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    1. kthanhcb

      This person has been constantly cursing on the chat channel in Vietnamese language for the past 2 days, hope the admin will handle it seriously so he doesn't continue. https://imgur.com/hLO6mHf https://imgur.com/kE8SSKr
    2. it seems like they really hate Southeast Asians playing games? they call us cockroaches and rats the same humans , where are they than me ? I want equality in the game, please help Gion and Admin handle this situation https://imgur.com/tHgKe0B
    3. kthanhcb

      sorry. Because I took pictures with my phone, it was released at 15 o'clock on 04/07/2021, after completing the chaoscastle
    4. I think this is not the Duke I used to know, maybe someone else but his words like this are unacceptable, we didn't talk to him before. I report to Admin and Gion to resolve https://imgur.com/MXN9EEb
    5. @Conclave because you don't know about me and Nosgoth and you like to interfere between us
    6. @Conclave Whatever you want, if you like to meddle in other people's business
    7. @Conclave Do you also want to go to war with us? How far do you understand the story of my team and Nosgoth? if you want i will find you too
    8. you guys are the ones making war, and i said i won't let you play freely :) it's best to stop crying and quit the game :) and think before you speak
    9. remnants of Nosgoth and Knightmare's inability to take revenge. Take a look at the way you play, does anyone like you?
    10. what happens when you mess with my team? Now it's our turn to avenge you, but we are polite enough not to speak like you :P
    11. I am a Vietnamese . I love America and have American friends, but why do some Americans hate players from Vietnam? https://imgur.com/jnWON9w
    12. Hi ! Gion If you can check all my words at that time, I volunteered for the examination. If I have such good words, I will delete my acc , thank Gion
    13. a good director and a good script
    14. Please have pictures as proof. I swear to god I said those words and my whole family died you come up with such words I really disgust you
    15. Hurry up . so that Gion has a form of treatment
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