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  1. Flynn

    not really, do you tested?yesterday i kill one guy on budge, after that these budge still is killed from that guy, now you tell me how?
  2. Flynn

    https://ibb.co/DkvNvmv https://ibb.co/SPnh5gQ
  3. Flynn

    Agree, More NPCs, less lag
  4. Flynn

    @Gion i have a question, i tested on server test, Sum dont have Blast on Skill Three right? if i put 10 points on Chain Light that dont give more dmg for Blast. So at that point Sum is weak compared to other chars, or you guys thinking about something?
  5. Flynn

    Buy Wind Helm LuckDD/HpDD Buy Sphinx Luck DD/HPDD Pants and Boots nickname Ticondrius
  6. Just because we are italian and we are in a serious situation, people do not have a minimun of respect for anything. i don't want you to just mute them, ban these kids for a few day! and these chars are just second char. you can joke with anything, but not with this!, people really die. https://ibb.co/vVHTHxL https://ibb.co/7zzs4Tb https://ibb.co/5jL09px https://ibb.co/27Vgj2j https://ibb.co/HtzHq7x
  7. Flynn

    Nickname Selphie. IT 21.30 warned from exit but she exit when its finish. Can you check pls?
  8. Flynn

    So, can Admin set who have more 400/500 Ene cant join IT?
  9. Flynn

    So Admin can setup EE have more than 500ene cant enter IT
  10. Flynn

    https://ibb.co/RPX2yqb Its this new Upade from IT? " [ADDED] From now EE's aren't allowed to join IT Event due to creating an unbalanced and unfun game for everyone involved. " ofc team without EE lost 😕
  11. Flynn

    I think after some kill a got Phono lile 15-20 kill
  12. anyone can tell me why sometime during invasion pvp when i kill some player i got name Murder? or Phono? and sometime no.
  13. Flynn

    I read what he write in /post tonight, i dont know why we have this player in this server 😕 racism 😕
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