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  1. Flynn

  2. Flynn

    Trade Wings Summ lv 2 luck Trade Pendant EDR Rec hp 1 Trade Pendant Mana+Lv 20 Wiz Rec Hp 3 Trade Storm Crow boots luck dd ref Trade Light plate pants luck dd ref Trade Brass gloves luck hp dd Trade Bone gloves luck hp dd Trade Spirit armor luck hp dd For: Guardian Luck hp dd Legendary luck hp dd ingame Hanamichi MM
  3. Flynn

    I think after some kill a got Phono lile 15-20 kill
  4. anyone can tell me why sometime during invasion pvp when i kill some player i got name Murder? or Phono? and sometime no.
  5. Flynn

  6. Flynn

    I read what he write in /post tonight, i dont know why we have this player in this server 😕 racism 😕
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