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  1. BALR

    I have Seen this Pet called Rudolf in other MU servers. I think it was first seen in MU as a special Christmas event Prize. So why I think this pet could bring something to the game is as simple as when EE (the most used zen collector in a party) is no longer a part of the game you have to choose eaither one killer to lot zen and loose killspeed or not to loot at all. With Rudolf you can get somewhere in beetween You dont loose any killspeed but the range of the pet is not that big and you probably will not Pick every zen drop. Also it have HP of 255 same as Imp and Guardian Angel so in will evetually die and you are back to not picking up any zen again. Drop: Same as Imp and Guardian.
  2. When those "5"players come they make the difference enough to decide the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤣🤣😂😂🤣
  3. BALR

    I would personally vote for sunday aswell
  4. BALR

    seems this was spot on
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