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    Current state of Global Chat

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    Let me start by saying that I usually ignore the Global chat as I rather not get involved in the Drama between the 2 main Guilds. 

    However... it is getting critically out of hands more and more, to the point that people create new chars and "Semi offensive names" and spam the Global chat. This is starting to really ruin this great servers gaming experience... and sadly all this bad attitude and constant going at each others throats in the chat is making players leave. I come from a background of playing this game back in early 2000s and also OG Call of Duty lobbies, therefore I am used to toxic behaviour and shit talking non stop. But once again this is really getting out of hand on this server especially in the past few days, and something must be done... 

    I've reported a player on Facebook Messenger for spamming the exact same text for 6 WHOLE HOURS, the reply I received  was that player reports are to be made on Forum. I fully understand and agree with this, but these are situation that cannot be left unresolved for over 24h... Like yes the player will end up getting a ban for 24h but that's already after the fact he has been spamming the Global chat for over 24h. 

    I absolutely understand that Gion and the main Admin has life outside of this server/game... I was in the same boat for almost 2 years when myself and a friend of mine run our own servers. 

    What am I getting to?
    Well... it's simple. There has to be more OldSquad Staff members to help out the community on this server, in-game as well as on your socials such as Discord. Which currently is a ghost town and is used by players to prove who was first in DS or BC... 
    Don't necessary call them Game Masters or give them any benefits of a Game Master, simply let them handle the community and social media. 

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    Actually here you will find many players that are around for a long time, so these situations are rare and triggered.

    Also there is always a minimum of 12 hours of waiting time for a report (after the report is officially opened on forum) in order for the reported one to have time to defend himself.

    On the other side if the reported player is abusing even more then just share his next abuse in the already-opened report and his punishment will be increased (if it is the case).

    Cheers ❤️

    I wanna ask you some shit, but you might tell me a lie
    But, ayy, I barely care
    I no longer live in my feelings, shit, I'm barely there 
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    I'm like "Shit, that's everywhere"

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