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  1. killua

    I'll add some jewels, rings/pendants and box's
  2. killua

    killua - 6 points Ganja - 3 points WhiteRaven - 2 points LowBrain - 4 points ReBoRn - 4 points Exilia - 5 points ----- killua Winner !
  3. killua

    Event members: killua, Ganja, LowBrain, Exilia, ReBoRn, WhiteRaven Buy-ins: 18/18 + I'll add 5/5 extra Prize pot: 23/23 GL and HF
  4. killua

    Match winner: PortugalGoal scorer: Cristiano Ronaldo1st goal scorer: Cristiano RonaldoMatch result: 2:1Penalty kick in match: YESRed card in match: NOUnder or Over 6,5 yellow cards: Under __ Ingame: killua
  5. killua

    Hi all, Tomorrow 21:45 serv time start final match of nation league: Portugal vs Netherlands Lets make some fun Match winner: (3 points) Goal scorer: (4 points) 1st goal scorer: (5 points) Match result: (6 points) Penalty kick in match: (1 points if NO / 4 points if YES) Red card in match: (1 points if NO / 4 points if YES) Under or Over 6,5 yellow cards: (2 points) For example: Match winner: DRAW Goal scorer: NONE 1st goal scorer: NONE Match result: 0:0 Penalty kick in match: YES Red card in match: NO Under or Over 6,5 yellow cards: Under (NO= Under) Contest rule: - post here "Im in" and post your tips - Buy-in: 3b and 3s - PM me ingame: killua (or maile me, as u wish) - Winner is who earn most points - Winners take all LIST OF PARTICIPANTS: killua - PAID Ganja - PAID WhiteRaven - PAID MILO - LowBrain - PAID Exilia - ReBoRn -
  6. killua

    Nice idea I'll add 10b + some pendatns + Box K5 if i drop till event ^^
  7. killua

    Hi, After the IT start I wasnt moved to arena. Just stucked on wrap. Can i give back IT6 inv ? Best regards, Haze
  8. killua

    FOR SALE: - Knight Blade +9+L+speed+20lvl/dmg - SoD (sword) +edr+20lvl/dmg - Garuda Pants +L - Vicious Armor +5st - Vicious Ring InGame: killua PM or Mail, cheers
  9. killua

    its not first time. this idiot last time called guild HITLER. just kick out this retard from serv.
  10. killua

    And saint k0lea spoke :) 30 sec after event start I wrote that i have big laggs. Havnt seen anything. When I tried to move in left, i moved in right. I couldnt do anything. After couple of mins quality of game improved a bit. But we were 3 vs 5, after 2 our pt mate got dc. In 24h i got dc 2 times in bc (one 30 sec before receiving a prize) and once in ds. But u right, its my fault. I use events only to lose. And u know it :) btw. im only one person in all serv who had issues today or if i dont use combo 2 my pt mates will get dc in event ^^ ohh k0lea dont be frustrated.
  11. Perfect guide, full information :) PS: If I would be a admin, I would give u some old box. Good Job !
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