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    First time I encountered an asshole on the server


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    Hey everyone,


    I've been playing the server for the past week or so and it has been a blast so far. Usually, people are very kind and welcoming.

    Today (as of now) I encountered the first asshole on the server. Someone just came by our spot (we are 5 man) and started ks'ing.

    FCKCPS, you are a complete douche. You ruined the exp bonus event for 5 other people. The fact that this isn't considered a disruptive behavior per se by the server rules, is extremely asinine.

    I feel sorry for him that he has to be disruptive towards other players just so he'll feel a little bit better with himself. He must be lonely outside of the online life and its no wonder why.


    This behavior should not be allowed. Period.


    FCKCPS - Go F yourself, virgin.




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    This server has no rules, only pay and win :D Enjoy :D

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    Well i have a different experience.

    Only a handful of people are nice, surprisingly the lower reset players are helpful.

    The top few players you see on rankings page are a bunch of selfish douches who only care about their own party, even if it means ruining the game experience for others. 🤪

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    15 hours ago, Tokyo said:

    This server has no rules, only pay and win :D Enjoy :D

    u pay and still lose? sheesh 🤣

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