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  1. killua

    Good Job Mister Reporter! ok good in 99% Cheers amigo PS: #FreeGrom
  2. killua

    Why all reporter post make dramas about HARDCORES ? WHY ? They are KINGS ? They are better than other players or what ? Forum is almost dead coz i can see only 2 things: hardcore dramas and ppl reporting other ppl for BL. How u expect HARDCORE will win CS if they have 3/4 players who piloted rest char ? They cant win CS coz they invested all only in their friends like Snook, Obraziniac,, Vladislav and retard Tzapushhh. For me u cant win, u cant call yourself smart if u invest in guild in guys like those above ^^ So plz dont make dramas, dont cry, just play and use brain. And ofc make 1 more LM for another retard who will be banned :DDDDD hahahahaha Snook, Obraziniac, Vladislav, Tzapushh and RUSULETZZZ - OMG WHAT A GOLD TEAM ! #Legends #NoBrainNoReward #DRAMAS #HARDCORE #HARDLOSERS #OLDSQUAD #REPORTER #MakeThisForumAliveAgain
  3. killua

    IMO - i dont like idea to rebuild tree for each cs (i will add this - u can rebuild stats for each CS - ok but next one change should be able next sunday)
  4. killua

    They had the castle for three weeks and what did they do with Lord MiX? I can tell u what they did. They wasted it Dressing people like Snook was a great idea. Ohh wait, where is Snook ? Where is his set ? Organization and strategy ? Organization died when Rusu left, strategy was good for 3 CS - let's dress ONLY MG and where these MG's are now ?:D For me 0% hardcore, 100% chaotic
  5. killua

    Cheers bro GROM - i love how this guild was prepared for cs, i hate toxic feelings inside
  6. killua

    xcited plz check first info about server on forum. u can find all details there.(anyway posted by admin)
  7. killua

    Two cents from me: I have a little petition for Admin and his stuff. I remember case on Phoenix when after one updates U make DL with raven soo OP. We told it many times but u all said - ITS NOT BUG Two week later u add new patch with remove dmg of raven, but u did it after half serv quit. @Zutto remember it ? We were both on spot in swamp (it was battle map) , only 2BKwo EE When came full pt with EE they have a big issues to kill us (u were on Dragon set+15+dd+hp, me on DK) but u know what happened when came 1rr 17 mlvl DL with zen set.... BK 180mlvl and BK 160mlvl with top geers was killed by ONE DL with 17mlvl with 1rr and with ZEN set And if some1 doesnt know - they killed both of us in 10 sec GUYS its no matter if its BK, RF, DL or other class. Ppl will quit if u cant make balance in game. I dont think soo problem is that Oklahoma is ATM best pvp player on serv. Normal ppl never cry about that. Some1 have to be top1. Now is Oklahoma time. I dont think soo ppl cry about Oklahoma and his dmg, no1 will leave serv coz Okla is top ^^ But if u make in top10 pvp players all ppl with RF - i know 1 thing, ppl will leave and they will be right. SOO PLEASE, dont destroy this serv like u destroyed it with Raven bug on DL ^^ MAKE MU GREAT AGAIN !
  8. killua

    Break the word = DRAAAMA QUEEN Cheat newbies = DRAAAMA QUEEN STEALING ITEMS = DRAAAAMA QUEEN go go Master Oklahoma from Riga, go live in your dirty world but trust me karrma always back, soo it will back to you no more words from WEAKERS like me. Only Master's from SQ can post here
  9. killua

    Its not about win or lose on CS. Its about something more. Your guildmates selling demons with 1hp for newbies, u fucked all guild who helped you "win" cs, u dont respect promises what u gave them,. I dont wanna talk about stolen items Ofc its not about all Sq members but tell me Master Hase how to be a part of best guild, best guild without honor, respected rules and without good manners Cheers
  10. killua

    Hello buddy. I dont even know what u posted but if u need something just catch me in game. Nick: PornStar Cheers bro
  11. killua

    1 inv for whole pt
  12. killua

    I dont agree with u. I burned 0/7 feanrir, made 1/8w3 and 2/16 feathers. Can u imagine burn feather 9x in a row ? I did this. I got w3 clean for me when i was 4rr and 400 lvl, now ppl at 1rr want w3 and its crazy. I like this server coz nothing here is easy soo plz stop cry about CM till u fial 9x feather in a row
  13. killua

    I'll add some jewels, rings/pendants and box's
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