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  1. When everybody was struggling to survive on a weak spot, we were pulling mobs. Most of you couldn't pull mobs, even if you wanted or tried it, because you were not using proper items, buffs, builds, positions, coordinations or party build. It's about thinking of everything, not just pulling. Those pulls were not an abuse, but a well planned and developed strategy.
  2. mafy

    I think ADMIN's idea is to make ppl fight for the rewards and have more action on the server. It's a whole month struggle. Having some nice rewards, makes the game more interesting and attractive for everybody. Who would bother to leave the spot for some jwls(when there are plenty of them on the server) or some weak rewards? TOCAs doesnt ensure you will get the item higher, it just gives you the chance. Regarding harmonies, i think ppl will already farm them at that time. Instead, what i think it's a bit too much for the first month is the golden fenrir reward of OSGM.
  3. mafy

  4. mafy

  5. mafy

    You can warp at levels from M only at 0 resets. After first reset, you need level 70/80 for Atlans, 100 for Atlans2, 111 for Atlans3, 150/160 for Tarkan1, 180 for Tarkan2, 230/240 for Karutan1 etc.
  6. @Jawbreaker You are the only who is always trashtalking here, mate.
  7. Everything is fine in my opinion. DS4 can be easily done with a minimum organisation and feather/crest mult be valuable so drop is really ok. I think nobody wants to see whole server with w2 after 1 or 2 weeks.
  8. mafy

  9. mafy

    si poate te tii pana se fac 5 ani :)) iti facem si un tort frumos. 😂
  10. I suggest #unbanGROM, but keep an eye close on them.
  11. mafy

    @Definitely not tsubyke check this out Bring Regal back here 😁
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