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    1. rolexutz

      This happend more then 12 hours ago as is mandatory for bl, as far as i can see. I dont wanna defend myself, by saying this. I take full responsibility for what i said, i apologize for the other 4 members. But i cant apologize to u the guy the was controlling the other 4, and did what u did Ill let admin decide, whatever he decides, ill take it peace and gl to all
    2. rolexutz

      well, basilcay, i dont know exactly how to translate, some romanian curses are very specific lol Translate: "ure a fucking subhuman being , piece of shit Fuck ur mouth , i hope angelina jolie will do a blowjob to u" something like that
    3. rolexutz

      i support 100% this report !!!
    4. rolexutz

      Give him some chills please https://postimg.cc/gallery/CbhK92z
    5. rolexutz

      Match winner: NetherlandsGoal scorer: Depay1st goal scorer: De LigtMatch result: 2-0Penalty kick in match: NORed card in match: NOUnder or Over 6,5 yellow cards: Under ing: LowBrain
    6. rolexutz

      Care se joaca pe non rr server de aici ??? M-am reapucat si eu de vreo 2 saptamani
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