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    1. hahaha, can't say I didn't try
    2. Well, even with me hammering the key, I doubt I can get even more than 2 presses off within 5ms. I don't understand how, but I'll take your word for it being related to my ping, since I assume its one of the higher ones on the server (same reason why my damage very rarely lands in pvp, or moving npc). Just annoying that it never happened on the previous version. I mean I still get the random client bugs where I cannot tele or trade until or reload the client, but that's the same as before also and I assume also due to my ping. I've only pointed out the new ones Thanks for reply anyway, seriously didn't expect you would still be replying to topics here since you would be investing so much time in the next release.
    3. Great, so just PM admin to remove / change the option for you then I guess? This information available in one of the guides? most likely. Basic information new players will know? Not a chance.
    4. Yes, the old antihack very rarely did this. The new one closes all the time randomly. But also a lot when switching maps / moving client around your screen. The bugs I explained at the beginning of this thread. At the end of the day It doesn't really matter. So little amount of people playing now I know its only a matter of time till it closes ^^
    5. No idea if you can reset the item, I'm sorry But +28 should be about the same % as +12, since its zen value 'resets' at +16. Have fun making that anc item +11+28 or +12+28 with creds
    6. I assume admin has stopped checking the forums now. But just wondering if anyone has figured out how to fix this bug yet? I still have it happen quite a bit, almost as annoying as the random client closes. I wonder if this anti cheat software is just cheaper than the old one?
    7. Hello, I have been having 2 issues since the new Liveguard software was implemented. 1, The client randomly closes much more often than before. Have not figured out what the trigger is yet. 2, If I hammer a key, the software thinks I am using a key pressing software and closes the game + temp bans me. his has happened twice now while on my RF, with helper on and trying to rebuff without cancelling the helper. I just keep pressing number 1 and right clicking until the buff casts. Easy fix for me, from now on I'll cancel helper, cast buffs then re enable helper, doesn't happen too often since its just when a party member was not there when helper casts the buffs. Regards,
    8. Hello Grish! Did you try to enter a battle map and see if you are still in a party there? Regards, Enk
    9. My thoughts are this would work well in a very small server. But we have quite a large community here. I spend quite a lot of time buying and selling things, ain't no way I am going to spend 3 or 4 times as long browsing a bunch of stores trying to find items I want rather than the exceptionally well made search in the online market. It also stops people from getting scammed as easy as they can very easily compare all current prices on an item they want side by side, rather than potentially not finding the cheaper items in the in game market. In game there is also no way to easily tell which items are new and which are not. All in all, in game systems are just too inefficient.
    10. Oh hello my favourite person in the world whom I would hate to ever insult. I had to just let you know you should maybe stop drinking as your incoherent rumblings may confuse people. As always, stay safe and don't die a horrible death. Regards, Enk
    11. These people think they are elite. Giving out unwarranted attacks on regular players who are just trying to have fun. I am deeply hurt and upset at being told to do something so filthy as to kiss someone's ass, especially when its someone who cannot afford toilet paper.
    12. I am deeply sorry if I upset you in any way Dracula. That was by no means aimed at you, but I can see how someone very insecure would assume it might be. All I wish for you is good fortune and fantastic, tasty and salmonella free food. Merry Christmas to you and your family and happy new year! Much love, Enk
    13. Hey.. so... How do I go about grabbing those secro's? Regards,
    14. Oh, I see. Well that is interesting. No more Gaion if WW/ Rabbits are going to spawn I guess! I am out of time to redo them now, so just secroms please. Thank you very much.
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