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    1. kthanhcb

      Please play the game beautifully and politely and civilly. Thanks
    2. kthanhcb

      I didn't anger anyone, one of them insulted me yesterday, and today the same thing happened again.
    3. kthanhcb

    4. kthanhcb

      https://imgur.com/541n9Vq https://imgur.com/6TSeU2F
    5. kthanhcb

      I am the one being impersonated, and the person being tricked comes to me to scold and curse :(
    6. kthanhcb

      i agree with your opinion, hope admin add more terms and penalties for scammers so they don't have a chance to cheat others
    7. kthanhcb

      I cannot accept the reputation of being such a scammer. I don't need to know and don't care who caused it, I just need Admin or Gion to find the truth and say I'm clean, thanks https://imgur.com/SSdHgJf
    8. kthanhcb

      haha , just let admin and Gion find out the answer for you , I have nothing to tell you , truth can't lie take a look at my purchase history , keep your eyes open
    9. kthanhcb

      admin and gion will have the answer for you
    10. kthanhcb

      open to eyes that look Archie https://imgur.com/PYPZ3DF
    11. kthanhcb

      thank Gion, if I cheat, apply the heaviest punishment to me !
    12. at about 12 o'clock in the game, some people said I was a scammer, before that BK AkaMe found me and said bought Anubis Gloves with me for 2.5k credits, I don't understand what happened and now Everyone thinks I'm a scammer, hope admin and Gion can help me with this to clarify the cause, if I have any credits transaction with anyone during this time I will accept block acc :) thanks Admin and Gion https://imgur.com/5QrpTPi
    13. kthanhcb

      Diablo . You are a very nice player. I love you
    14. kthanhcb

      As far as I remember this isn't the first time he insulted another player https://imgur.com/Ij1TIYl
    15. kthanhcb

      my clone is LucyDoll , also sold and traded a lot of valuables for top players eg : Phantomel , Diablo , MORGANA ...
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