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  1. ZaZaX

    This is how the discussion ended😘 P.S. Mu3rTe Hunt!!!
  2. ZaZaX

    This chat is before 3 days ago,why you didn`t post anthill now?:)))))) HUNT🤣🤣🤣
  3. ZaZaX

    H4RDCORE POWER:))))💪💪💪
  4. ZaZaX

    Those guys who NEVER swear...
  5. This guy is insulting our national language 🤬🤬🤬
  6. ZaZaX

    You are a fool who hides behind a 12 year old child.... I understand🤣🤣🤣
  7. ZaZaX

    You're still stupid???.....you're still stupid!!!
  8. ZaZaX

    Reporter fan H4RDCORE = fake news = Makiavelli Perfect MG💪
  9. ZaZaX

    "they dont insult us"
  10. ZaZaX

    They who never talk shit or insult us Admin you like to lost your players for this?,check what mafy say!!!
  11. ZaZaX

    make o statue
  12. ZaZaX

    Joined:12/23/2016 this is old date on this forum,not new at every BD on this server boss,you are like a bitch!!!!
  13. ZaZaX

    the pics is just to remeber,you make more accounts on forum for your hunthing technique
  14. ZaZaX

    pirvan is like trompeta,don`t have owner
  15. ZaZaX

    all on server know theat Trompeta is now the secundary of>>> mafy,Makiavelli,Mu3rTe<<< bebica and this account on forum is make just for hunt!!! if you check his story just on me he make post:)))FANS
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