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  1. Winry

    Thank you for the tip about "K". I'll try it next time.
  2. Winry

    +1 on Bob! We call him that already anyway! I want blue dragon! Called it! Ooooooor a bunny! Bunnies are fast! Tyvm!
  3. Winry

    You are welcome! I just remembered that you had told me to post about it. So i did
  4. Winry

    Hello, Since i've started playing i have encountered this bug a lot of times. And some of them are really inconvenient like the one shown on screenshot. So, details: I already have 2 backpacks on my character and i have my 2nd set and other stuff in there all the time. Sometimes, when i use the Noria Goblin Machine, or, as you can see in the screenshot, the refinery npc, after i place an item in the machine it will automatically pick up an item from one of my backpacks! You cannot press X to close inventory/machine or anything else unless you place the item in your inventory. It does not let you open the extra bags either to put it back. As you can also see in the screenshot, at the time, the bug picked up my Iris armor and i didnt have enough slots to put on inventory. The solution to that is the trusty Alt+F4 to close the client and start anew ( i had to enter the Refinery again!). Imagine trying to make it to DS/BC and hoping for a success on an invitation and this happens... Frustrating.... Soooooo, if you could please fix this, it would be great! Thank you for your hard work, Winry
  5. Winry

    Thank you for the responce! So basically, lvl 2 cape starts at lower % than small cape, however since we can enchant it, it can get much higher!
  6. Hello! I am not sure if this is a bug but.... Why does Small Cape of Lord have more absorb dmg (20%) than Cape of Lord (10%)?? Winry
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