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  1. kalsiur

    Nice joke. And SM got same just by using RMB. And u got combo once per 3 skills. 😆 And isnt there agl bug on stab with this agi ? 😆 Lets see how many kills get u on cs vs sm/sum/eMG.
  2. kalsiur

    Past tense... And here is custom sv and bk doesnt work like anywhere else. For example combo doesnt work here like it should. It has no BASE DAMAGE. : ] 15k vit with 42k+ stats its fine. :] aBK is useless. Str/ene with 20k+ stats hits lower then 10k ene SM/Hybrid Sum I wont talk about eMG or eSM.
  3. kalsiur

    With 10k ene ? 😆 I had buff too. LOL. xD Ok nvm 10k damage stats >20k on bk. 😆 And thats what Im talking about. 😆
  4. kalsiur

    10k str vs 10k ene. :] Its not "throw anywhere". Just simple math. Do ur homework. Lucifer was hitting harder then getting hit by combo.
  5. kalsiur

    GJ then. :] U cant see simple point. Where is written dmg is scale from agi ? WTF? xD Edit: Testet Agi does not scale DMG from Agi. So test anything before u speak. About BK build. Test before u speak. 😆 U know nothing about BK here.
  6. kalsiur

    I can see u are retarded. Whats stats gives damage for SM ? Energy. Whats stats gives damage for bk ? STR+ENE+(AGI). 10k ene>27k+ STR+ENE+AGI. 😆 Legit. If u have dont understand that u got some problems. xD
  7. kalsiur

    LOL read again whole topic. aSM did more damage then me. So he was tankier then me and did more damage then me. xD With half of his combat stats. xD" Or try find PROS of BK witht corrent BALANCE. I will explain what balance mean. If u got range damage u got problem with close combat. But whats problem with that if u are tankier/higher dps/range/fenrir(faster) then close combat BK :? 😆 I think u are missing the point.
  8. kalsiur

    But U can kill most ppl with 10k ene reset vit/agi. 😆 Legit. xD Go and think about it. 😆 Its still 10k str+ 10k ene. 😆 More then just 10k ene on SM. xD Yea I think I need 20k str at least to go vs 10k ene SM+ rest vit+agi. 😆 Right ?
  9. kalsiur

    15k vit 8k def set+13+dd+johdd... True no survi. xD Sorry not enough stats to survi and deal damage. Maybe give bk 3xSM stats so it will be balanced. 😆 Coz still with 2xmore damage stats he deals more damage. Joke joke. Cya.
  10. kalsiur

    Even if so its still more then 9-10k ene. 😆 Dont u think ?
  11. kalsiur

    And I had 20k damage stats (str/ene)... On normal sv even agi is damage stats... but still losing in damage vs 10k ene. 😆 Legit ?
  12. kalsiur

    Well some tried couldnt do shit. U are joke I guess then? 13+dd+hp+5% joh dd. 😆 3rd. its about that CLOSE RANGE character got not enough damage/not enough damage. 😆 Well that agiSM/hybrydsum/eMG was PVP dps... Dont talk me about BK. :] I know my shit. I will make it simpler. 😆I got no range and with 2x more dmg stats Im not hitting as hard as some1 with range/aoe/cc. 😆 Balance?
  13. kalsiur

    Are u shitposting ? Topic is about sth else. :] RF wasnt killing me so well not so much OP I guess... Maybe Im wrong. Point click isnt "one-shot" its just about using 1 button to do damage. Its joke when u do combo and deal less damage then some1 with AoE. 😆 U are saying about pure DPS build. There was not even any ESM. And still did more then BK. U say about pure DPS for BK... Like 27k str so I will deal same damage like some1 with 10k ene ? 😆 Well would be nice if I wont die on 1 hit then coz Im not range and I need to use 3 skills with lower speed to make combo. 😆 Balance right?
  14. kalsiur

    Idt its problem with SM. Its problem with staffs %%%% damage. Thats why eMG=>sMG. And all magic class got boosted dmg... :] They nerfed combo here (fcked up like always here ofc) and nerfed %%% skill damage. :] So all str class got shitty damage. At least RF can do some point click damage and they are base on %%% damage.
  15. kalsiur

    Im not talking about pve... Sum/sm/eMG hit more with point click skills or even AoE then bk with single combo... Lets make dmg with stab like blast dmg then ? And same range. 😆 LOL. BK can be kited and still if not he will do less dps then energy range class... Thats joke not balance at all.
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