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  1. EnkEgg

    I'd like to point out that in the Bad language report right below this one, from Almighty. He has linked to Miketyson writing some insulting things in a picture, but I have it in good faith that just off screen above, he was provoking Miketyson into saying it. It doesn't seem just to warn/ban someone like that when obviously provoked into saying it. I don't know what sentence Almighty should get, but possibly banned and his w4's given to Mikey would be a move in the right direction? Regards.
  2. EnkEgg

    Thank you Admin. Just wanted to say well done with the server. One of the best privately run servers out there, in any game. There will always be squabbles and people thinking it is unfair on them, which maybe it could be for some? But you do a great job trying to balance the average 'pro player' and average 'casual player' I think, and that is all anyone could ask. The only issue that isn't fair on the server is one you cannot fix, and I've raised before. I would say I am a slow but steady MU player. I don't have large amounts of time to play, as I am a mature age gamer now. But, I ensure I am training 24/7 with the muhelper. I only think I've been offline a few hours since the server was released. I feel the game is fun to play even though I can't compete in most events (due to playing solo) with any of the main player base. But I enjoy the farming relaxing game style as something to look forward to seeing what dropped after work I'm selling everything and hope to one day buy some decent pvp items as HVMAN said I think? Keep up and good work, quite an enjoyable server. Regards,
  3. EnkEgg

    Just updating. Have successfully made the next 5 wings. So my extremely bad start is evening out
  4. EnkEgg

    Hello Reporter! Thank you for the link. Was an interesting read. As I know almost zilch about programming it was insightful. I would still love to hear how others are going though, so anyone else who has made a few wings I would be interested to hear about your successes / fails! Regards,
  5. EnkEgg

    Hey all! Just writing to get some other peoples numbers. I have been.. slightly disappointed in my success rate lol. I have attempted 4 sets of 2nd wings (all with 90% success chance with the tooltip). I failed 3 out of the 4 sets. The chances of this are low, but not unreasonable. I am mainly here to see if everyone had bad rates, or if there are some people enjoying the other side of the RNG hammer? haha Regards,
  6. EnkEgg

    Hello Gion, Thank you, that is helpful feedback. Regards,
  7. EnkEgg

    Hello Gion, Thankyou for the reply, I need to clarify some points. " the same reply in both screens is not eligible because you can type it twice" - How else am I able to show the links between the log, besides recording it as a video? I purposefully selected those screen shots, as it shows the 3 pages of chat prior, with linking messages. Next time I guess I will take a video of the entire chat log and post it here, so that the accused is unable to escape through a set of technicalities again. I actually do not care much for him swearing at me (would be nice if you could ignore players btw) I just wanted to see if this process actually worked. Regards,
  8. EnkEgg

    Hello Gion, Re-read your rules. Says I need to supply the full chat log, which is why I included the next 3 images which contained the previous 3 pages of chat log. I am assuming you did not need 30-40 more images to show the entire log? but maybe you did. No worries though, I cropped it and circled so no one could possibly miss it. I hope this helps. https://imgur.com/a/XlXlfPQ Regards,
  9. First time reporting, also first time using imgur. https://imgur.com/gallery/CTGgD9r Back story - He tried to pk me for WW kill, but I looted jewels while he was hitting me he kept attacking me after, so then I killed him. He seems a touch angry. These are the series of messages after. I was not mean to him, and he is just pure toxic. Not sure what the non-English parts say, but the English is not nice. Regards,
  10. Hello Deadcat, Great points your raise. I raised very similar points in the forum chat also. The general thoughts were, the top few have trained very hard to get where they are, they just got their easier because of the fact they were 'ahead of the pack'. This is what allowed them the space to pull mobs and gain a further advantage over the crowd behind. I believe this type of advantage destroys the player base, and goes against everything the admin try's to achieve here, which is why he fixed it (albeit temporarily at the moment). I'm sure he will figure it out, and kudo's for doing so. How to handle the lead already achieved is an extremely touchy subject, removing rr's might be a bit harsh. My thoughts in the forum chat was to make the end of stage 1 penalty larger than curranty budgeted for. This would allow us all to enter stage 2 a bit closer together at least. IMO stage 1 is lost now. Regards, Roidsbru / Enk
  11. EnkEgg

    Well i figured it out. Was just malwarebytes blocking the launcher from accessing the internet. Closing malwarebytes was not enough, I had to create a rule to allow the launcher through the firewall. Now works perfectly.
  12. EnkEgg

    Hello Admin, Thankyou for the reply. I have reinstalled and applied your new patch. (I also reinstalled many times before and tried both your other patches from other threads). Not having much luck at the moment. Last time I played i was on windows 7, so i just spent the last 5 hours wiping an old drive clean and installing a fresh windows 7 on it, still having issues there so gave up and come back here. Tested, and its running 100% perfect on my wifes pc that's still running win7, just wont work on this windows 10 junk. I am still at the MU Hack protection detecting a corrupted file when using your patch. The game almost fully loads in the background, before MU Hack closes it. Corrupted file - Data\local\eng\item_eng.bmd Still, the only way i have had it load it to not use any patch, and have the old launcher running in the background. Cant anymore though as i deleted my entire MU folder and reinstalled it while testing. Don't know anyway of getting online now. All in all a very frustrating way to spend the day! I hope someone smarter than me (not hard :)) figures a workaround for this at some stage, that doesn't involve burning his shitty windows 10.
  13. EnkEgg

    I had the exactly the same error, and I am now also stuck the same as 'JustPlaying' As a different workaround before finding this topic, if i opened the launcher of your old 30RR server, then opened the launcher of Phoenix, it would work and i could load the game, but was frustrating haveing to do so every time i wanted to load the game. Now, for some reason windows says the launcher is blocked by my administrator and will not open, so i dl'd the file above and tried that. Now I have the same error as JustPlaying again, muhack detection says a file is corrupt and won't load. 'item_eng.bmd'
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