UPDATED] SD recovery from killing monsters (ML) - now maximum value (at 20 points) is around Max SD/10 per monster instead of around Max SD/1.2 per monster.
    • [UPDATED] HP recovery from killing monsters (ML) - now maximum value (at 20 points) is around Max HP/13 per monster instead of around Max HP/5.7 per monster.
    • [UPDATED] Ice Storm damage reduced with 20%.
    • [UPDATED] Phoenix Shot damage reduced with 20% & range reduced from 4 to 3.
    • + Other small fixes/adjustments/improvements.


    • [FIXED] Magic Backpack having no icon on market.
    • [FIXED] Some items not showing on market when using Filter despite them being in market (items like Monarch Crest, devil keys, etc.) - all items that had ' in name.
    • [FIXED] Character profile being glitched in terms of colors when accesing it from certain locations of web.
    • [UPDATED] Transfer character pop-up being more clear.
    • [FIXED] RF gloves not showing up when using Market Item Filter.
    • [UPDATED] Removed Referral System.
    • [UPDATED] Rearranged Services tabs with their options as well as preventing duplicates of same service on multiple tabs.
    • [FIXED] Character Market giving a bit lower credits to the seller than the expected price (2-4% lower).
    • [UPDATED] Market Item Filter option to allow to search for items up to +15 level instead of up to +12 level.
    • [UPDATED] Items from website are now showing only the lowest class possible that can wear the item instead of all the sub-classes
      • Example: Equipped by BM instead of Equipped by DK + Equipped by BK + Equipped by BM.
    • [FIXED] Redirection on a new page + error after trying to Login twice (1st being a fail). Now you can simply just retry the data on the same pop-up.
    • [FIXED] Orb of Fireslash icon from Market being blue instead of yellow.
    • [UPDATED] Normalized name of bundled jewels on website to be the same for all types (Bundled Jewel of X for 10x, Bundled Jewel of X +20 for 20x, Bundled Jewel of X +30 for 30x).
    • [FIXED] Weekly Voters giving lower reward place than it should in some cases.
    • + Other improvements across website.

    Rechinu + HVMAN & all their accessed accounts, as well as their ips + hwids have been banned for exploiting website when they were still playing. They will no longer play on this community.


    • [UPDATED] Now you can no longer move from CS Crown room (using M).
    • [UPDATED] Now you can no longer trade / drop items inside CS Crown room.
    • [UPDATED] Friendly fire damage % increased from 15% to 30%.
    • [UPDATED] Now if you kill a player from your own Guild inside Crown room your team will lose full Points for the kill (based on Normal/Tank/GM type).
    • [UPDATED] Now if you disconnect / select server / switch character inside Crown room your team will lose full Points equal of being killed (based on Normal/Tank/GM type).

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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