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  1. zer0x1

    DL - I completly disagree. SDL could use a PvP buff. PvE on the other side is way too strong (id even say REMOVE some PvE dmg) AE - Is the best early game class spiking at 3-4rr and falling off later. Please don't buff the easiest class in the game EMG - You're making a decision if you build EMG. Can't have it all when deciding to take the range and farm advantage. EMG is just fine in PvP if build properly SMG - Is a glasscannon as it should be. VRF - Whut? BK - Is the most balanced class regarding high combo hits in relation to agi/vit/survivability. Wouldn't change a thing Sum - Too uninformed to give an oppinion SM - Kinda Balanced, could maybe use 2-3% more pve dmg (arguable) My summary: Gotta say I disagree with most of what you said. Some points are decent tho
  2. never inject more than 3 marihuana into your veins
  3. Ladies and Gentleman, Words cant even describe what I felt drawing this beauty, based on a true story - drawn in modern expressionism (what else????). I went through a lot of emotions when I drew this obviously. I had to share. Sorry for the huge file compression but I think true art will always win versus image quality. EDIT: You might gotta wait a bit longer to enjoy it because Huston we have a problem. Working on it. EDIT2: No preview but imgur comes to the rescue. Tales of the great golden Dragon EDIT2.1: It's time. Here you go without the need to worry about porn virus! /s incase someone took me serious
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