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  1. Gion

  2. Gion

    Probably you can't, but send me a PM with account name and email and I will try to activate your account
  3. Gion

    Hello ! We will look into the problem and we'll reply with an answer. Ty for understanding
  4. Gion

    Highlight : Be aware ! Anyone who tries to scam the event (not moving away from the Race Manager is considered an attempt of scam) will be disqualified and will get 2 warns.
  5. Gion

    Maybe the Goblin takes the add=0 when it is actually max, that's why add16 is recommended.
  6. Gion

    What is Golden Race Event? It's an Event made by staff where you have to run as fast as you can. There are 2 stages: Qualification and Main Event. Event time: The event will be held 1-2 times per week, between 17-24 o'clock. The exact hour for every week will be announced with a couple of hours before the event will start. Qualification: There will be a qualification stage where only 12 players will be registered for the Main Event. GM that holds the event will spawn Event Qualifiers in 4 maps: Noria, Lorencia, Elbeland and Devias.The number of Event Qualifiers spawned means the total number of the slots for the Event. There will be 3 Event Qualifiers on each map. The Event Qualifiers are spawned ONLY on SAFE-ZONES (towns). The only thing that you need to do in order to qualify for the Event is to find an Event Qualifier and click on it! After you'll click on it you will be automatically moved to the Event Zone(Lore Race) and you'll have to wait until the Qualification is over. The Event Qualifier on which you have clicked on will also disappear. ATTENTION: If you'll try to register at the Event with more than 1 char / IP, the Event Qualifier will reject your registration of the 2nd character. Main Event: Players will be moved automatically to the Race line of start in Lorencia, based on the qualification. Players will automatically get a 'chain' effect on their characters which will make them unable to move from their position until the Race is on. Players will be automatically skinned into a golden budge dragon so there everybody will have equal chances to win. A player will get his reward after finish 5 LAPS. When everything is set up, GM will explain the game to players that don't know it, or he will redirect them to read this topic. How is the game? It is pretty easy, the players will have to do 5 LAPS. A NPC is placed at the beginning of the Race. In order to complete a LAP, you need to click on it. The first player to complete 5 LAPS will win, and so on. VERY IMPORTANT: The NPC can be clicked from 30 to 30 seconds by each player. Do not click the NPC at the start of the race, because you will lose precious time. The NPC is clicked AFTER FINISHING A LAP. We have created this type of Event because we want our players to be sure of their result, due to the big reward of OSGM. If you leave during the Event, you will be eliminated. **You can NOT access the Event wearing RINGS. If you wear them, the qualifier will not let you click on it. If you equip any ring after the qualification, you will be OUT of the Event. !!! Be aware Anyone who tries to scam the event (not moving away from the Race Manager is considered an attempt of scam) will be disqualified and will get 2 warns. Prizes: 1st Place: 40 OSP + OSGM Default Reward2nd Place: 30 OSP + OSGM Default Reward3rd Place: 25 OSP + OSGM Default Reward4th Place: 15 OSP + OSGM Default Reward 5th Place: 10 OSP + OSGM Default RewardConsolations (all participants except first 5 places): 5 OSP + OSGM Default Reward More info about this system --> https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3258-patch-1760-04072019/?tab=comments#comment-30416 About OSP --->
  7. Gion

    Ty for the answer, @Rothgar Topic pinned If there are any additional questions, don't hesitate to reply here
  8. Gion

    Moved into the right section. I am not sure that I understand what happened there.
  9. Gion

    Idk, maybe the in-game way of communication doesn't let you express yourself the best, so maybe that's why the forum was created. I don't recall hearing this info before, not even once.
  10. Gion

    @ADMIN will hand you the reward
  11. Gion

    What do you mean by not properly working?
  12. Gion

    My opinion r n is that the ice arrow is a signature skill for AE, like Exilia said. If you'd ask me, this stun is a part of the game, as Webzen designed it, and I am used to it, even in CC. Tougher enemies make you stronger. Plus, again, this is my opinion, you should start playing AE instead of changing it.
  13. Gion

    ???? Please reply with the link for that report
  14. Gion

    Thank you for the report, we will look into it
  15. Gion

    Hello, you will receive your reward.
  16. Gion

    Keep in mind that when you see something wrong with the game, you should press the printscreen key from keyboard (you can find the screenshots inside the MU folder). Especially when it's something involving you directly. And some situations require more than one screenshot.
  17. Gion

    Hello, any proof?
  18. Gion

    LowBrain +1warn - 24h mute Closed.
  19. Gion

    PK/KS is permitted. Please read the rules - > Closed
  20. Gion

    Ty for your suggestion, but we are looking forward to add more "complex" events. We are already using this hide and seek to qualify the players to other events.
  21. WhiteCrow took the GOLDEN FENRIR in May. 

    Get yours in June ----> 


  22. Gion

    I see that he apologizes and told you that the message was not for you. We encourage a good language tho, Vampiro muted for 3 hours
  23. Gion

    You "provoked" him, if he would've insisted, them the mute would have been applied. +the title is.. Closed
  24. Gion

    Hello, your main computer process was not the mu. You can fix this at anytime by pressing ESC twice. Unfortunately you will not have your invitation back. Ty for understanding
  25. Gion

    I don't have any access, and I can not check, this is why I pass this topic to ADMIN
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