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  1. Wrathbinge

    Hello dear community, i'm back after some time. Last time had an accident and well had to leave sadly i didn't communicated but well actually i'm back and gonna start on 50RR server just for fun, also i will be around forum giving a hand where its needed. With love, Wrathbinge.
  2. Link fixed, anyways it's this one: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2001-remote-desktop-assistance/
  3. Wrathbinge

    If you experience issues with your game client then follow those steps so i could help you: 1- Download and install Skype so we could chat: www.skype.com. 2- Add Skype: vpsp_1805 (Wrathbinge) 3- Download and install TeamViewer: www.teamviewer.com ,it's a remote desktop program. I will do my best to solve your problem so you could enjoy playing in our server. ------- You can find a guide below from our lovely helper Tuga :).
  4. Wrathbinge

    So just post your skype here in order to spam, and add your community friends. Mine: vpsp_1805 (Wrathbinge)
  5. Wrathbinge

  6. Wrathbinge

    In order to keep a bit of activity at forum and increase your post count without doing big spam, feel free to post here what are you listening Example: