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  1. ChiPis

    Hi there. I won't start new topic. I just want to write few things. We have many new ppl on server. like 10-20 rr, and some really new. This is obviously a small number but its still something. I propose to triple exp 0-10 rr and double 10-20 to let this ppl get asap high rr to enjoy the game before they leave. Atm I also see the problem about quest with IT. its not possible to win becouse there are no participants o.O also raids kills are hard cuz of 3-5ppl on gens maps.
  2. Hello,

    I noticed one problem in last time.. i tried to solve it in some ways but it does not meet my expectations.

    I love to play Agi BK. It is really nice and interesting build. Hard to play, thats true, but compensates for playability. 

    Basic thing in this build is quick bk combo. With out combo it's useless, its worst than Energy Elf ;) 

    I noticed, that when i crossed 200attack speed I cant make quick and repeatable combo. Helper is losing skills, is spamming 1,2,1,2,1,2,3 etc
    To make combo manualy i have to make loong breaks otherwise it doesn't works. 
    I tryed to change skills, and now it works only with WeaponSkill> Twisting> Rage. But what is that solution? It gives nothing becouse is the slowest combination. 
    I made BK on test server with finally stats that i wanted to do my build. he has over 600 atack speed. Combo became just a dream :)  using one skill for example twisting slash with that speed is a weak solution because dmg is so low.
    Is that mean the only way to play BK is STR bk with max 2/3k agi?

    Please let me know what do You think about it 

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