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    IT Antigame - Emperror/Luckster


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    Emperror/Luckster brings 2 chars to IT. Makes them both tank so there is no chance to kill him and just abuses this mechanic to get the win. In the video you can see that he leaves one char afk at statue and then comes with another to pick up. So he only runs around with 1 char while other is afk at statue for quick pickup.

    I got the recording going at the end and didnt have time to adjust the settings but the names should be readable at least and the afk strat can be seen.

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    I had to think a little bit about this and in the end the answer came from the rules as well.

    Antigame = "staying AFK/not cooperating with team/playing for the other team to abuse rewards, etc.", as it is defined by our rules. I was trying to 'extend' this 'etc' but each extension of it (in my opinion) has to do with helping the other team. It is not actually antigame when you are defeated by it, we consider it antigame the actions that cause your team to lose. So a good example for this situation would be him having 2 characters in different teams - 1 playable and 1 afk. This would be antigame. Also having 2 characters in the same team causing the team to lose = antigame, but while there was a solo-team consisted only of him, unfortunately, there is no antigame.


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