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    1. E: cant come, hopefully i dont get banned, if i will, cya guys in 3 days
    2. Character name that is submitting it (for the potential reward): Miukutin Suggestion type (server/website/forum): server Suggestion content (make sure to include enough details so your suggestion is clear enough): Visual dragons in atlans How the suggestion can bring value: Making pvp more fun for everyone. (Optional) How would you personally implement your suggestion (your vision): I would remove dragons totally. Hey, i find it really annoying that we cant see pretty much anything while there is flying dragons in golden invasion at the atlans, i pmed Gion about that and asked if its possible to reduce amount of those dragons, he said its only possible to totally remove those, what would be even better solution in my opinion, imho those flying dragons couldve removed for any pvp invasion, thought i havent found them problem elsewhere. Thanks for reading and nice day for everyone!
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