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    1. hellldrake

    2. hellldrake

      Maybe a small nerf for Summoner pvp dmg? it is insanely high, i cannot even get close to them to actually start attacking.
    3. hellldrake

      How did you deduct that nobody knows me?🤣 Ask around, you might be surprised . p.s stop spamming
    4. hellldrake

      This has been my nick for the past 17 years,so idk what u're on about ??
    5. hellldrake

      was that supposed to be a bit of flame? or should i say lame? you'll need to try harder. I don't need recognition from a washed up wannabe player who thinks has achieved something 😅 . We started with the same people, and did not have to merge with another guild to be able to win something like the mighty Squadron 😕
    6. hellldrake

      squadron ,nosgoth and whatever else u called those other which u were allied with. 1+1+1 =3 Simple math P.S im not saying you guys are crap or anything, i was mearly replying to @shadowZ . The competition is good for the server's health. @Chukundah thanks for the tip,we can make more of them for this week's Siege.
    7. hellldrake

      Horse bypass is Horsesh*t . either the original game developers were idiots or the settings are wrong. A dark horse shouldn't really be able to use bypass, is it possible to fix this please? Also +1 for summoner damage ,it's insanely high.
    8. hellldrake

      Lol you merged 3 guilds just to be able to stand any chance against us. don't be pathetic.
    9. hellldrake

      DL horse skill with Bypass. Why? The Horse has nothing to do with a weapon's bypass. It's a complete different part. I'm not sure if this is a bug or it's supposed to be this way but any DL will one shot you with the horse bypass, no matter how much HP u have.
    10. hellldrake

      ofc he will hit harder with full agi and elf buff .what do u expect?
    11. hellldrake

      are you really that sad?do you lack attention? which agi sm was doing more dmg that the other classes? what about your RF's who can 2 shot 95% of the srv? how is that balanced?
    12. hellldrake

      Rf wasn't killing you cuz he wasn't focusing on you. First of all u need skill to play with bk , Second u probably came with gear +9 no ddi and no proper rings /wings, third point - it's all about your build ,buffs,elf buffs and team work. solo bk can't do anything im afraid:)
    13. hellldrake

      how about nerfing RF? u can still pretty much kill anyone in 3 hits with a rf, he's been op for the last 3 months and nobody is doing anything about it.
    14. Lets remove evertything from elf ,why dont we? how about ICE and teleport from SM? we cant use antidotes so how is this fair against a SM who can just kite and attack?
    15. cant change gear while in arena. dunno if its a feature or a bug.
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