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    1. KostisPoutou

      u r not even listening as always. but im guessing thats normal with animals. u have to repeat everything many times. its not up u! i dont give a shit for my items or for this game. i got life and i can go on without mu ez. but u gonna play here from now on with the word THIEF next your name! with 0 respect from whole server. honestly i wouldnt even post here to make drama but u r such stupid kid that u did it from alone so everyone knows now what really happened. so im gifting u all my items so u can stick them deep in your ass. the only important thing for me and thats what im checking right now is if u r even more stupid and touched anything else in my pc cause im sure u used my anydesk for all these shits. i hope u r not suchhhhhh stupid or else we gonna have real problems and i dont mean "game problems". about game and items i dont give a fuck anymore. use them, npc them, share them. u even logged my acc again and as u can see i didnt even changed my pass. go ahead and sell my char for cred too. dont care. as i said. its not up to u! its never up to animals. PS. its gion! i understand. u can warn this acc too.not gonna need it anymore. thx!
    2. KostisPoutou

      do u really think these duel texts every 5 sec worth? i mean.. if someone wanna watch he can move lore and go watch it.. but these spam texts all the time.. like u can understand hows the duel goes when u see 45% sd 80% hp etc etc.. i guess just the results of duel was enough.. maybe with score.. like xxxxx won yyyyyy 10-2.. Especially now with merce quest.. u wanna be able to see if someone got quest on u.. or when inva starts.. the important things.. and no how each duel goes.. just my opinion.. if there people here who really reading these texts, all ok..
    3. KostisPoutou

      toso kairo den prolavainate na ton vgalete ap to stoma.. seira eixame kanei kai sas gledagame se ola ta event! tora vgalate k glwssa! arakste tora sta 32 kai apolauste to paixnidi! filakia!
    4. KostisPoutou

      It’s so funny to see hardcore guys having tongue in last Servers days.. I won’t write and explain again what happened in cs. U can believe what ever u want and your friend\just a random player sparkle can write his history as he wish. is it really so hard for u to understand that admin changed really smart the CS and now u can get LM boxes lose or win and we have no more really reason to destroy u every Sunday? Or u think we need more lm or lot after so many months? Anyway we gonna keep making fun of u and enjoy game as we always did with any way we prefer/like. PS. 32forever!!! Enjoy
    5. KostisPoutou

      and here comes the true story. CS starts. just 2 guilds are taking part. Playboys and Hardcore, and just 3-4 Attack players without even Fane being online (after some days he told me that he had some personal things to do and he couldnt play at begin). 1st 30min CS runs with just us (Playboys, 2 full parties and XinChao without pt) vs Hardcore (honestly no idea how many of them) fighting and being like with same points.. some min hardcore was ahead and some min us. + - after 30min till 1st hour, more Attack guys start joining (still without fane) and i guess they managed to make 1-2 parties and trying keeping switches without reason. Most of them time they were keeping Switches (especially AlMighty) when we were attacking, blocking us and making us lose time and points. As said it was random. Maybe they kept switches when Hardcore attacking too but i couldnt see that cause i was next to crown and maybe hardcore could move them easier than us without losing so much time and points. Around that time i also get one weird DC (without losing stats) and i relog and game move me in loren deep start, making us lose even more time. at this point Hardcore got Advantage like 2-3k points. After 1st hour Fane is joining (more Attack players joining too) and i guess they make patries quickly and try to register, blocking both us and hardcore randomly. they try this around 10-15min and i guess they see that they are already many points behind and without having their vbk stampers they got almost no chance to win it and i guess thats the time that they decide to help us win by blocking hardcore. it was like in last 35-40min with hardcore being ahead with still 2-3k points and attack guild better organized trying to block them and let switches free when we were attacking.. even Fane try keep switch and make it impossible for hardcore to register. after this in last 30min Hardcore cant register anymore, their gm also die 3-4 times and we won cs. i guess each guild has its own way to think and to take decisions. i can speak only for playboys. we have few active members. and we tried our chances with even just 2 parties. maybe we would have lose without attack help. maybe it would be close if we were just hardcore vs playboys from begin. cause in 1st whole hour we also lost much time cause of them. at the end.we just wanted to have some fun and we had it. and we also got lucky to win it. GZ to our few people who stayed with our plan, made builds that we needed and made this thing happened. PS i liked this new CS system. guilds can try many builds and strategies. sad there are no more many active players in server to try all these things.. i hope in next versions this cs system will be just fine and that we gonna see CS wars out of crown room too (defending gates and statues too)
    6. KostisPoutou

      truth is this.. as reporter said we were 3 full parties vs 5 attack parties. Playboys is a new guild and it isnt 100% old squadron members cause as u can see some of old squadron members joined ATTACK too or stayed without guild and also some hardscore members joined us or attack too. 1st hour CS was normal.. we played 1 vs 1 and score was kinda equal. 2nd hour 2-3 hardcore players decided to come and yes they mostly tried to keep switches when Attack tried to register. idk why. maybe they didnt want attack to win. but for sure we didnt ask it and there was no deal. only 1-2 times Askin (hardcore) RF kept switch while we were attacking. Attack wasnt just more than us but they also had more and better CS char (stampers) so they could always register faster than us even if hardcore kept switches. CS wasnt really balanced cause attack guild was better than us. it may looked as balanced cause these 2-3 hardcore players tried to "help" us. Anyway as i said we werent ready enough and attack won it as it should be. GZ to them! we gonna try be more prepared next time.
    7. KostisPoutou

      In one cs u was helped by kama3 and in another CSs u joined whole dieeeee's party. if its different to be inside in guild or in 2nd guild doesnt matters in my opinion. as i said u tried your best to win and we did same. And as far everything was ok and right with server's rules cant be considered as antigaming as reporter wrote many times. not even the thing with the signs. about ATTACK guild the truth that i know is that they wanted to help squadron in cs. idk if LM or something was in deal (i dont even know who was their gm at this time) but for sure we accepted their help. that didnt work good cause they were few and behind in resets and items and as result was that u were killing them and taking points and we didnt. but in my eyes that wasnt something bad. they were new guild. they wanted somehow to play cs too and enjoy game as we did and they HAD to pick a side. so i cant say i dont respect them or something. im saying it again after all its a game all want to have some fun. the same thing did dieee too.. they wanted keep their guild and in the same time to enjoy playing cs and have some effect to server..
    8. KostisPoutou

      Red. Most of things that u wrote are right.. about skopt too. I won’t disagree with u cause u have your opinion and i mine. U also writing about Attack and that they always had ally or helped one or the others. But u totally forgot to mention something about Dieeeeeee‘s guild. If I’m not wrong they also helped u as guild and later by joining u as members every Sunday. Was the same time that we used skopt in 2nd guild and just for 2 cs. Skopt and just skopt!! Solo! 1 char. Wasn’t even in pt with rest squadron. Just solo. i don’t want argue with u dude at this point.. it’s too late anyway. But plz when u start something try write the whole truth. And don’t “forget” things. we always tried win cs with any way and u did the same. All good!
    9. KostisPoutou

      and i wrote already.. if u hadnt block attack guild u could find out what would have happened. u dont need apologize. just go and read again what i wrote. i made 1st full seeded sock set +13 in game before even u had 1 item +15. and anyway i didnt try to prove something. i just answered to this guy about my ''game achievements" and btw... 50 vs 5-6? for real dude?? yes it was like 25 vs 15 or something.. but stop write what ever u want..
    10. KostisPoutou

      keep hiding..that’s what rats doing better.. no reason to waste more time with u. Too boring.. and too sad not having the balls to speak and write with a name.. im gonna make something more interesting now than speaking with u.. gonna make some lord mix’s.. and mixing some statues for w4. cya looser!
    11. KostisPoutou

      Here we go again^^ same shits.. and still no answer!! I guess u r just mad for losing almost everything.. I can feel u.. sadness and saltyness .. ahh w8.. no.. in fact I can’t feel u.. never lost cs vs u^^^
    12. KostisPoutou

      Then go plz read first topics from reporter about CS.. he is mentioning min 4-5 times my cs dls name Sk0pT. i hope I answered u for one more time.. but u still hiding your char name and still didn’t answer me.. what’s your achievement and your history here???
    13. KostisPoutou

      As I said after all it’s just a game.. so I guess all players who still playing having fun. Or else they would have also quit. make everything just to win... like what? Ofc Im trying always to win with any way (ofc always with server’s rules) and u also doing the same with your ways. And I respect that. If u want to speak in personal I also respect u as player too. I liked the way u joined squadron, the honestly way and reason u left them. Your gameplay and how u can play more than 1 char each time, your char/build. If u read all my posts I never called u noob or something. I even found smart the way u tried to take advantage in last cs and I wouldn’t mention shit about antigame if reporter had not start this story 4-5 topics before. i just called u nerd. And that’s only my personal opinion. Cause u playing active very much and with many char. Maybe in your eyes u r just a normal player.
    14. KostisPoutou

      Wtf dude.. I really don’t get your point here.. its just a game..what achievements u want me to have?? Describe myshelf? Why Should I? u r coming here and posting without even your real char name and writing no sense shits. so let us know your achievements. Plz describe us yourself! As I already wrote my achievements were to be from 1st day when server opened always in top 50-60 char without a single vip and without a single donation for cred. I also joined, helped and stayed till the end in one guild that dominated in this version. I also made 1st full seeded sock set in game +13. Yest I finished it +15. Got best stick in game sb+15 edr. And all these with just 2-3h pro day and without spend a single euro. And most important achievement I met nice people and enjoyed play with them and had really fun destroying hardcore and guys like u without even trying hard.. and still enjoying making fun of u on forum too.. that’s all.. what else u need to know about me? Let’s listen your side now.. your achievements!!
    15. KostisPoutou

      ????? U just posted for write random things? I don’t represent anything? So answer us what are u representing? i was in squadron from first weeks, from 1st cs, when all “worthy players” were playing and stayed there till voyager quit. Didn’t changed 18472828 guilds or something.
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