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    Wrong Pet Dmg with better scepters.


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    i have dark raven lvl 14

    i have 2 scepters:

    Great Scepter +8 : 98-109 dmg + 12 option : inc pet attack power +29% = 1164-2146 dmg of dark raven with 410 command

    Great Lord Scepter +1 : 111-123 dmg + 4 option : Inc pet attack power +35% = 1100-2027 dmg of dark raven with 410 comand


    How is it possible to have lower dmg of pet with higher dmg of weapon and 6% bigger pet dmg inc ? can u fix this ?


    if i have right now 29 lemons and dedice to buy another 6 lemons, how it is possible to do lower amount of lemonade with 35 lemons than u can do with 29 lemons ?

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    Unfortunately there are known issues regarding the Dark Raven, we have always recommended not to go for Command DL. As you could've seen on test server, there are quite some problems with this pet. Until we fix it (but the players know that it was something that we tried in the past too but ending up only messing up the character even more -only on test server-) we still recommend to check everything on test server before actually spending points (and time) on something that won't end up as you expected.

    I wanna ask you some shit, but you might tell me a lie
    But, ayy, I barely care
    I no longer live in my feelings, shit, I'm barely there 
    I can never live in New York 'cause I can't carry there
    They say I can't live in my city 'cause it's crazy there
    I'm like "Shit, that's everywhere"

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