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  1. KostisPoutou

    so if u want these maps for battle zones and not as exp zone why u added spots there?? or why u add spheres or flame there? or why u add flames with so low% chance? make swamps for example then with 5-10 mobs with random re spawn and then higher drop rate and let people fight for drop.. same with vulcanus and raklion.. this is what i understand as battle zones. and yes i understood your idea. i just wrote u how it works. if u think afk killing is battle.. its ok.. and about changing gens we have already gave a though. we just cant do it right now cause we own castle.
  2. KostisPoutou

    1st of all i wanna say that last update seems really nice. i mean with new spots/mobs etc etc.. just 1 question.. do u really think making swamps+raclion battle zones was a good idea?? and i will explain it.. 1. best bosses are in these 3 maps.. swamps, raclion and vulcanus (k7 kundun and crywold are also nonpvp) and min 80% of server has D gens so that means like there is almost no pvp/war for bosses anymore.. just best pvm pt win drop. --->> boring 2. now with all these battle zones can every noob make 1 killer V gens and come clear all afk/hunt parties in these 3 high maps without take pk + he earn gens points.. and i wanna ask.. this is what u want from server? just afk free killing???? if yes then change this killing ee take triple pk too.. and NO they dont kill or fight for win a spot.. they just clearing whole map and go on to the next. 3. ofc u can say that i or we can also change gens or we can also do the same. well.. guess.. they gonna also change gens again and do the same thing. and there is a better idea.. just make these zones as it was and let people fight a little for the bosses or take pk if they want pk a party or something. i mean i cant really see whats the meaning or the fun of these battle zone when there is no battle but just afk killing.. thx for reading and sorry for my bad English
  3. KostisPoutou

    did u changed something already or what? 5 sec after my post and i dropped my 1st flame^^^^ also raven sticks started also dropping..
  4. KostisPoutou

    nahh.. not at this spot.. i am 100% sure.. its same with Vulcanus.. 2 weeks in same spot 0 spheres. then i changed spot and i drop 1 sphere5 everyday. i will also try change spot in swamps too when my char are a little stronger (cause at this spot my ee is safe from mobs) but i just saw this post and wanted to report this too.. something doesnt work right..
  5. KostisPoutou

    i am also last 3 weeks in same spot in swamps dropping only demonic sticks and 0 flames so far.. yep.. no kidding.. 3 weeks nonstop and 0 flames..
  6. KostisPoutou

    Well from 1st day that i played this server i noticed that there is a cooldown at potions.. heal or mana or sd. and the delay isnt that small.. 1st though was.. Perfect! thats a nice way to nerf BK (that rules MU in all non res server from always) and RF too that he takes dmg just for addking points at stamina. but as the game goes farther and farther i see that if u make a weapon +13 and add sd ignore u can kill 95% of server just with 1 hit. so people start making again only BKs/RFs as main pvp char as it used to be. i am not sure for this but i think server has anyway more sd ignr than normal. i mean u hit already much at HP even without sd ignr yel opt. now i am sure admin gonna say all char must have min 200-300stamina (as he already wrote) but well that also not enough when a RF hits with 2 pss po 20% sd ignr. and if u make AE or SMG/EMG or SM with like 500-800stam its not really worth. my suggestion is.. maybe keep this cd for BKS/RFS and make it a little less for rest char? if this is possible ofc. or something like this.. and i am sure some people gonna posting there are PRO SMs or AEs in server and bla bla bla.. but trust me.. soon u would see only BKs and RFs. any clever guy with some "mu experience" can see that already. thx for reading and sorry for my bad English
  7. KostisPoutou

  8. KostisPoutou

    Hallo, i just changed Race for my sm to dl and now the new dl is missing some points (stats). can u check it plz? He doesnt miss many stats. it must be like 2-3 points but still.. it isnt correct. Char name is Hermes if u need more acc details send me pm THX
  9. KostisPoutou

    As the friend already wrote this is a very good server and its sad to see such a huge difference from the 1st weeks between guilds/players etc etc. Even if 1 player managed to dupe like 150-200 jwls in the 1st weeks thats already huge help. and i am sure people were duping items too and not just jwls.. Anyway if i understand the problem right so far the dupes are possible only cause of site (Market, Webstore, WebGuildStore etc etc). So maybe just close all these shits and make sure none can dupe anymore?? I mean yeah! i also find Market Super but still.. i prefer a clear server without market than this. Right now we are in a point that many people tried hard with donations/votes/normal play etc etc and they dont even know if its worth cause they see players having already lvl3 wings+13..15 or 380weapons in like 1-2weeks with ML. Im not saying that everyone of them is duping. I am just saying we dont know what to believe and what not. And something more. Like many people already said for 0 res server things go way to fast. things like Anc items dropping like crazy from DS (making LOT and cs useless) or dropping no luck 2 opt exc items and just add luck with credits and make +12 also with credits and then 13 14 15 with higher % but NOOOOOOO only 3 badges Dragons in whole server for rings/pend. and all good bosses dropping useless 380lvl sets (380 weapons worth cause low stat server) while whole server hunting 2opt exc items or sock sets ofc.. Just an example! People keep asking us (Olympus) why we dont join CS yet. 1. We are all around 30 years old with jobs, families etc and we dont have so much time to catch player like Muerte who doesnt miss any event/boss or dupers that lvl up 24/7 afk but somehow they got OP items 2. The only reason to playing CS right now are the jog.. and have some fun. Otherwise as i already said lot is useless even CS is best event in this game. So we gonna play cs when we finish our char just for some fun..
  10. KostisPoutou

    Hallo, i just changed Race for my dl to sm and now my sm is missing 23points (stats) can u check it? i know that for sure cause i have 1 more sm at same lvl and he has more stats. i also calculated all stats so i am pretty sure that the new sm missing 23 points. Char name is Apollo if u need more acc details send me pm thx!
  11. KostisPoutou

    Well i am gonna just say my opinion.. ofc thats a anti gaming strategy. BUT this is also part of this game. i mean every Guild Master is free to register his guild and do what ever he wants. He can try win cs. he can try kill only 1 guild for his reason or he can ever walk around. there are rules that say all guilds must try to kill all enemies guilds or something? i think no.. and something more. maybe these noob players just dont like GROM and they joined cs for fun and for pk Grom. why should this be Squadrom problem??? maybe Squadron had no idea. i dont even know what happened.. i am just saying again.. anyway my opinion is that this cs must be canceled and not gifted to GROM and admin must make new rules for antigaming. cause i mean.. just 1 example. if i have throne with my guild and i see the weakest guild keep somehow 1 switch i would try to protect them so they other stronger guilds would not be able take throne. is that also antigaming? or strategy?? admin should make some new rules and explain us what is antigaming and what is strategy. just my opinion.
  12. KostisPoutou

    TRADE: Leather Armor+L+dd+hp Leather Armor+dd+ref Light Plate Boots+L+dd+hp Light Plate Pants+L+dd+hp Plate Armor+L+dd+hp Plate Pants+dd+hp Tower Shield+L+dd+hp Brass Armor+dd+hp Scale Helm+L+ref+hp NEED: Bronze/Leather Boots Pants Gloves+dd+hp (L)
  13. KostisPoutou

    so i guess there are more like u and thousands of dupes already in game.. jwls too.. ic..
  14. KostisPoutou

    is this a bug? or hack? no idea but this idiot selling 2 wings with exactly same Serial..
  15. KostisPoutou

    CS: 1st if all i think 1st CS should be in like 1-2 months from now. No reason for CS so early. Let some players prepare their guilds and char and then open the event. I also dont like LM items. I mean CS is the greatest event of MU and LM should give best items and not items that u can hunt afk or drop in any other event. for example add 1% of lvl4 wings random class random opt or at least some items that u need for create lvl4 wings. Having no Allies and max 25char per Guild doesnt mean many small Guilds?? i wanna just know how many Guilds can register per CS. If max 3 then i think thats not enough cause u gonna deny from people playing CS every week. About CS system i like very much that u tried to bring something new and u changed it but i think the defenders gonna have always huge advantage. Imagine the defenders wining points every min and 3-5 small Guilds trying take switches. I mean will be very hard for a small guild to take throne. You want most fair CS system ever?? here my suggestion. Make cs like this: u can press 2 switches and throne and u r wining points as long u got throne but there is no this 60sec limit! there are never defenders. Only attackers. At the every of every CS the guild that managed to keep 2 switches and throne for most time win CS. and for the next CS all guilds start again as attackers. i hope u understand what i mean and sorry for my bad English. i also dont know if that possible. PVP System. Maybe your idea to delete PK clear command is good for start cause all players would like to exp but later when many char max are i think its not that good.. i mean there is Nightmare event and its best pvp event. u need strategy and pk. if u cant PK clear none gonna pk. it will be like all other events just a pvm event. and if someone try to PK he gonna be red and the rest gonna kill him for free. I also wanna know where Sock items can be dropped and how many sock can 1 item has. thats all for now! if i got any more suggestions i let u know. sorry again for my bad English. have fun!
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