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  1. KostisPoutou

    Well i am gonna just say my opinion.. ofc thats a anti gaming strategy. BUT this is also part of this game. i mean every Guild Master is free to register his guild and do what ever he wants. He can try win cs. he can try kill only 1 guild for his reason or he can ever walk around. there are rules that say all guilds must try to kill all enemies guilds or something? i think no.. and something more. maybe these noob players just dont like GROM and they joined cs for fun and for pk Grom. why should this be Squadrom problem??? maybe Squadron had no idea. i dont even know what happened.. i am just saying again.. anyway my opinion is that this cs must be canceled and not gifted to GROM and admin must make new rules for antigaming. cause i mean.. just 1 example. if i have throne with my guild and i see the weakest guild keep somehow 1 switch i would try to protect them so they other stronger guilds would not be able take throne. is that also antigaming? or strategy?? admin should make some new rules and explain us what is antigaming and what is strategy. just my opinion.