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  1. izidorius

    fily fily fily MAAAAN u have to chill out You're gibing us foooood
  2. izidorius

    heard that a lot didnt u ?
  3. izidorius

    ty boss
  4. izidorius

    hello ?
  5. izidorius

  6. izidorius

    Hi. I could not finish sunday gaion because of bug. The counter said one mob was remaining but there was no mobs on map. Ing: Tool
  7. izidorius

    probably same as firescream. if have ml skill boost it counts as different skill which is clearly not blocked.
  8. izidorius

    This is gold
  9. izidorius

    Shuryk, this is a bug... wrap it in what u want it will still be one. No one should be immune to damage on a PVP event. Will u say using a duel so no one can kill u is not abusing a bug also? In a PVP Kundun event the one who does most damage wins, but the ppl who get killed lose their dps done to the boss. This way he was able to hold his dmg done all trough the pvp kundun and take the kill.
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