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    1. When equipping the pet "Imp (Satan)" the def rate seems to take a huge hit. I doubt this is intended - i'll link a video with it. https://youtu.be/-liMbXHhACI
    2. I am aware of that. I still think it definitly is possible (since I already did it). Idea: Make the assistant guild master able to register the crown as DL too if this is technically posible. (incase of 25 people for every character as guild master)
    3. Another issue im having with the server right now is item availability. I'm talking about exclusive endgame content like: -Old Box 5 -Medusa/Selupan/Erohim/etc... -Kalima6 -Talisman of Luck n/a -Quests Lets start with Old Box 5. It is straight up unobtainable for 95% of the players because of unavailability. What am I trying to say here? - If you're not in the Top30 you won't even be able to contest the Events/Mobs dropping it (Except for IT5 with 3% droprate) - OB5 is obtainable EXCLUSIVLY via Boss except for IT -> therefore basically unavailable for the normal player - OB5 right now is only obtainable if you team up with other top-tier players becaue of availability (forced to play guilds for this kind of content) Exclusive Items: - 380lvl items are too rare/unbalanced in obtainability. Therefore it is reserved to the top players which will create a massive balance gap mid-game (like on Inception) - 380 weapons are only obtainable via GM box -> completly unavailable for the normal player -> forced to play in a competetive guild. - Fenrir parts should be obtainable via Crywolf. Kalima6 is getting VPN camped/abused by top players once again via multiple alt farmers. PK limit should be removed. - Seeds don't belong into OB5. Make them OB4 with a very low %age. - Talisman of Luck is currently not implemented. This would be a quality of life improvement. Endgame quests: - Some of them are fine, some of them are heavily luck dependent, some of them are straight up stupid hard. - If you put a quest like "Obtain OB2 and OB3" we need to keep in mind that this is completly luck dependant. There shouldnt be any quests that require you to drop something with 8% drop rate. - If you put a quest like "Hunt 4 Nightmares" you are limiting the player to a maximum of one try daily (once every 24h). This is not balanced. That of course is just my humble opinion x)
    4. This isn't balancing this is common sense in my humble opinion. This is not true. Every character is able to properly register the crown. This decision should be up to the players. If the guild still wants to participate at an "disadvantage" it should be up to them. I don't think "lore" should ever change that on a non-official server that aims to be better than the original. Right now we are actively forcing people to play DL just to have that 5 people advantage.
    5. This. Please make all class eligable for 25 people guilds. There is literally no downside to it
    6. zer0x1

      Absolute troll post, no front..
    7. zer0x1

      Hi there! 1. As far as I know this is not possible for OldSquad (right now). Why would you do that tho? You will put yourself at a constant information disadvantage (Bosses/Invasions) 2. This server works a bit differently than the classic one's. I suggest to read-up on those two links: - How to get started - All Server Info I suggest to bookmark those links, needed them very often personally By the way - after Marlon quest you get 4 points per lvl. GL & HF
    8. zer0x1

      Push Boss Invasions / Socket Drops / Item availability needs some good ideas.. It's way too unbalanced and predictable right now imho
    9. zer0x1

      Id almost bet you got full screen scaling enabled in your display driver. NVIDIA User: Right Click empty desktop -> Nvidia Control Panel -> Find resolution scaling and turn it off AMD User: Right Click empty desktop -> AMD Radeon Software -> Settings -> Display GPU Scaling off Also make sure your internal resolution is 1080p at 100% scaling EDIT: If all of this fails: Create a custom resolution (like 1920x1080p by hand) in your display driver and set it as internal resolution
    10. zer0x1

      I agree with almost everything he is saying. I dont think increasing Boss Spawns is the correct solution -> right now it's just ridiculous that these exactly timed mobs got exclusive drops like socket weapons. At core he is saying we need more abilitys to farm items from bossdrops, fenrir parts, hell - even the "randomized" golden invasion get farmed completly in 5minutes. Be 2 minutes late and that's it. And by telling me "you couldve been there when it started" -> even less players will profit even more off of that.. Something definitly needs to change for some items availability. I get that items like socket weapons should be rare but right now they are literally unobtainable. The entry idea is really good
    11. zer0x1

      In theorey yes. But it just don't works in reality. Everyone chaincombo'ing perfectly at 1k speed is using macro change my mind x)
    12. zer0x1

      I feel your pain 😠
    13. zer0x1

      Buff BK PvE reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee For real tho. As an example: A PvP build will suffer 33% combo damage loss, if it really is calcualted str:agi:ene 1:1:1 Basically every other build suffers too, if you dont go for all three stats. Another sad thing is: Why TF is Death Stab speed capped? On top of that it deal EXACTLY the same damage as twisting shlash - aka it is completly useless if not used for combo. Another sad thing is: Since Death Stab is speed capped, you are combo capped. No matter how good your mechanical skill is, you will get slowed down by Stab. Another ultra sad thing is (and I can speak from experience here) 3 grouped up BK's will get outdamaged by a single summoner in every way possible. You actually have to try it: Take 3 BK same rr and 1 Sum - position them next to a GGD. Now start attacking at the same time. BK is allowed to combo as fast as he can, Summoner can only use Blast. The summoner will win 100% of the time if build for energy. And my point is it is not just Summoner that outdamages BK in PvE. Every class does. And I mean EVERY CLASS. PVP is a whole other concept (on which BK suffers too big time, but ill hold it here) How is this fair? The only class a BK can contest is a BK. Facts EDIT: I gotta admit after end-stage balancing it is better PvE wise. BK still suffers big time from multiple problems compared to other characters imho.
    14. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you my newest masterpiece: When the weekend happy hour XP kicks in:
    15. zer0x1

      DL - I completly disagree. SDL could use a PvP buff. PvE on the other side is way too strong (id even say REMOVE some PvE dmg) AE - Is the best early game class spiking at 3-4rr and falling off later. Please don't buff the easiest class in the game EMG - You're making a decision if you build EMG. Can't have it all when deciding to take the range and farm advantage. EMG is just fine in PvP if build properly SMG - Is a glasscannon as it should be. VRF - Whut? BK - Is the most balanced class regarding high combo hits in relation to agi/vit/survivability. Wouldn't change a thing Sum - Too uninformed to give an oppinion SM - Kinda Balanced, could maybe use 2-3% more pve dmg (arguable) My summary: Gotta say I disagree with most of what you said. Some points are decent tho
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