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Patch - 04.11.2020 - Stage 2

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Release date: 04.11.2020 at 15:15 - There will be a small server restart.

Congrats to mafy, RuSuLeTzZz and No1LiveEr for finishing the Stage 2!


We still have few spots open in Council! We're encouraging you to apply for them if you're interested in constructive discussions about our project.
Slots are closed only for this 2 guilds: HARDCORE & NEUTRAL.

More info: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3883-oldsquad-council/?do=findComment&comment=34402

People that progressed through Stage 2 can use /stagereward to get their reward based on the progress, after the Patch is up!

Feedback for Early-Game is now up, we're waiting your thoughts here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/4084-early-game-feedback/

Registrations for Soccer Night #5 here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/4081-soccer-night-5-07112020/

Development for Arena Tournament V2 is going well, and it will probably be ready for tests starting from next week.


  • [UPDATED] You can now continue to reset up to 15 resets.
  • [UPDATED] EXP for Stage 2 (10rr) is now removed. 10th reset does have the same exp table like 9th reset.
  • [UPDATED] 2nd Newbies EXP boost added:
    • 0rr: 400% EXP (constant level 1-350).
    • 1rr: 400% EXP (constant level 1-360).
    • 2rr: 350% EXP (constant level 1-370).
    • 3rr: 300% EXP (constant level 1-380).
    • 4rr: 250% EXP (constant level 1-390).
    • 5rr: +150% EXP.
    • 6rr: +100% EXP.
    • 7rr: +50% EXP.
  • [UPDATED] Released Quest 3 (NPC can be found in Lorencia).
  • [UPDATED] Released Swamp access.
  • [UPDATED] Released Flame of Condor drop (Swamp & some events).
  • [UPDATED] Maximum points in a single stat is now 16.000 instead of 8.000.
  • [UPDATED] IT stats on event can now be random between 1 and 20 resets.
  • [UPDATED] Maximum VIT at CS can now be 10000 instead of 5000.
  • [UPDATED] Released ML events (BC8, DS7, CC7).
  • [UPDATED] Released Old Box 3 & Old Box 4.
  • [UPDATED] Released Rare Items drop from Old Boxes.
  • [UPDATED] Released Imperial Guardian Event & Suspicious Scrap of Paper in drop (mobs over level 90).
    • Note: Weekly records championship & rewards will start from this Monday. More info at the end of the week.
    • Note2: We're waiting feedback about the current difficulty of the event. Keep in mind that it is made to be done in parties!
    • Reminder about rewards:
      • Bosses are rewarding 3 Jewels (B/S/Life) + 20% chance for Talisman of Chaos Assembly & 80% chance for the 4th Jewel. Sunday's last boss does have 100% chance for TOCA.
      • Final reward is delivered to each participant individually, no matter how many players are in the party (everyone gets same reward).
    • Optional objective: Kill the Statues and get 1~3 extra Jewels that anyone from party can pick up.
  • [UPDATED] Cursed Dragon has been buffed in terms of HP & DEF. Now it can also drop OB1~4.
  • [UPDATED] Released IT3, IT4 & IT5.
    • Note: Final IT Levels:
      • IT1: 1-4rr
      • IT2: 5-8rr
      • IT3: 9-11rr
      • IT4: 12-14rr.
      • IT5: 15+rr.
  • [UPDATED] Released Bloody Witch Queen.
  • [UPDATED] Droprate of Feather & Crest (Icarus) slightly increased.
  • [UPDATED] Mercenary Bounty is now on its final reward:
    • 88% chance for 1x Soul/Life/Chaos/Harmony/Gemstone/Creation.
    • 10% chance for IT Ticket/Antidotes/Doppelganger Scrolls.
    • 2% chance for TOCA/Flame of Condor. 
  • [UPDATED] Released Professional VIP.
  • [UPDATED] Released access to Chaos Machine (on website) from +11 to +12.
  • [UPDATED] Released Reset Skill Tree.
  • [UPDATED] Released Increase ADD Option.
  • [UPDATED] Released Character Market.
  • [UPDATED] Limit of Market items raised to 20 / day.
  • [UPDATED] IT NPC will also reject you & give you notice when you are part of a party - you need to leave party to join IT.
  • [FIXED] Next raid / quiz timer not being saved after a server refresh.
  • [FIXED] CS score global message not showing all teams.
  • [UPDATED] Duration of items staying on the ground after drop raised from 35 seconds to 40 seconds (Server1&2) & 45 seconds (CS Server).
  • [ADDED] Character score at CS (Kills & points contributed) when writing /info + name, apart from the personal score showed on /score only for the character.
  • [UPDATED] OSGM Weekly Events Rewards:
    • Consolation at events: 1x Jewel of Chaos + 5x OSP
    • 5th place at events: 2x Jewel of Chaos + 1x BoK+4 + 10x OSP
    • 4th place at events: 2x Jewel of Chaos + 2x BoK+4 + 15x OSP
    • 3rd place at events: 3x Jewel of Chaos + 2x BoK+5 + 20x OSP
    • 2nd place at events: 4x Jewel of Chaos + 2x BoK+5 + 30x OSP
    • 1st place at events: 4x Jewel of Chaos + 3x BoK+5 + 40x OSP
  • [UPDATED] Rewards for 2nd Gens Month:
    • First place from Vanert & Duprian:
      • 3x OB4 & 3x TOCA.
      • HoF badge.
    • 2nd place from Varnert & Duprian:
      • 3x OB4 & 2x TOCA.
    • 3rd place from Vanert & Duprian:
      • 3x OB4 & 1x TOCA.
    • 4th place form Vanert & Duprian:
      • 2x OB4 & 2x TOCA.
    • 5th place from Vanert & Duprian:
      • 2x OB4 & 1x TOCA.
    • There are 25(50) extra rewards for top 5~30 players from Vanert and Duprian:
      • 20x Jewel of Harmony

Dynamic Characters Balance tweaks

Note: Before sharing the next tweaks, I want to make sure that people understand this new system - the way this new tweaks system works is like a "META". We want to make it in a way that every character is better (or worse) at some point in game.
This means basically that any change done at one of the stages can be anytime removed / changed or even buffed further more, on next stages, depending on needs at that current change. The final tweaks will be only those from 25rr stage. Until then, anything can change.

Based on the Council's feedback for 5-10rr & our own view related to chars, this are the following tweaks for Stage 2:


  • [UPDATED] RF speed gain from agility slightly buffed.
    • Note: Starting from MID-game ARF needs to shine harder than ERF at PvM role, but he currently needs a bit of help to surpass ERF.
  • [UPDATED] RF ENE damage scaling (skill %) slightly nerfed.
    • Note: Same reason, needs a bit of "help" to get under ARF in terms of PvM starting from MID-game.
  • [UPDATED] RF PvP damage boosted with 5%.
  • [UPDATED] RF PvP damage taken from all classes boosted with 5%.
    • Note: This 2 changes should help a little to increase the chance of both other chars to kill VRF & for VRF to kill other chars, during MID-game.


  • [UPDATED] DL PvM damage increased with 6%.
  • [UPDATED] DL PvP damage nerfed with 8%.
    • Note: This 2 changes should help DL to be a bit better on things where he currently doesn't perform that well (PvM/Hunt) while making him a bit worse on things that he currently excels at (PvP).


  • [UPDATED] PvP damage nerfed with 4%.
    • Note: Small PvP nerf for AE, she's on a good spot currently but we feel like it is just a bit over the level she has to be, on PvP.


  • [UPDATED] Nerfed SUM's PvM & PvP damage with 11%.
    • Note: The last buff from Stage 1.1 did helped a lot so far, but SUM is starting to be a power house on her own, so we're cutting a big part from the previous buff.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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Patch is now up!

Let us know if you find anything wrong after it!

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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