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  1. Amstaff

    Confirmed, ob4 -> it tickets, thanx.
  2. Amstaff

    you have right, i forgot about that :)), srry, if is necessary, i will post that ps too
  3. Amstaff

    and my reward? where it is?
  4. Amstaff

    i have printscreens with my inventory too, but i don t wanna see all players my gear so..., if you don t want to give my reward it is ok but somewhere in this forum i saw 1 buggest gaion event too... and trau, there exist one link with 5-6 printsreens in that link, acces him or you don t know how?
  5. Amstaff

    PrintScreens speak for themselves. And at the end...no reward. https://imgur.com/a/sfuN9S2
  6. Amstaff

    Nickname: Amstaff ( indeed, i left before event end but we already win that so server forced us to stay for nothing there for 10mins to don t take warn ), i understand why i have 3 warns now, but is not fair to still have it if i don t deserve
  7. Amstaff

    in this morning my team win it with 3-0 cuz enemy leave and we still get it warnings even if we win and move after that
  8. Amstaff

    Yep, please check me, we are 2 ppl and we have 3 ips and 3 pc, and more than that, i m not start playing when LordCiprix do that, Check Logs. Thanks. Best Regards, Amstaff.
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