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    1. =)))) wtf did i just read, ahahahaha, are we back in 2010?
    2. Gion, i apologize in advance for trying to speak the truth and also to think from a business perspective even if im just a player. No harm intended. The idea with sprints is/was great. However, even if i Played on genesis and i know how fun can be to continue playing on that server and get Level 4 wings and participate on other events, when i started playing on Inception i knew its going to be for 120 days only. There is no point to transfer on a server that has already reached its peak. Right now, for inception players at least, transfering to Genesis is pointless. You will still be miles behind everyone else. Its not a good idea to change the business plan but at least some adjustments need be made. There should be another Inception sprint after this one but till september there are huge chances to see only casual players on both servers. Inception right now looks as bad as Archie who had a mental breakdown and quit after playing 24/7 for 2 weeks but thats another story. I'm not sure how much feedback you think you receive when you go online for a few hours/week and i also don't know how much you believe in them. Without competition MU servers are always going into the same direction (and i'm telling you this because i believe you never played MU). Casual players do not buy VIP, they do not even sell items for JWLS or use market. The only active section on forum is Complaints- Genesis thanks to ItsBritney and Berserker for keeping the spirit alive (trying to be funny here), so im 100% sure you are clueless or you think everything is not that bad. Well it is. And its going to get worse sooner than you expect. This weekend many players quit, too many, numbers speak for themselves. I do not have suggestions on how to get more players to play but you should not focus only on Inception but on Genesis as well. Disclaimer:might be a different approach but i'm not having a mental breakdown like Archie and his party. To be honest, after years of not playing MU and a few more tries on other servers before trying Oldsquad for the first time, i have to give you or whoever made this server a shot-out for offering me a proper MMO experience in a game I always thought its about grind and AFK. So kudos to you and the team but it would be such a waste to become an empty or unplayed server.
    3. Wrong server, brother :))).
    4. Lol, yea ,there are only 200 players left online.If you disconnect you wont be able to reconnect.
    5. Hello, I can't validate any votes on TopG . I receive this when is trying to validate my vote. ps: i don't have an account on TopG, however it is not required to vote, i vote through discord account. ps2: i cleared cookies, i even used different browsers and its the same. poza in link. https://ibb.co/1LYYRGC Am vazut ca este un topic dar de acum o luna Any news?
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