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  1. Mutter

    thanks, this is what i was getting at, glad we got there in the end
  2. Mutter

    literally made the edit to my last post as you posted the reply, hope that clears out the confusion for you
  3. Mutter

    thats the problem tho i checked the actual damage on mobs and i get the same numbers on both staffs even tho one is supposed to increase the wiz damage by 105% and other 115% yet both do exactly the same damage on the target, im not sure if im being unclear on this or if you're trying to tell me that the spell and character formulas change cause of different type of weapon, thats like saying swell life formula changes from ene/6 to exen/5 just by equipping a different item... @edit: just to be clear what im trying to point out is that what the socket weapons stats show isn't what they do, yes an imberial staff or flamberg +15 will end up giving more dmg than DSS or AA sword +15 but they don't show this on their stats the client is displaying incorrect values to what they actually are, right now the socket weapons on oldschool client show custom values compared to those of GMO while STILL applying GMO values themselves
  4. Mutter

    this isn't the case just with staffs tho, the problem is the same with flat dmg increase on things like swords (i.e Flamberge sword showing attack power of 171-196 and in reality giving less actual damage when compared to AA sword which has attack power of 146-156) right now what you're telling me is that a socket item which is supposedly having higher stats (I'm not talking about the lvl of the item but the actual stats it says it gives) gives the right stats but is calculated differently cause of specific and custom character dmg formulas???? We're talking about basic math here No offence but i think somewhere along the way some of it got lost in translation, it doesn't matter if the DSS in the picture is exe or not that''s not how the wiz inc in mu works, if the exe staff had an option with lets say inc 2% wiz dmg then yes, but the above shown example only has +speed option what I'm getting at is that socket weapons show in client with higher stats than they actually give/apply, and if you read my post carefully you will see i pointed out that what they do give to our characters dmg wise is what they should be adding according to GMO versions of those weapons, all that's being incorrect here is being displayed on these weapons by the client when u hover over them. To put it in absolutely simplest terms, the way its shown in the client now, you could test 2 staffs, both non exe, one inberial and one random staff thats non exe, and while both will show in their mouseover that they inc wiz dmg by 115% inberial will only increase the said wiz dmg by 105% not 115% like ti shows
  5. HI, not entirely sure how no one has noticed/reported this already but here goes... for whatever reason socket weapons on the non rr server show higher dmg values than they actually add once equipped (either they are showing wrong numbers or not adding enough), going off by the gmo stats for these weapons they are adding exactly what they would on GMO not what they are showing on the server here, just as an example i added a side by side ss with 2 different staffs with varied wiz inc% yet adding the exact same amount of dmg. This issue is exactly the same with flamberge sword that i checked on my bk earlier and I'm pretty sure it is the same with all socket weapons on the server as all of them on the non rr client show higher values than those of GMO original ones while still only applying the GMO values when equipped (i checked this by using the /inberial staff /dark stinger etc. and all socket weapons on oldsquad have increased custom stats dmg wise, or at least they show up that way in the client) Hope ya'll good and well and that this helps a bit thanks
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