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Phoenix#2 The War for Supremacy episode lX

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It's been two weeks since the last episode of the great war for the supremacy of Phoenix was written.
Hardcore, after defeating Squadron in the last battle, managed to win the battle that followed, defeating OneSteppy  (a new guild  made by former Squadron members who started collecting all the active warriors on the server), so, the Hardcore ones won by a difference of about 2k points, although OneSteppy warriors did well on the battlefield and managed to consolidate their strategies, however it is a new guild with new players, it takes time to consolidate the roles of each player and to build a solid team that would put Hardcore in trouble.

Time passed, the fights for the Big Bosses given in these two weeks were divided, in the mornings the ones from Hardcore managed to defeat most of these bosses (because they didn't have opponents), but in the evening the ones from OneSteppy dominated most of those fights. Sunday finally came and a new battle was preparing to be written with a lot of blood in the pages of Phoenix's history by these brave warriors.

Hardcore, in the position of server leaders, although they suffered stinging defeats at Medusa or Selupan, and even if they seemed dejected all week, they begin to gather their active warriors and form parties, they bring inside the castle about 15  fighters and prepare the defensive. They do not seem to be interested in upgrading gates or statues (later, I found out the reason, in the last fights they were demolished before the first 15 minutes so their upgrade would have been useless because only after the first 15 minutes of the game holding the castle matters).

On the other side, the ones from OneSteppy, having the boosted moral given by the small victories accumulated during the week, are preparing the attack, again, without using any strategy that would imply blocking a build, but still having an advantage of 2000 points, and very good morale, unleashes the attack. It's a balanced fight, it's like a clash of two tornadoes, both guilds give their best, the crown switches from mafy's head to BedeJutro's every 5 minutes. Both guilds are focusing only on the attack, and they don't seem to concentrate enough in defense, that's how the minutes go and everything is balanced, although the middle of the battle seems to be dominated by those in OneSteppy who manage to kill mafy many times, thus gaining precious points. Towards the end of the game, the people from Hardcore seem more lucid and start to gain ground .. but not enough to win. 

Related to Squadron, not all the active players moved to OneSteppy, some of them made a new guild called Raise and I saw last days some of them helping Hardcore on bosses, even though everything seemed ok inside the Squadron, it seems that different interests and quarrels made these players split into these two guilds. Although we saw RISE players last two weeks helping OneSteppy, last week those brave warriors won by their own forces . Surely time will tell us the answers to these questions that arise after these moves on the chessboard of Phoenix leaders  :

Will the RISE guild decide to attack the castle independently? Will they build a guild that is competitive?

Will the OneSteppy guild receive support from their former comrades?

Will Hardcore be able to return to supremacy? (if it wasn't the 2000 point penalty they would win but with a small difference of points)

As I did on last article, I will end the article with the top 10 best killers of the week, led by Tokyo, the M.V.P of the last Castle Siege,  and the achievements of the 2 guild masters mafy and BedeJutro the newest leader of the server. 

Rank Character Name Class Resets PK Points Death Points
1 Tokyo Dimension Master 5 97 2
2 Moonlight Fist Master 5 80 17
3 RuSuLeTzZz Dimension Master 5 64 8
4 Voymax Fist Master 5 47 2
5 SupremeMG Duel Master 4 46 18
6 DuK4N Fist Master 4 39 3
7 Diablo Blade Master 5 28 2
8 BlooDySUM Dimension Master 3 27 28
9 TszakTszak Dimension Master 4 26 19
10 Crucify Fist Master 5 25 21
11 mafy Lord Emperor 5 1 12
12 BedeJutro Lord Emperor 5 0 5

Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one's opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment! 

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Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one's opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment! 

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Updated! RISE members did not helped OneSteppy last Sunday! Ty Hvman for clearing it up!

Freedom of speech is the concept of the inherent human right to voice one's opinion publicly without fear of censorship or punishment! 

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