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    As stated on pheonix info 

    AE & VRF are considered to be the TOP Hunters.

    Having cape + 11 + luck , non exe weapons like most rfs. RF has 95% miss rate on K3 monsters , Cursed Dragon 98% miss rate and 100% on maya hands. 

    Didnt managed to test balglass or other late game bosses , but im sure same problem will encouter somewhere else after next break.

    Please review monster DSR formula. 

    Otherwise this AE & VRF are considered to be the TOP Hunters. is just AE & VRF are considered to be the TOP Hunters.


    P.S please dont tell me i dont have enoguh stats or wrong build , PURELY VRF with STR for TOP weapons , and res is VIT. ALL other characters dont encouter this problem. Please solve this issue


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    Cry is free , same situation on Inception no1 changed it , if there rf will get the buff to attack rate it's clown fiesta

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    You get more success attack rate from master level , which will give you less miss's and more attacks on boss's.

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    also elves seems top hunter and top in pvp too right now :) but imo thats fine. all char should doing fine as pvm and pvp depending on their builds


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    Agility Elf very broken you can 3 shot everyone no need for even spec ice,  I think need to buff ice damage so if we want to spec ice we can still 3 shot people.

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