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    1. too fast too dangerous from genesis and too bad from admin If there is no change, I believe that before passing to genesis, Inception didn't exist for more than 100 players.
    2. the story has nothing to do with anyone :)) me and whiskey are talking =))) Gion, you need to see this guy again, he seems to like to be some kind of person but not human :)) this time we were obviously talking to each other and he interrupted :))
    3. =))) why do you pay attention to me? do you love me =))
    4. i love dogs :)) they are cute animals, and you are cute too :)) I feel sorry for a dog abandoned before my eyes. I'm not saying you're a dog, maybe you're too sensitive or too many people have called you a dog love you Here's my friend, I searched for him on the post to give him an item, but you were too sensitive when you saw me calling my friend I understand you are hated by many people and call you dog, really sorry sorry, I think you're really cute :"> Hope you live optimistically, love life and have fun playing games :"3 https://imgur.com/Rk0j3AJ
    5. first time i see someone claiming to be a dog :))
    6. Hello Admin and Gion Char I'm MelodyMark and I'm getting an error that I can't join DS7 at 5:10 and 8:10 on 6/11 This affects both my team as well as me personally when I can't train ML ,farm point rank DS and have a chance to get ancient boxes from DS7 According to the picture, I clicked the NPC at 14 minutes and the system told me I was late, and I got 4/3 DS Hope to receive the appropriate resolution of Admin and Gion Thank !!! https://imgur.com/Ac6mBal https://imgur.com/lg896lB
    7. a good MU so far, but it seems to be somewhat biased towards some players or a certain group (I can't say the names, but who most people think of) that is also the reason why The server is less competitive because it is unfair and as a result a lot of players quit the game at the same time. Hopefully the next server will end this situation, wish OldSquadMU to develop ❤️
    8. :))) I'm sure you're the only one who's solo at CC =)))
    9. I want to ask, why did I not receive any reward gens recently? I'm top3 gens V
    10. there may be an error. I have not received the reward yet
    11. Hi Admin and Gion, sorry for the inconvenience, but I have to post this so admin and Gion can read the story later. I am HoaBatTu , top3 OSGM February , but until now I have not been supported to receive the seed as I wanted , although I have pm Gion in the game as well as mail to Admin at the forum but have not received the results , the The event has been over for 1 week but I still have not received the reward I want, although I know admin and Gion are busy for the new server, but I want to receive the reward of 4 DD seeds. I hope admin and Gion support me as well as top1 and top2, thanks
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