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  1. izidorius

    fily fily fily MAAAAN u have to chill out You're gibing us foooood
  2. izidorius

    Could there be a bug? could you put this to like 20-30 min of testing?
  3. izidorius

    i also cant get my head around how a vit bk oneshots 6k hp chars. Im noob at bk but this seems to be op
  4. izidorius

    heard that a lot didnt u ?
  5. izidorius

    probably same as firescream. if have ml skill boost it counts as different skill which is clearly not blocked.
  6. izidorius

    This is gold
  7. I dont think its fair to take away ice arrow. is it annoying - yes but so is so many other skills and buffs. I had a look at your gear and i see you dont use Ice accessories, probably no ice resistance in ML skill tree ether. that makes a huge difference bro. Soul barrier and dmg cap i think is fine as it is.
  8. izidorius

    Id say make it work only if mu helper is off. Then you would know that the person is active. but again i think its a bad idea. id say better rework guild war system.
  9. izidorius

    for set options i think the best set for pve is rave paired with exc brova for the 20% damage increase while using two-handed weapon.
  10. izidorius

    Im not sure is there Barnake set in this server but the best combo would be barnake pants and boots + anubis. That leaves the sm with an shield slot where he can use the socket shield which would land another 3% double damage from the socket combo.
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