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    1. Exilia

      In my opinion the only problem with elf right now is that you need to add 4k energy to unlock ice arrow, and the fact that using those points on ene provides us literally nothing more than the spell itself. Just imagine if BK would have to add 4k ene in order to unlock combo - he would still get % skill damage and stronger fortitude buff. If sMG would have to add 4k ene in order to unlock fire slash - he would still get higher % defense reduction. If DL would have to add 4k ene in order to unlock chaotic - he would still get stronger critical damage buff. If summoner would have to add 4k str i
    2. Exilia

      Yes, technically it's ranged class since we can shoot the arrows from a far, but if we ever wanna actually deal any damage, we kinda have to stay in melee range. Multishot dmg cuts off big time if we stand even one tile away from the closest possible position of the target. And with ice arrow or penetration it's not possible to kill anyone that's even remotely close to the gear / stats you have. Another thing that should be taken into consideration is that weapon upgrades ain't gonna do a shit for us. The difference between +12 and +15 bow is roughly around 60 damage. Maybe it's the same
    3. Exilia

      Good job with the interviews! It's nice to visit forums every now and then and see what is going on on the server. Also, some good ideas mafy has there; "Maybe I would make a small group with top active players on server and ask them about the game play every week. I wouldn't wait until ppl start complaining and shake things on the server. I will also tell you what I would love to see here. If I'd own the server, I'd do the next thing: I would try to make an EPIC MEGA ULTRA LEGENDARY edition by bringing here GROM, DEADCATS, SQUADRON and old Linkmania rival guilds - Regal and SCREAM. I woul
    4. The idea of adding Moss is great, but enough time should be taken to plan the rates and items received carefully. This event was intended to be "gambler event", so every roll shouldn't be considered as win. If every roll gives you something valuable enough to be sold in the market it would just be an money making machine at first, and then eventually with time inflates the market with items that nobody wants to purchase. Imo 10% chance for extras like toca, mbp, feather, crest etc. is way too high. Those are still the "top-tier" goodies for mid game gameplay and should remain their value as
    5. Exilia

      lmao that was actually hilarious! we need more content like this
    6. I'm not saying that my opinions are the correct ones, they're just my opinions. This has some truth in it, but lets take a look at the mana shield as first example. As I wrote on the opening post; Only problem with Soul Barrier is that you don't have to go for agi build, so called support sm, in order to gain efficient shield to play with. Basic value for barrier is 6%, with 20 ML points you gain additional 13% increase, with current agility formula(agility/62) you easily gain another 10%. That's already 29% absorb without even thinking about if you want to play as a supporter or
    7. Yes, the default state was a joke indeed, and you've come a long way to make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Also I think the "perfect balance" is something that you can never achieve, but then again, we shouldn't consider the current state to be as close to perfect as it will ever get. I'm fine that no radical changes is going to take place on this edition, but since MU is the only game I keep coming back to year after year, I'd like to encourage the implementation of this project to make the gaming experience even better in the future. The idea of this poll was not to get people to vot
    8. I'm not underestimating any work that has been done to configure this server. This has been the most balanced project I've seen ever since I joined the first edition of non reset. Your attitude towards the topic seems to be the problem if you look at this as trash talking. I have done my very best to give reasoning behind every subject I've touched here. No changes has to be made nor will ever take place unless admin thinks there's a need for them, but trying to shut down any constructive discussion about the balancing issues from our perspective is pretty naive in my opinion. Nothing is perfe
    9. With 6k hp that shouldn't be too much of a problem But yeah you're right. We can't know how it will turn out once people start to get closer to max resets.
    10. Exilia

      Maybe you're low def/agi then. He also has 50 more ml, and maybe more defense based skill tree. If that's not the case, maybe other class damage vs. elf is configured too low, as I remember class vs. class damages being modified here for more balance.
    11. Exilia

      Miss, miss, miss is because of the IT spell shield. But other than that it's the power of magnificent 60%
    12. I think you're wrong here my friend. I could bet you that any player who has reached the 60% dd cap isn't just barely surviving at the moment. They are basically immortal with 3rd wings and correct build. And reducing the max dd from 60% to 50/40% isn't going to break the game and make those characters unplayable. E: Nobody is dependent on the 10/20% (60% -> 50/40%) damage decrease, those amounts can be fixed by building your character in a different way. E2: And many times we're not even talking about this big numbers, it's just the theoretical maximum cap. You for example got 2 items
    13. Can't you see that this is caused by the absurd amount of +dd people can achieve so easily. You trying to make a high damage build where you aim to get your max hits as big as possible. But you're basically wasting your stats on a attribute that is very easy to counter atm. It is very inefficient to try to focus on huge numbers cause your damage gets reduced by 60%. The reason AE and SM are strong now is because they can build agility based build with more additional benefits, which makes them harder to counter. AE for example builds only agility with some vitality. All her damage comes fro
    14. First of all, I never said that Ice Arrow should be removed. I just gave an option for people to vote if they feel so. I've explained my concern about the current state of the skill pretty clearly in multiple topics. I have always been fine with Ice arrow since AE has never been top PvP character, but on this server, AE is as good as any other class, but the Ice Arrow remains the same, and that is the reason causing the problems. Also, as you can see I never mentioned that the cap for DD should be 40% because MG can wear only 4 items. I think I made my points pretty clear, but you just fail
    15. There has been a bit of discussion about these topics, some in public and some between smaller group of players. In my opinion these things, as they are now, push the game into unhealthy state, and some improvements could be done to improve to overall balance of game play. I'm not gonna go too in depth with explanations, and I don't want to push any changes unless majority thinks the same, but these are my thoughts from a players perspective. Chaos Castle and Ice Arrow skill has had a lot of attention recently. I try to play every cc daily and from experience I can say that regardless of wi
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