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  1. DonAlien

    Guide For Newbies to Begin With 1. Character Panel - By pressing "C" you can open your Character Panel. Here you can find all important details regarding your character and add points to the preferred attribute. You receive depending on picked character and quests made from 3 to 4 points/level you should read more about it in this TOPIC at Gameplay info, I would suggest you to read all this topic and maybe start with it in the first place. - You can add points by clicking the "+" box or by typing in the chat box the "add" command. The add command is always followed by the chosen attribute and value (ex. /addstr 50), same works for any attribute ("str" for strength, "agi" for agility, "vit" for stamina, "ene" for energy and "cmd" for command) and with any value as long as you have the entered amount of points available. - Adding stats can be also setup automatically/reset using "add auto" command. You can use it for adding higher amounts of points for a longer period of time (maximum until you reset or points have been added), even if you don`t have the points yet (ex. /addene 1300 auto), make sure you respect the spaces. 2. Level-up and tips First of all I want to remind you few things, you probably know them after reading the "welcome" confirmation email from @ADMIN or from reading the TOPIC I mentioned above. Resets: 1st at level 350 y typing in game command: /reset 2nd at level 360 3rd at level 370 4th at level 380 5th at level 390 6th and all the rest at level 400 Game Play: 0-10 resets: High exp, boost for newbies, use Helpers (check lower), VIP for purchase - Bronze only. 10-20 resets: Medium exp, no more boost, no need for Helpers, can go on higher maps, VIP for purchase - Bronze or Silver. 20-30 resets: Low exp, explore all maps and bosses (in party preferably) and VIP for purchase - Bronze, Silver or Gold. Helpers: - Helpers are never going to move, they have auto party, you can use that command to automatically accept party request (ex. /re auto). Use helpers to level-up if you can not find a party. Before commenting the experience just in case it drops: the party and set party experience bonus works 100% just remember higher level members take higher percentage% of experience. Helper1 - Devias 3 Helper2 - Lost Tower 7 Helper3 - Tarkan 2 Helper4 - Kanturu 2 Helper5 - Karutan 2 3. Few acronyms you should have in mind: soul/jos - Jewel of soul (crafting material / trading material) bless/job- Jewel of bless (crafting material / trading material) creation/joc - Jewel of creation (crafting material) life/jol - Jwel of life (crafting material / trading material) chaos - Jewel of chaos (crafting material) harmony/joh - Jewel of harmony (crafting material / trading material) gem - gemstone - crafting material / trading material lore - Lorencia lore ring - Lorencia in the middle of safe zone there is a circle (you will see) lt - Lost Tower ds - Devil Square bc - Blood Castle First letters of each word of an items (ex. GD - great dragon, PS - phoenix soul) **These are few most commonly used, more to learn on the way to top. 4. Taste of the future: Level-up - Helpers locations pretty clearly indicates best places in their difficulty order, very good for characters without a selected Gens yet, I would add Dungeon 3 in the list between Devias 3 and Lost Tower 7, as well as Atlans 2-3 after Dungeon if you have already picked Gens. Most important and used spells as well as the 2nd quest items drop in Lost Tower divided in 2 parts: Lost tower 1-4 and Lost Tower 5-7 and Atlans. Excellent items can be farmed during Golden Invasion and are dropped from Goldens divided by level in box of kundun +1 to +5 while rings and pendants from Golden Budge Dragon. After a minimum of 20 resets you can farm Socket items and Phoenix Soul excellent witch are dropped from mobs in Raklion. 3rd Quest difficulty is hard. Need items for quest are farmed in Tarkan, Aida and Icarus. Master level can be obtained by farming higher maps (Kalima 7 non-pvp, Vulcanus battle map and Swamp also battle map) after achieving level 400. Battle maps are Gens PVP maps, meaning that pvp/pk/ player kill is allowed but only between Gens. *But you all knew this already because you read the TOPIC I mentioned earlier. ** Now that you know how to navigate and use the forum and you know basic informations regarding game and gameplay, you can go HERE and get your answers for all the other questions you still might have.
  2. DonAlien

    The + of item is important but not as much as the ADD on the item so make sure it is raised to 16
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