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    1. I slipped and I have warned the guy on the same prints from the last week. The warn will be moved to Filter. Locked again.
    2. Zizou +1 warn, total of 2 => muted for 36 hours. Locked.
    3. PlayBoy +1 warn => muted for 12 hours. Locked.
    4. Live tournament ---> https://challonge.com/dlluxjqn C'yall at 22.
    5. Update: today's tournament type will be double elimination.
    6. Hello ! The 2nd edition of Brothers in Arms will be hosted on Friday, 13.05.2022 at 22:00. We're playing 3v3 PvP. In order to register for the Event, the team captain must reply here with the participants as following: All characters from the team must have DIFFERENT CLASSES! Rewards for 2nd Edition Consolations: 2xJewel of Harmony +1x Jewel of Bless +1x Jewel of Soul per match played (per team member). 1st place: HoF Badge + 5 days of Golden Fenrir +15x Jewel of Harmony +10x Jewel of Bless + 10x Jewel of Soul (per team member). 2nd place: 12x Jewel of Harmony + 10x Jewel of Bless + 10x Jewel of Soul (per team member). 3rd place: 10x Jewel of Harmony + 7x Jewel Bless + 7x Jewel of Soul (per team member). Bonus reward: Each participant has a 25% chance to get an Old Box when receiving the reward (20% chance for Mid Old Box, 5% chance for Late Old Box). Note about Brothers in Arms rewards: In order to take your reward from the Brothers in Arms event, you'll have to go in Crywolf and type /biareward. Note: Jewels are going directly into Jewel Wallet (on website). This will be possible after Gion is setting your event rank (so 5-15 minutes after the event is over). You can take the BiA rewards until Thursday night (23:00). If you don't take your reward until Thursday 23:00 you'll lose it. Info about Brothers in Arms https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/4518-brothers-is-arms-team-pvp-event/ By registering for Brothers in Arms you agree with the conditions from Brothers in Arms info !!!
    7. The rewards are up, you can collect them using /soccerreward in Crywolf.
    8. Team 1: Drogon X Midd X Makos X Team 2: Jorjel X PANZER X Swift X Team 3: Taniaa X Bronek X Blestva X Team 4: Pikachu X Trippy X Joanna X Team 5: Exilia X fRematy X xxxXXXxxx X Team 6: KillBill X Infinity X Razor X Team 7: Forfajter X Summ4zen X xREDx X Team 8: FKinGCunT X Spitfire X Gaara X The Event is starting at 18:00 so make sure to be prepared in terms of created guilds and parties. C'yall and GL! Live tournament ---> https://challonge.com/gdkj7zd
    9. Consolation reward updated in order to match the other rewards.
    10. Hello ! The 1st edition of Soccer Night will be hosted on Saturday, 07.05.2022 at 18:00. Write you character name that you want to participate with in this topic, for registrations. Rewards for 1st Edition Consolations: 2x Jewel of Harmony & 2x Jewel of Bless per played match (for each player). 1st place: 10x Jewel of Harmony & 10x Jewel of Bless for each winner. 2nd place: 7x Jewel of Harmony & 10x Jewel of Bless for each player. 3rd place: 5x Jewel of Harmony & 10x Jewel of Bless for each player. Also there is a 25% chance for an Old Box (20% for Mid Old Box and 5% for Late Old Box) for each participant. Info about Soccer Night https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/4012-soccer-night-info/ By registering for Soccer Night you agree with the conditions from Soccer Night's info !!!
    11. How would you know that they both white? Anyway it is about the culture, you from Europe, I don't expect you to get it. Idk why I am talking about this. Also there are no insults here, locked.
    12. Spitfire banned 2 days for racism. Locked.
    13. As I said in a previous report too, disrespecting is not same as insulting, and how did he get to find out information about you? Locked.
    14. You cannot tell from this single reply that you were the target or not or whatever. Do you have more context?
    15. Disrespecting is not the same as insulting, and they did it here just like that. In my opinion there should be no punishments except for Betley where we can see the concept of racism in pure form. Betley banned for 2 days. Locked.
    16. You can use imgur.com to share a link. Please let us see the whole context.
    17. Xxplosive +1 warn => muted for 12 hours. Locked.
    18. ALKIN banned for 2 days for racism. Locked.
    19. Hellow! Some plugin is not working as it should, it will be fixed soon. Thanks!
    20. Note2: Due to the nature of Team-KotH, disconnecting during the event / leaving the event after it already started will ban you from Arena Tournament for 5 days. This is only for disconnecting during Team-KotH rounds (Last Laugh / LMS rounds are excluded).
    21. Please read the reporting rules before actually reporting. Locked.
    22. I cannot find the appellative "jew" as a racial slur unless it is used as an insult or something, thing which is not, ofc that's why we punish it, and not found here either. I mean if someone would've called me "christian" because I am actually a Christian, again, it's ok, not racial slur. Locked.
    23. Please read rules before actually reporting. Locked.
    24. The only available version is for Windows. You can try virtual machines and other things though, I don't know if it will work.
    25. Chukundah +1 warn, total of 3 => banned for 1 day. Makiavelli +1 warn => muted for 12 hours. Locked.
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