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  • Welcome to OldSquad Community

    Looking to have fun on a Professional Environment?
    Then you are in the best place!
    Join our MU Online Servers and feel the difference.


    - Progressive Gameplay.
    - Dynamic Low EXP.
    - Boosted EXP for Newbies!


    - Highly configured details in a Smart & Professional way.
    - 15/24 Support on Forum & Facebook.
    - Satisfaction Guaranteed!


    - Dedicated Project without monthly restarts.
    - 95% UP-TIME with announced Maintenances.
    - Weekly Updates & Improvements.


    - No WebShop / CashShop / VipServer.
    - Credits can be farmed easily INGAME.
    - 100% Balanced Services.

    Grand Opening Inception #5 - Important Info


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    Hello OldSquaders & New comers,

    Less than 24 hours remained for the grand opening of our 5th edition of Inception!

    The server will be launched officially today (Friday) at 19:00 GMT+3 (follow counter from website).
    You will be able to make sure that client works, make parties, etc.
    The MOBS will spawn at 20:00 GMT+3 (after 1 hour). 

    You still have time to gather strong teams as what is coming will be pretty hard alone! Keep in mind to find a Permanent Stable Party if you plan to play seriously.

    Let's show to the MU Online community once again what real quality truly means!

    So, share the news to your friends, families, mu contacts, strangers, pets and gather on the start to conquer once again the OldSquad World!

    Important Info:

    • !!!! Don't forget to choose the 'Inception' Server when you are logging on site, else you will be logged on Phoenix and you will be able to use the Phoenix services/options instead of Inception !!!
    • In order to use the SITE FUNCTIONS you need to ACTIVATE your ACCOUNT on EMAIL! (It takes 1-5 minutes to be sent, check SPAM/PROMOTIONS as well).
    • Don't forget that ENERGY ELVES are OUT OF GAME! Their buffs are useless on normal maps.
      • Note: You can still play EE at CS where buffs works, but there you can adjust points with /rebuild command, only for the CS.
      • Note2: Also don't make TANK builds (VBK/VDL) as they can be used "for free" at CS via /rebuild, only for the CS.
    • You can make DL, MG, RF from level 200 or since server starts if you get VIP.
      • Note: Only Dealer/Hunter available until Stage 2 - 10rr - when PRO will be available as well.
    • You have access to OFF-Attack for up to 5 hours.
      • Note: VIP is boosting its duration/it adds auto-pick based on VIP type.
    • Goldens from invasions will be released progressively, so they won't kill you on spots at start.
      • Note: Only BoK1/Budges at start.
    • Test server is still online and will remain online even after Inception start, so you can test anything anytime you want.
    • You can warp from SITE if you are PK - but it costs much more & does have a cooldown!
    • 1st Castle Siege will be from first week (19 September - Sunday) but there will be no rewards.
      • Note: You will play only to get used to our custom CS System and for fun + the advantage of being the Defenders on the 2nd CS (CS rewards are progressive, read about them on Info topic -> CS System).
    • Keep in mind that Inception is running on a Mother-Kid system, where Inception is the mother and our Wormhole server is the kid, more info on Gameplay info. 
      • Note: The first season of Wormhole as a kid will start in around 70~75 days, so first transfers on Inception will be after around 4 months.
    • There's also the Dynamic Characters Balance feature - which means after each stage/mini-stage we'll be adjusting any over-performing or under-performing characters at that current stage of game.
    • This is an 100% International Server, that means you MUST write in English ONLY on /post and Gens Chat. If you won't do this you can get Muted / Warned and even Banned!
    • On first reset the EXP is linear (same % from level 11-350 at any level). But after 1st reset the exp is dynamic (lower % on lower levels, higher % on higher levels).
      • This is made in order to balance the time spent on high levels vs the time spent on lower levels.
        • So, if on 0rr exp is 100% for level 11-350, on 1+ resets you have like 30% on 0-50 levels, 80% 200-300, 120% 300-350, etc.
    • Please don't forget that Inception is a truly HARD & PROGRESSIVE Server!
      • Which means exp is low, drops are low, content is progressive and everything is achieved by PLAYING, especially active play.
        • Also up to 60-70% of content is adjusted/custom so you REALLY need to read all of our info in order to have a good time.
    • Make sure to invest jewels in early exc items from mobs / non exc items with high defence in order to progress!

    Also, we want to share you some of the important topics and info that you MUST read for a full experience here:

    If you need any kind of assistance please contact us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/OldSquadMU - we will be there most of the time!

    OldSquad Team

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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