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  1. Amstaff

    nu ma intereseaza decat sa mi se scoata warn ca mi-ai dat fara motiv. punct. stop stam let admin decide
  2. Amstaff

    ps, la 4-0 ti a dat si devex si voyager warn si tu mi ai dat doar mie, ps2 de ce ai dat? ti se pare ca nu jucam?, poate nu il omoram dar vreau sa stiu de ce, doar pentru ca ti-am dat eu si ai zis ca esti si tu mai golanas...eu ti am dat ca nu intelegeai ca toata echipa urla la tine sa ia kama3 mingea si o luai tu de fiecare data stiind de 2 ori pe pielea ta ca nu esti in stare sa o cari
  3. Amstaff

    Hello, after he troll IT and i warn him, he warn me back and i wish if someone could get me out this WARN. Devex, KAMA3, Hudiniy can confirm he s troll, voyager saw too ( in enemy team ). Thanx Link : https://ibb.co/SnyvL5W PS: i don t troll so i do nt deserve that warn. ty
  4. Amstaff

    in my opinion is "hunting" cuz why defender don t post afrajack for THAT languate and post vampiro just for that... and if is not "hunting" why he search others vampiro posts, that s admin job not players jobs. oh... w8, afro is in his pt Look at how afrojack speak and look how vampiro speak and mor than that, he start. Better resolve this faster, it will be alot of spam... :(, they already start. Good Luck.
  5. Amstaff

    looking for @killua, mail me for discussion, rest of player without party, feel free to mail me too
  6. Amstaff

    maybe this need one up
  7. Amstaff

    in first prinscreen after team was random created, we was 2 in IT event and 3 in it party ( look at timer, 30 sec untill event start, so he can t go anywhere, if he was inside, must be there with us ), in second printscreen, at the end of event, 3rd party member appear from nowhere and he not participate at IT, but, if we win IT, he will receive reward without participate, that why i said i don t report noone if it s a bug, but it s a bug abuse better to punish, i saw this 3-4 times PS: in first 10 mins when it s announce IT, that 3rd character from my team it wasn t inside. He just appear in party when it start and appear in IT event when it s finished.
  8. Amstaff

    Can someone explain me this? I don t report a person, just maybe is a bug here? If you see in second PrintScreen ( gee guild msg it s something about 3 vs 2 ) And maybe if it s Bug Abuse i would like to be punished cuz that person was inside if we win and he take prize, and no participate. Thanx. https://imgur.com/a/smhP7hT
  9. Amstaff

    Confirmed, ob4 -> it tickets, thanx.
  10. Amstaff

    you have right, i forgot about that :)), srry, if is necessary, i will post that ps too
  11. Amstaff

    and my reward? where it is?
  12. Amstaff

    i have printscreens with my inventory too, but i don t wanna see all players my gear so..., if you don t want to give my reward it is ok but somewhere in this forum i saw 1 buggest gaion event too... and trau, there exist one link with 5-6 printsreens in that link, acces him or you don t know how?
  13. Amstaff

    PrintScreens speak for themselves. And at the end...no reward. https://imgur.com/a/sfuN9S2
  14. Amstaff

    Nickname: Amstaff ( indeed, i left before event end but we already win that so server forced us to stay for nothing there for 10mins to don t take warn ), i understand why i have 3 warns now, but is not fair to still have it if i don t deserve
  15. Amstaff

    in this morning my team win it with 3-0 cuz enemy leave and we still get it warnings even if we win and move after that
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