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  1. https://imgur.com/u4pHakb
  2. https://imgur.com/HEqVO85
  3. Mu3rTe

    i see this deviated from the intended course of action, just take your warn and mute and lets move on. we all know zazax swearing on every oportunity, many of us just dont care so much abouth him to make post about, or else he will be muted full db.
  4. Mu3rTe

    Joined:06/28/2019 vorbeste gura fara tine iar
  5. Mu3rTe

    try weapon skill once every lets say 10 sec, to close the gap
  6. Mu3rTe

    Base dmg, but you must take in to account the defence of opponents/ monsters and damage reduction of each
  7. Mu3rTe

    from my side its ok, sometimes we can finish 2 gaions until invasion finished, just for other ppl to know also.
  8. Mu3rTe

    yeah, happened to me one time also, no more gaion for me during invasion unfortunately. you must wait till invasion finished. mb we can have a fix on this soon.
  9. Mu3rTe

    set is ok, weapons making big difference
  10. Mu3rTe

    well, the idea of the lord mix boxes for characters looks nice but, if you focus only on one char.. this is what happen, i miss the times when random mixes and get 20 gloves sunlight. anyway, its not that unbalanced, since its a lot of effort to make them. anyway, this time is already 2 late for doing something:D mb next time.
  11. Mu3rTe

    anyway, if you guys rf are a little honest, even you were not expecting to be that good...
  12. Mu3rTe

    did you reconsider when he pwned you in cc just few mins ago? :)))
  13. Mu3rTe

    so, to answer your question, if you, as a new player want to have any impact, you should play atleast 1 month 24/7 to recover the lvl/reset different. Assuming that after 1 month, you somehow, you are on par with the resets, than you must spend 1 more month, to recover the items gaps. So, as a new player, i suggest you make some friends, and be active, gain their trust, and mb they will have some account to share for you to play CS. Otherwise 2 months madman, and you can make some difference. to answer other quest, you have potion of soul +20 attacksped / ale +20 attack speed / scroll of quiness +40 attack speed + other pumpking buff+10 attack speed+ elixir of agility +1000agility = so lets say you can make with a little effort 120 attack speed extra. Also, i kinda agree that rf is now kinda op, but what to expect since different gear lvl + ml + fenrir. That golden fenrir, i did not check last changes, but wasnt supposed to be un-tradable? i mean, i dont remmember Oklahoma winning OGSM.
  14. Mu3rTe

    Bine ai venit :)
  15. Mu3rTe

    unfortunately i dont start video for this things, its just a game, i wanna have fun, but with people like this guy who not that he not play the event, he continue with the trash talk, and continue, and continue i wish i did start the video Thanks for your replay. mb if i see this guy in the future i know what to espect and i will take precautions.
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