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  1. Princess PornStar

    I dont have skill to play BK but like i said earlier i cant say BK is worst class till i see Legion or Zutto
  2. Princess PornStar

    Your posts show that u have no idea about BK.
  3. Princess PornStar

    The only balance problem here is SM with Ice Strom skill and this is something that should be reduced Imo. Are you telling me BK is so weak that he can only defeat Elf? Nonsense ! Wanna tell me on this stage Zutto could kill only Elfs ? "BK with 10k vit" "BK with 13k vit" This shows that you have no idea about playing this class @Legioncan u see it ? xD High stats serv and BK with 10k hp
  4. Princess PornStar

    I am not a fan of what they did, I am ashamed and have mentioned it many times. You are the author of what I wrote about throwing pots It's funny that you mention some theft that I had nothing to do with and you try to steal something from me that doesn't belong to you. Since you have no proof that I have stolen something from someone or that I have not settled my debts, prove it or close your dirty mouth.
  5. Princess PornStar

    When I called your buddy a shitty player you find a reason to call me a shit man. You just showed your worth, you are mentally poor. You are a little man and you heal your complexes on the internet. Man, this is a disease. Additionally, you are a retard if you think the world works on the principle of giving back debts without proof. I wrote you clearly. Give me a loan prof and I'll pay the debt. What have you done? You sent me a screen from a conversation from 2019 that shows nothing. This is the last thing I wrote to you because you are worthless to spend more time with you. PS: You and your buddies from Moldova (kinda wierd, dont think so ? :D), you tricked the weaker players by throwing potions at their feet so that you could kill them before they pick drop. And are you talking about honesty? And you call me a shit man? Please, you are pathetic Mr. Crieeee
  6. Princess PornStar

    1st YES for me its matter coz ur friend Shuryk owe me money. So mby u can pay his debt ? 2nd Im useless What is it like to be crushed by useless shit like me ? Who are you if you are crushed by useless crap ? 3rd I was in top5 last inception And I wasnt making myself a king but honestly i suck this db cs and its mostly my fault. I shouldnt help I shouldnt came but still my fault ------- And most important thing, Are u right person to say i deserved for mute or not ? If something is inconvenient for you, all you can do is come to the forum and post a screen but when you break the rules, you forget to write in English or start your trash talk on priv ALL IS FINE. And sorry i dont think so BK is useless here. Useless is Woody as player (no matter class he play). Zutto or Legion could show u that BK isnt worst char here :_)
  7. Princess PornStar

    I have 2 or 3 or 4 or more faces but u are hidden under other nick TzackTzack ? Other country IT or USA when u living in Moldovia Come on Mister Crieeeeeeee You are ordinary zero Shuryk. You write in game chat that I owe you. You consider me a thief but when I ask for some proof I get this: PS: You are trying to get a creedits from me because you are a poor man. Im not talking about your wallet, you are a mental impoverished you fraudster.
  8. Princess PornStar

    This is only part of conversation but I think i said true anyway. Its a pity you are not so close to the rules when your colleagues break them For example, when they dont use English on /post. It seems to me that the insults must be directed in a specific direction. PS:U are weak player so i undersstand why u are looking for adventage in other things. Might force be with u Mr. Useless
  9. Princess PornStar

    they forgot to nerf SMs, all its ok
  10. Princess PornStar

    Hey @ADMIN @Gion Can someone please expalin this ? How did it come about that his item was made manually ? What is the reason for this ? Money? Additional rights ? Scam? Check ID items of all w4. w4's Cunt and MeOne was made in game but WTF with Almighty wings ? Now I understand why he so easilyups each item at +15
  11. Princess PornStar

    Try this PS: You do not have to thank me
  12. Princess PornStar

    I am convinced that ADMIN burned your bow on purpose for fear of your domination of the entire server. PS: Tocas honey, Tocas !
  13. Princess PornStar

    Each community has a group of idiots in it. There aren't many idiots in the world, but they're so wisely positioned that we always meet them - like my professor said
  14. Princess PornStar

    Hello bro, If we are talking about low lvl bc/ds IMO If you are in 2 or 3 people inside, it is better for everyone to stay solo and make party only for quest reward (if BC) Personally, in a higher event I would give you a party because I don't think it had a negative effect on my experience or my character. Unfortunately, u must know that a small part of this beautiful community are greedy morons and all they can apart from talking is ruining the game and the fun of the game for new players. Cheers amigo
  15. Princess PornStar

    1st - sure, lets set 40% for flame, 40% for toca, 15% for scrolls and 5% for jewels 2nd - stupid idea imo, u have budges and ob1/ob2 for fram rings or pendants 3rd - /qchcange should work over 30rr imo
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