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  1. https://prnt.sc/quki3o https://prnt.sc/qukigv https://prnt.sc/qukiof
  2. GM BOX is only for guild who own castle. U can drop DK items from Bloody Queen but weapons (bone blades etc.) are able now only from GM Box
  3. killua

    Ofc if u play smart with smart team (i mean u and your team play smart) u will earn CR without donations Dont think soo its problem to buy VIP for 1k CR without donations, just play smart
  4. killua

    @PART 2 - Remove Socket items for EE > no1 want Mace for EE when EE doesnt exist - Would be nice if u can fix SUM issues with challenge - sleep and debuffs doesnt work(its sick for me coz MS for SM and RF buffs work) - Remove ally - i guess its make CS more interesting - Remove Jewels from ob5 - Dunno if its possiable - IT rank with small rewards for best killers and tanks - Add Ale to drop from quest or sth > should help with economy IG: PornStar
  5. killua

    Two cents from me: - JofCreation > They are worthless, in short no1 want this U can drop JoG from PvP Quest but what to do with it ? I have little suggestion in next points - MoSS Gambler > opening this could help with jewels worth > for exampe mix for 20 creations ? If u want i can help with % of gambler and odds (i know how to do it^^) - for me rewards from gabler should be decent but fail ratio should be like 75/80% - 380 exc weap > I guess it should drop from Medu or Selupan (like Weapons Box with like 25% drop rate) ATM Exc 380 weap are OP and u can get them only from LordMix - OSGM > its work well ? Waste is my friend but i dont like case when we have 6 gold pets on serv and all ot them are in one pocket (My oppinion - u should remove race - its will help for sure) - GENS Rank - top5 is ok but look where is Mu3rte, Scab and PornStar with XXX kills - they are behind ppl with 0 kills For me ppl who are active and killing others should get more points / Now we promote ppl who are only afk I DONT LIKE THIS - GrandChemipons of OS > Each Summoners fight vs rest summy, bk vs bk etc. Champions wil fight in Main Tournament (1bk, 1sm, 1ae atc) - Auctions > for example This Week reward is wep +lk+2opt It should help for serv economy coz: a) jewels b)lack of wep on serv Auctions for jewels, soo guilds will need cooperative with this Cheers, later ill add more sugestions killua
  6. killua

  7. killua

    xcited plz check first info about server on forum. u can find all details there.(anyway posted by admin)
  8. killua

    Two cents from me: I have a little petition for Admin and his stuff. I remember case on Phoenix when after one updates U make DL with raven soo OP. We told it many times but u all said - ITS NOT BUG Two week later u add new patch with remove dmg of raven, but u did it after half serv quit. @Zutto remember it ? We were both on spot in swamp (it was battle map) , only 2BKwo EE When came full pt with EE they have a big issues to kill us (u were on Dragon set+15+dd+hp, me on DK) but u know what happened when came 1rr 17 mlvl DL with zen set.... BK 180mlvl and BK 160mlvl with top geers was killed by ONE DL with 17mlvl with 1rr and with ZEN set And if some1 doesnt know - they killed both of us in 10 sec GUYS its no matter if its BK, RF, DL or other class. Ppl will quit if u cant make balance in game. I dont think soo problem is that Oklahoma is ATM best pvp player on serv. Normal ppl never cry about that. Some1 have to be top1. Now is Oklahoma time. I dont think soo ppl cry about Oklahoma and his dmg, no1 will leave serv coz Okla is top ^^ But if u make in top10 pvp players all ppl with RF - i know 1 thing, ppl will leave and they will be right. SOO PLEASE, dont destroy this serv like u destroyed it with Raven bug on DL ^^ MAKE MU GREAT AGAIN !
  9. GANJA MAFIA Captain - PornStar - SUM Player 2 - XinChao - SM Player 3 - LordStark - DL Back-up - HaHa - RF
  10. I dont see any point to play on Phoenix any more but if u like it. I dont have items for MG or SM, i gave all cr and jewels too but u can check geers on killua and Haze - if u need something just tell me ingame: PornStar PS: ill give u black fenrir's too 😜 cheers
  11. killua

    Hello buddy. I dont even know what u posted but if u need something just catch me in game. Nick: PornStar Cheers bro
  12. killua

    Hi, After the IT start I wasnt moved to arena. Just stucked on wrap. Can i give back IT6 inv ? Best regards, Haze
  13. killua

    FOR SALE: - Knight Blade +9+L+speed+20lvl/dmg - SoD (sword) +edr+20lvl/dmg - Garuda Pants +L - Vicious Armor +5st - Vicious Ring InGame: killua PM or Mail, cheers
  14. killua

    its not first time. this idiot last time called guild HITLER. just kick out this retard from serv.
  15. killua

    And saint k0lea spoke :) 30 sec after event start I wrote that i have big laggs. Havnt seen anything. When I tried to move in left, i moved in right. I couldnt do anything. After couple of mins quality of game improved a bit. But we were 3 vs 5, after 2 our pt mate got dc. In 24h i got dc 2 times in bc (one 30 sec before receiving a prize) and once in ds. But u right, its my fault. I use events only to lose. And u know it :) btw. im only one person in all serv who had issues today or if i dont use combo 2 my pt mates will get dc in event ^^ ohh k0lea dont be frustrated.
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