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  1. Mu3rTe

    you think top players are unreasonable? i farmed 24/7 since opening and still dont have anubis ring. some guy join ds max 10 times, get lucky and wants full sets for a ring... so its part of the game.
  2. Mu3rTe

    it was not always so easy to colect medals, the drop rate increased once the stages were cleared. at the moment drop rate is maxim, to help new players to catch up. items like legendary +12 were quite rare. but as you say, the drop of items bigger then +7-8 help the server lvl up faster than expected. still chaos is a very rare item,
  3. Mu3rTe

    Grom drop rewards bc8: https://imgur.com/a/CUAGknU Mu3rTe drop rewards bc8: https://imgur.com/a/xZtJxBA
  4. Mu3rTe

    lol, i had w3 sm +15, when you guys did not even had w3, and suddenly overnight grom full ddi and bypass, looks like i pushed your limits.
  5. Mu3rTe

    the problem with the EE not buffing properly is happening if you put the cursor out of the mu window, or you let the cursor on some1 from party in the top right corner, atleast what i noticed. try to avoid such
  6. https://imgur.com/a/bUNEaCg
  7. Mu3rTe

    for sure you set up something wrong, or inventory full, see below screen shot
  8. Mu3rTe

    yes, there is a issue if you keep attacking monsters, in order to proper work, you need like a 1-2 sec gap between monsters spawn unfortunately.
  9. Mu3rTe

    do not fear, there will be pks :)) ppl just want to secure advantage first.. luckily for many ppl, this server gives many recovery possibilities.
  10. Mu3rTe

    i dont understand why do you want to have the same benefits when you dont put the same effort? join a guild get organised, make some friends, be active on events, you want to play 3 hours a day and be on the same level / items and so / like the others who are investing their time in this game? you can make exactly the same as everyone else is doing, what is stopping you its yourself.
  11. Mu3rTe

    i completely disagree, you took advantage to enter at early lvl to higher events, why did you not complain then? this is it, there must be some balance, and you must also consider that other ppl want to join faster just like you did this change will benefit just some top players and will have short term benefit, but will be disadvantage to all others that are trying to recover. if that is the case, than the warp lvls should be same as for all other classes. but we must think, like i said to also the other players that are not so big lvl, or ppl that are new to server. Ex: a new guy make lvl 311 and he is expecting to farm together with his friends that are bigger, and surprise, he need to wait until 331 alone.. We all knew the limitations of the character when we created them, you now want to change that to benefit you, is just selfish
  12. so why you  put cd for teleport skill??

  13. https://imgur.com/a/DFrmX
  14. Mu3rTe