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    Announcing Inception - Sprint #2 - Back to Origins


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    Hello OldSquaders & Guests,

    After the 1st successful Sprint, our Inception is back for the next adventure!

    Inception - Sprint #2 - will be released on Friday, 27 January 2023 at 19:00 GMT+2 (Mobs will spawn at 20:00 GMT+2).

    The same, classic OldSquad gameplay will be present, featuring a progressive system and stages across the resets.

    You can access the Public Test Server anytime, since it is already opened.

    Few notable changes:

    • Increased EXP on 0rr with 12%.
    • HP & Mana pots stacks increased with +50%:
      • 23 Apples
      • 18 Small Healing Pots
      • 14 Large Healing Pots 
      • 75 Small Mana Pots
      • 45 Large Mana Pots
    • Large Mana Potion now restores 5% more Mana than before.
    • Until OB3 and OB4 are released, the events/bosses that should drop them will instead drop OB1 and OB2 (instead of no OBs at all).
    • Slightly nerfed Death King, Cursed Dragon & Kundun to be more fit for 0-5rr.
    • Cursed Dragon now also has a 25% chance to drop a Feather or Crest, apart from his normal reward.
    • Death King now also has a 50% chance to drop a Box of Ancients, apart from his normal reward.
    • Icarus now have normal number of monsters on spot (5).
    • Feather & Crest can now also be dropped in Karutan 1.
    • Rate to drop Feather & Crest in Icarus slightly nerfed while the Karutan1 rate is slighty higher than in Icarus.
    • Gold Medals can now drop starting from monsters level 73 instead of level 83.
    • Silver medal can now drop starting from monsters level 55 up to monsters level 72 (instead of monsters between level 58 and 82).
    • Heart of Love can now drop up to monsters level 54 instead of level 58.
    • HoF achievement for first +15 item can now be given only for excellent items.
    • There's no longer 1st CS on 1st server week (without rewards), the 1st CS is now on 2nd week and it has the 1st reward(s) unlocked.
    • Maximum ML is now 150.
    • Seeds NPC is now unlocked at the end of Stage 3 (so you can craft seeds as well before moving to Genesis).
    • Credits options at the end of the Sprint are now:
      • 70% of credits to Genesis OR 20% of credits kept in Inception for the next Sprint.
    • Transfers table updated:
      • 23-25 resets Inception -> 50 resets and level 400 Genesis.
      • 21-22 resets Inception -> 49 resets and level 400 Genesis.
      • 20 resets Inception -> 48 resets and level 400 Genesis.
      • 19 resets Inception -> 47 resets and level 400 Genesis.
      • 18 resets Inception -> 46 resets and level 400 Genesis.
      • 15-17 resets Inception -> 45 resets and level 400 Genesis
      • Under 15 resets on Inception -> X3 the resets number on Genesis (14 resets Inception = 42 resets Genesis, etc.) and level 400. 

    You can also bring your feedback for the 2nd Sprint here: 

    Reminder related to how Inception operates now:

    Since last year, Inception is now running under "Sprints". There are 2 Sprints per year, each Sprint lasting 4 months (120 days). At the end of the 4 months, characters are moved to Genesis. Players can choose to either continue the end-game on Genesis (if they want to experiment sockets, w4, quest system, more pvp, etc.) or join the next Sprint from 0 on Inception. 

    Genesis is our new, permanent main server, and the location where characters will be transferred from the Inception Sprints. A 150~250x resets server focused mostly on end-game content, a server that will remain online without any editions or wipes for as long as OldSquad will remain online.

    All the information about the Transfers can be found on the Official Info Topic for Inception (Gameplay section).

    Schedule for 2023:

    • 27 January 2023 - Inception Sprint #2 release - ends on 28 May 2023.
    • 28 May 2023 - Transfers start from Inception's Sprint #2 to Genesis.
    • 04 June 2023 - End of the transfers.
    • 04 June 2023 - September 2023 pause.
    • September 2023 - Inception Sprint #3.


    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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