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  1. Almighty

    Hellow Crucify ( nobek ) :))
  2. Almighty

    Atenea (MystHH) face un abuz cu privire la jignire , asta este o hartuire si abuzeaza pentru a primi contre si a posta si bana . Ar fii cazul sa ne oprim si va rog sa luati masurile necesare...... https://imgur.com/a/VendUC4
  3. Almighty

    is swearing is swearing, nevermind that, but trying to make playes to quit the server, thats low, even for him, do you care about this community?
  4. salut alex ... pot primi si eu recompensele de la gr 2 si 3 ?

  5. why i cannot connect to the game ??? .. when i open laucher .. he tell me " i'm temporally blocked"... why ?

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