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  1. Mu3rTe

  2. Mu3rTe

    finally something interesting happening :))
  3. Mu3rTe

    we can make perma DS and all will be happy.
  4. Mu3rTe

    Hopefully a better view :))
  5. Mu3rTe

    Nice changes, waiting for the new edition to start
  6. Mu3rTe

    go hold hands stop posting here what happened today? i heard you died 1 time and left at medusa, playboys were afk? no bff to come to rescue?
  7. Mu3rTe

    I su*k yours and you su*k mine, Let's hold hands so we can rise. Power of friendship prevails yeyyyyyyyy, let's rename BFF4EVER.
  8. Mu3rTe

    Nothing special, same old, same old, * strikes again.
  9. Mu3rTe

    As long as you are having fun, all good. But from having fun, to make everything just to win its a long way.
  10. Mu3rTe

    Dude, if you want to participate at CS, give a fucking care, if your full leadership is not able to fucking register signs and they only login at 23:59 to do it, that means you don't deserve to participate. It's part of the game, its a fucking strategy. But no, you guys are cleaver i am stupid. Maybe you guys will learn to play, or maybe try to improve yourself. Maybe work on dignity, and pride, and from time to time, maybe admit that others are better than yourselves. If that crappy attack guild had any pride in them, they will admit they were outplayed, and learn for next time. And do you even have courage to post here? when you put tanks in fucking squadron and hold switch when gm is not even available?, yes that is Antigame if you wanna speak about that.
  11. Mu3rTe

    i hope, some day, we can really be adversaries, no hold backs All inclusive. GG for this edition tho.
  12. Mu3rTe

    Base dmg, but you must take in to account the defence of opponents/ monsters and damage reduction of each
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