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  1. hellldrake

    are we turning a blind eye to this?
  2. hellldrake

  3. Lets remove evertything from elf ,why dont we? how about ICE and teleport from SM? we cant use antidotes so how is this fair against a SM who can just kite and attack?
  4. cant change gear while in arena. dunno if its a feature or a bug.
  5. hellldrake

  6. hellldrake

    Chukunda Strikes again, we decided to stay away just in case. https://pasteboard.co/JCNZjFL.png
  7. hellldrake

  8. hellldrake

    having arguments about the current pvp and pvm and complaining is 2 different things,if u dont have anything constructive to say dont say it.
  9. hellldrake

    lol,so its ok for VRF to be top PVM and top PVP, but im not allowed to be on the same page? its clearly stated that the server is trying to be as balanced as possible so i dont see why i shouldn't be allowed to have both.
  10. hellldrake

    With regards to PVM , elf is supposed to be top hunter ,along with ene mg , but the only chars i see now winning in BC is VRF . even stealing weapons from 2 AE + aruan sets , wings lvl 3 and consumables. Ae is also wasting 4k points for a skill , that means we are fighting with 2rr in minus , and that makes a big difference at this stage. I suggest maybe let us use 10% of our buffs if we are beeing made to use so many points for a skill. HP per vitality point could be increased slightly. Going to PVP - again Vrf is a beast, DL is super OP (as we all know), the rest of the cars are manageable ,but that might be only because of my gear and wings ( to be continued) I would like to enjoy AE until the end of the database ,not just until this point in time.
  11. hellldrake

    i dont know on the numbers of resets u talk about but from 12+ onwards elf is really not that op,its just decent,and most of them are decent because of the good gear . However i would say that DL is far too superior atm.
  12. hellldrake

    @Reporter I thought the curse of inception only applies to winners 🤣🤣
  13. hellldrake

  14. hellldrake

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