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    1. FistMaster

      As stated on pheonix info AE & VRF are considered to be the TOP Hunters. Having cape + 11 + luck , non exe weapons like most rfs. RF has 95% miss rate on K3 monsters , Cursed Dragon 98% miss rate and 100% on maya hands. Didnt managed to test balglass or other late game bosses , but im sure same problem will encouter somewhere else after next break. Please review monster DSR formula. Otherwise this AE & VRF are considered to be the TOP Hunters. is just AE & VRF are considered to be the TOP Hunters. P.S please dont tell me i dont have enoguh stats or wrong build , PURELY VRF with STR for TOP weapons , and res is VIT. ALL other characters dont encouter this problem. Please solve this issue
    2. FistMaster

      Character Name - FistMaster Suggestion Type - Summoner reflect buff Server - Pheonix Content: During KHL - ive noticed Summoner can buff reflect on Guild members - Making All 3 events unbalanced , due to the fact summoners will buff reflect to their guild members , making buff disbalance agains other players Since its pvp event and non reset every little extra will always Overturn the game. I dont think it should be like this
    3. FistMaster

      Well im just making statement what i saw , when im holding button , and 10 people are hitting me and i died only 3 times druing whole CS withoth dd set at the time, I dunno who they killed i just saw it was impposible to kill me and other people were saying the same thing. Lets not make conclusions just yet as game progresses stronger items weaposn wings will be created and then we will see what will happen.
    4. FistMaster

      And increase dmg on cs otherwise hitting people 6 x 35 dmg is not idea,l or others hitting u 200 sd just impposible to kill anyone (without DD SET ), Yeah horse is a big problem - from 2 horse pushes - bottom button i ended up by crown thats too much, i think. Otherwise CS will be like who has more DL will win. As well the aspect of pvp was kinda boring moment 1. you couldnt kill anyone. moment 2. nobody could kill u. The feeeling was CS is Just Push and Run game , Similar to CC to stay in 5x5 square zone , and all luck depending. Please make some conclusions and do some adjustments to make it more fun otherwise there is no point in this Event
    5. FistMaster

      ks is part of game , if you cant handle it just go!, no need to insult other people. Why you all internet heroes think you can just swear at random people. You wouldnt do that on the streets and you know why
    6. FistMaster

      1 hour later , i think this guy has totaly no respect for anyone and people like this should have perma mute https://imgur.com/a/tSJQjDc
    7. FistMaster

      I think its 2nd time this guy already swearing since start , maybe more in english and romanian please punish him https://imgur.com/a/JHR7BMk
    8. FistMaster

      I hope this languange will get more than 1 warn https://imgur.com/a/sMVK875
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