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  1. ZaZaX

    for all this time is good now to start one raid for us,to don`t stay all night again and maybe,again don`t work
  2. ZaZaX

    https://imge.to/i/vljjiG 1 sec RAID......
  3. ZaZaX

    What happened withe the raid gens from 20:45??????
  4. ZaZaX

    What happened withe the Raid event 1:00-7:59,it was not,WHY!!!???😎😎😎🤣🤣🤣
  5. ZaZaX

    To day i don`t join 1 time in BC,wtf is hapen?
  6. ZaZaX

  7. ZaZaX

    i cant join swamp
  8. ZaZaX

    I make quest 3 and steel Higt Elf!
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