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  1. Mu3rTe

    the problem with the EE not buffing properly is happening if you put the cursor out of the mu window, or you let the cursor on some1 from party in the top right corner, atleast what i noticed. try to avoid such
  2. https://imgur.com/a/bUNEaCg
  3. so why you  put cd for teleport skill??

  4. https://imgur.com/a/DFrmX
  5. Mu3rTe

  6. Mu3rTe

    read the server info, all resets have different bonus exp. Now, in other order, we have also some good news: - The last updates remained will be up on Monday, along with few other improvements (like CC6 reward which was suggested and accepted). - @Gion is back in our staff as the Event Manager, which will be responsible for the OSGM Competition and his events, that will start from Monday (a dedicated topic with rewards and info will be made). - First mini stage (1) is done, congrats to Takeshi for finishing it and entering in HoF.Rewards: Boosted 0rr exp with 100% Boosted 1rr exp with 80% Boosted 2rr exp with 60% Boosted 3rr exp with 40% Boosted 4rr exp with 30% Boosted 5rr stage exp with 25% (instead of 40% from the normal exp it will have 65% exp). Now small wings from ring 80 will drop for the char that dropped it (if dw dropped ring -> small wings dw, etc.). (Stage1 updates will be up after today's full maintenance). - We're preparing a new automated event for you, Lucky Strike, more info soon! Cheers.
  7. Mu3rTe

    ce maniere ma unde te crezi, citeste regulile e free game, si ownerii leau facut =)) si legat de maniere, ale tale vad ca sunt in papusoi
  8. Mu3rTe

  9. Mu3rTe

  10. Mu3rTe

    its very good the way it is now, make some rr and commit party if you wanna kill something
  11. Mu3rTe

    imagine a golden to stay one hr / on 2-3 spots aida, kanturu, where you make lvl?
  12. Mu3rTe

    cause you nap and wanna pk me on iepuri invasion
  13. Mu3rTe

    you farmed so far in atlans2 hydra, battle map and no1 came to kill you, its easy to say =))) i farm normal map and i get 20 pks , guess not so much fun, but yeah, part of the game, ok will see when i start my pk machine hope no1 complains
  14. https://imgur.com/a/2azY5 insert please guards or warn this guy and his accounts with 1-2 days since he have so much time for pk as he claims. already about 20 pks today, and i think i am not the only one. mb remove elf soldier buff to murderer, and shop also
  15. https://imgur.com/a/Qbhnr