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    Found 4 results

    1. Wanheda


      (sorry. only place on genesis forum where im allowed to post.) Hello, i was thinking to make rare items like they used to be, to be able to move them in vould, and transfer character with them. is a pretty hard set to make, and it is a waste to keep seling them for zen or using them on w3...
    2. He got reported many times in Guild chat for antigame in IT. Hardcore is permanently farming IT like this, thus ruining the event for everyone. If you can trace how many IT's he joined and his performance would be surprized how many Illusion Temples are farmed like this. Ofc they are using VPN, in case he joined 1x IT in morning(alt) and 1x IT in evening(main), chances are high whoever got this alt didn't use vpn since there was no need for it. Just double check his IP idress if it mathes with any other (small hint Hardcore) and plz ban him too from IT. I dont like reporting players, but this pissed off too many people already!(Screen shots on link) https://imgur.com/a/FhrLk1B
    3. I dont know where to post this, so i post it here. are you kidding? You did IT shit. He takes my invitation from the stash, then tells me I need my ticket to come in? what the hell did you do , this is pathetic. https://postimg.cc/FdbDSB5t SOLVE THIS SHIT!!!
    4. ZaZaX

      Raid Gens

      What happened withe the Raid event 1:00-7:59,it was not,WHY!!!???😎😎😎🤣🤣🤣
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