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  1. Exilia

    Hola amigos! I have stopped playing on this edition a while ago, but im looking forward to join back once new project pops up. There are couple of things that I'd like to see re-implemented in order to create a better gaming experience for our community. Silver/Gold Medals The way I see it, medals should only exist to provide a small assistance for surviving the early game maps. Maybe for cosmetic reasons so you can have a shiny piece of armor instead of running around with brass helm +3. Jokes aside, my point is that the current medal system gives out items strong enough to completely destroy the early game crafting/looting experience. There is literally no point of crafting any early game set dropped by the monsters, since you can just wait out and trade/purchase the best gears available from the medals. Maybe it's another nostalgic notion, but I vividly remember the times when people used to hang out in lost tower trying to loot legendary, dragon or guardian items +x+12opt, and spent some currency to craft those gears up to +7/9. The same issue goes even further. There used to be a time when crystal morning star +4+skill+option+luck was nice drop in atlans2. As well as looting great dragon, dark phoenix, red spirit etc. item at the end of kanturu 2, it was pure luxury solely for the huge defensive boost you could obtain through these high level equipments. These things doesn't exist in this server. The progression of your gear simply goes from medal sets -> excellent set -> ancient set -> late game set. Warehouse Give us the option to extend our warehouses. The game already has the feature build in it, so what is the reason for disabling it? I wouldn't mind if it would be only obtainable through credits or direct donation to unlock the feature. We got the web storage, yeah, but still this would improve our lives by huge margin. Blood Castle/Kalima Give more identity for the BC event. At the moment it feels like it's serving the same purpose as Devil Square - great afk exp with different reward system. I feel like disabling the afk bot in BC would do miracles. People would actually have to play through the event, no more 1 man armies with full parties via team viewers or leeching alts. More socializing and bonding with the community. Dunno, just an idea. (nobody using the BC skeleton room for anything atm, not even for exp. so basically just come up with a purpose for it). Make Kalima harder to get in. Every edition I have played so far I've been stacked with 10x kalima entries from old boxes. Old Box has always felt like a nice reward, but getting kalima tickets from it has never been a blast. Maybe drastically lower the chance for kalima ticket as rewards from OB, as well as chance for Symbol of Kundun dropping from monsters. (maybe blood castle skeleton room could be used for symbol of kundun farming. bc1 room -> SoK+1, bc2 -> SoK+2 etc.). This would create contest and ks wars in bc while guilds try to gather maps for kalima to slay kundun, and it would leave the bridge open for people who wants to only participate for exping purposes. Jewel drop rate This is hard one to touch. I personally prefer hard game play in every aspect, low exp and low drops. But I feel like low drops has always created a huge cap in economy between casual and hardcore players. Jewel drops from monsters will always be equal for every kind of player, no matter if you're afking or active in game, but I feel like the issue lies in event rewards. There are plenty of events that will reward you with a bundle of jewels and this makes a huge difference between the two player types. This thing should probably be approached by narrowing down the events that reward you with jewel bundles. For example, BC1-3 gives you 3 chaos. BC4 gives 3 jewels. BC5 gives 4 jewels. BC6 gives 5 jewels. But then, BC7/8 suddenly gives 10 jewels. I know the jewel rewards are not guaranteed from the last 2 tiers of BC, but still it's double the amount compared to the tier below. BC was just an example here, but the fact is that people who have more time to play the game and events will gain tremendous advantage in terms of jewels compared to the other half of the player base. And over time it will make the market prices stupidly high for the casual players. Golden invasions First of all, budged dragons. I have mixed feelings about these little fellas. In a way it's nice that once you manage to find and take down one you're guaranteed to receive excellent piece of jewellery. But in the other hand, in every edition so far there has always been a handful of players that somehow manage to outshine majority of player base in hunting these things. Almost like they know the exact spawn locations. Regardless, I'm not saying that it's necessarily a bad thing that you learn how the game works, but for sure it gives quite big advantage for those players who has been playing for multiple db's over the ones that have recently joined. And since budges are the most efficient way of receiving exc rings and pendants, maybe there could be a way to tune things down a little. Maybe additional way for receiving exc rings/pendants. Maybe the Moss Event could provide a new approach to this. Then about the regular box of kunduns. I'm not sure why, but for some reason I feel like the game is flooding with too many excellent items. Maybe exc items are too easy to obtain. Maybe golden monsters are too easy to take down. You don't have to invest in good non excellent early game set in order to smash these things. You have always been able to just use the gear from medals, then group up with your friends to kill goldies, and then invest your jewels to upgrade these excellent items to progress further and take down stronger golden mobs. Maybe I'm totally off the course with this, but for some reason my subconscious tells me there is a hint of truth somewhere in sight. Lord Mixes The Lord Mix feature is really nice addition in this game, but the items gained from the mix in Inception were way off the grid in my opinion. 380lvl gear itself is a great piece of equipment due the PvP options you can apply on them, but 3/4 excellent options on top of that? Hell no. Also 380lvl weapons were already quite mandatory for PvP purposes, but this weaponry with upgraded damage and excellent options just breaks the game. I think lower tier sets (great dragon, hurricane, dark master etc.) are perfectly fine items from the mix, they already provide hella high defense with excellent options, but this way regular 380lvl items can still remain as viable option. Red Dragon Invasions I remember these things from the past as well. It was fun to watch them fly over our heads and waiting for one to drop down so you can start fighting for it. The rewards never used to be anything special, probably just one jewel or some zen each, but for sure it was fun event to participate. A little bit of PvP action for some jewels? Count me in! The eternal war between reset/non-reset game play This has to be the biggest issue that's dividing the MU Online community in two camps. One likes the daughter, another prefers the mother. And the day someone comes up with a solution to provide these both packages simultaneously, we're taking a huge leap in the direction of immensely greater MU Online servers. My brain is lagging from writing this wall of text so I wont go too deep into this, but one interesting and new(?) idea could be to give additional exp rate for the secondary characters created on your account. This exp bonus system for secondary characters would be available to expedite the progression of characters. The value of exp bonus depends on the number of characters on the account that are of a higher level than the secondary character. 1 chars of higher level: 100% bonus exp (2x xp), 2 chars of higher level: 200% bonus exp (3x xp), 3 chars of higher level: 300% bonus exp (4x xp), 4 chars of higher level: 400% bonus exp (5x xp). The system as so wouldn't give any benefits for the secondary characters, other than exp, but in a way it could work as a inducement for players who feel like leaving the server for whatever reason. It would also make it easier for people to have different kind of characters with a specified builds for multiple purposes, contribute to the conception of long term game play, and last but not least, it would bring something new to the table. Also, happy new year ya'll!
  2. Exilia

    I don't know how this "bug" affects other classes but at least for MG it's pretty game breaking thing. Basically if your opponent chooses to not fight you in CC and keeps running away, you have very little to no chances of hitting him with fire slash. By icing them you can catch them up, but the map/terrains & characters xx,yy positions bugs somehow and your damage wont register at all. Sometimes your skill hits the target and it applies the debuff icon you can see above their head, but the damage itself wont go through. And when the enemy circles the holes on the map, his character keeps walking/moving outside of the terrain and you're not able to do a thing. Even if he is not walking in the air and you catch him up while he is iced, 9 out of 10 times you just can't deal any damage to them. https://imgur.com/a/F6W1fb2 https://imgur.com/a/6piUDB4 https://imgur.com/a/KQRi9IA https://imgur.com/a/kRdYImz https://imgur.com/a/LRtZNjG https://imgur.com/a/sh815X1 https://imgur.com/a/9lqscQH
  3. Exilia

    You should provide some sort of explanation for why you think it's over tuned, and what kind of balancing are you proposing.
  4. Exilia

    Couple more things to add on my list; -Give us the opportunity to purchase or drop warehouse extension, just as we can drop the inventory extension at the moment. Or then just add /ware0, /ware1 commands in game. It feels quite frustrating with all the event mats, secondary sets and jewels etc. to try to fit them in one warehouse. I know there's the opportunity to use web ware and alt characters as mules, but it would make it a lot easier to keep essential shits more organized with this kind of upgrade. -Maybe add option to purchase service that resets 1/3 of your ML tree, for like 1,000 credits. It feels quite rough right now to pay 2,500 in case you need just a minor changes. Another interesting idea would be to add more crafting / recipes in game. Rough example; if you want to craft skull staff +edr+speed you would have to collect x amount of skull staffs +edr and +speed and then mix them together in chaos machine. With very low success rate, successful combination would grant you 1 skull staff with 2 excellent options (the ones you used for the mix). With this kind of system you could also sort of regulate the value of every single excellent item in game. Just set value X for every exc option (DD=6, REF=5, HP=4, DSR=3, ZEN=2, MANA=1,xx amount of jewels=0.5). Now lets say you wish to craft vine armor +DD cause you're never lucky and only drop those +zen items from boxes. With the recipe using 1x vine armor +HP and 1x vine armor +ZEN, the total value for the mix would be 6(=DD). Just place the items in chaos machine, and with a bit of luck you have now successfully crafted vine armor+DD for yourself. (try not to focus on my values, they're not calculated any further. just so you can get the grasp of the idea). It would require a decent amount of work to make system like this work flawlessly - if it would be even possible to add something like this in the first place. But the currency system in a game called Path of Exile is quite impressive. They have made it so that even the first items dropped by the first mobs has some kind of value, and no loot is useless, regardless of the options on the item. This could be yet another unique feature to make OldSquad project stand out from the masses.
  5. Exilia

    Nah don't think it's just you that feels this way. Some of the characters, coughsummonercough, definitely feels a little over tuned with the SD bypass option. But then again there's already plenty of weapons with the option added in game, so maybe that's something to reconsider for future editions. I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this one. To make my point more clear, we could really use more stages that unlock new boss monsters for invasions. For example, when first 10 players reach 50/100/150 ML, stronger bosses are added on new maps during invasions. Not because we want better and stronger loots to dominate server even more, but so that the more casual players has the chance to compete against each other instead of top players getting all the goodies. One more thing I forgot to mention is the AE, and ice arrow in CC. Anyone who plays the even frequently probably knows what I'm talking about. AE can already compete against other classes in PvP, so it feels quite oppressive that they get a 5s(?) stun that locks you down, and then they just penetrate the mobs near you to make you fall down. Not to mention that they got 6 range on their multi-shot, which allows them to basically be untouched in duels if played right. IMO there can be 3 easy solutions for this. Either disable the skill in CC, which I feel is a little harsh since it's kind of a signature ability for agility elves. Reduce the stun duration of the skill, or make it so that antidote reduces the duration. Another thing for AE's we talked about is the builds for them. As the class is now, it's a top tier hunter like it's always been with a full agility build, but it's not really any worse than other classes in PvP. Most of the other characters has to choose between going for a PvP or PvM based build, but AE can just add enough str for gear, a bit of vitality to prevent getting one shot and then just smash the rest of the points to agility and you're good to go. I think pretty interesting idea would be to come up with a formula that makes the elves PvP damage increase by str. Then they'd also have to choose between PvP or PvM focused build, and go through the struggle of finding perfect balance between str/agi/vit to be the best PvP elf on the server.
  6. Exilia

    I really agree on some of these points. There should definitely be more PvP competition between guilds, but so that it still gives people the opportunity to AFK. Easy way to achieve this could be daily system that randomly chooses a map between high end maps (kanturu, relics, swamp, vulcanus etc.) and increases the exp and drop rate of the chosen map by 5-10% (or maybe even add some unique drops for monsters). Here we could rework the guild war system as well. Make it so that only guilds that have Hostility (/war) against another guild gain access to these bonuses. I think it would create fun fights between guilds for those daily bonuses. Also the idea of lowering jewel drop rate for people who wish to solo farm spots is great. It would leave more early spots open for new players and encourage the leveling up in a party even more than now. What comes to Kalima, I really like the way how often zen drops there. But in my opinion the jewel drops needs to be turned off on those maps, or at least considerably reduce the drop rate. As it is now, kalima is easily the best map for currency (b/s/zen) farming, but it shouldn't be the best by such a huge marginal. Also the PK in there should be more punishable. Interesting idea would be to make a Illusion of Kundun spawn hourly on each kalima (1-6). Killing this Illusion shouldn't give any loots, but open a portal that lets you enter the next level of Kalima. Then again, in case you choose to PK players to clear spots and you receive lvl 2(red) pk status, every time another players manages to kill you, you should re-spawn on a 1 level lower Kalima than u were in before. It would make u think twice if u wanna focus on killing peoples to secure your farming, or if you should instead build a character that has strong KS abilities. Thanks for your cents, MUtizen!
  7. Exilia

    There are couple of topics I'd like to discuss about. Illusion Temple First of all, I think the main goal for IT event should be to make the games as close and even as possible. Regardless of the outcome, players should be able to enjoy the actual event instead of just the rewards from it. As the current state is, most games feels pretty one-sided and are basically decided by the RNG of team selection. Don't get me wrong, I've had a couple of actual good and close games in there, but statistically it's been a stomp by one team or another more often than not. Balance of the teams can not be 100% fair every time, I get that, but I feel like there is some ways to reduce the occasions where one of the teams just gets ran over 7-0. First thing I've been saying for long is that mounts should be disabled in the event, or at least the bonus movement speed provided by them. The event already favors ranged characters over melee ones, so this change would even out the gap a bit. Second thing that I've seen people complaining about is the mana shield buff by SM. For sure it feels quite oppressive if one of the teams has a member the provides a shield for the whole group that absorbs +30% damage. In general, the event should favor innovative game play and strategies over fully buffed and immortal teams, so in my opinion, every character participating should only be able to apply the buffs of his class for himself. The last thing I thought about is that maybe it could be possible to create a system that detects how many different class there is in the event, and if two or more same class are counted, it automatically divides them to opposing teams. Harmony Options This one I'll have to just throw out here since I haven't been doing any testing on it, but in my opinion the DD option from Harmony Jewels feels quite strong as it is. Full excellent set +DD, including rings, already provides 28% damage reduction (32% with shield). That's 4% per item. Single Harmony Option has the max value of 7% DD, almost twice as much as single item provides from the excellent option. Maybe max value for Harmony DD should be 6% or maybe even 5% instead? What I'm trying to say is that the max cap of DD (60%?) is quite easily obtainable right now, and combining that with all the buffs, defense bonuses and absorb from wings makes it feel a little too strong to me. But then again, as I said, I haven't done any testing, so it could be as close to perfect balance as it can ever be. Invasions As Zaikon stated on previous topic, Invasions should be improved somehow. We have reached the day 65 of this edition, and many top players have already completed the excellent sets they were looking for from Box of Kundun's. Now, when the Invasion occurs, there is only two options available for the strong players. They can participate in the hunt to fight against other top players or they can pass it and leave the goldens for those who could actually improve their gear from the loots. However, the truth is, that most of times there is always at least couple of top players getting all the GGD's, Golden Budges, White Wizards, or what ever it is that brings more wealth to them. I don't mean that it is a bad thing to compete in marketing, but it's almost impossible for anyone who doesn't have the best gear out there, or dozens of ML's / resets, to fight against these players. This kind of game play doesn't encourage newcomers to play to become stronger, but instead they feel powerless against anyone who has been here longer. Only way for them to grow is to sit on spot a and wait for jewels to drop, play bc/ds for rewards or try to kill some low tier Goldens - if there is any left. All this misery just so that they can spent their small income in market controlled by the very few. I'm proposing that we come up with new bosses that spawns at the same time when Golden, White Wizard or Rabbits invasion occurs. For Golden Invasion, maybe we could get a Golden Boss that spawns in Crywolf. Maybe 2 to 4 escorts and the actual Big Boy (with enough HP to keep us busy for the duration of the Invasion). As the rewards go, they shouldn't be anything too OP. Just something to attract the top players to fight over these mobs and leaving the regular goldens for players that can actually benefit from them. Maybe we could get a Black Wizard. 1 to 2 of those could spawn in Aida? Maybe orcs with them as well that has a chance to drop Gemstone instead of Wizard's Ring. Maybe the Wizard itself could, or at least have a chance to, drop low tier ancients (with increased chance for +luck) for feather mixing. Maybe we could get Maddits, that spawn in Raklion? Those little fuckers could hit hard as fuck, have decent HP and annoying movement. Just so they would stand up to their names. They could have increased amount of zen dropped, and a very low (2-5%?) chance to drop Jewel of Harmony. These are just some ideas and I'd like to encourage others to share theirs as well to bring up some discussion. I don't really care what it is, where it spawns or what it drops, but I care about that new players should feel welcome and wanted on a server they're about to join, and we should do everything we can to give them a fair chance to enjoy every aspect of the game. Because without them, sooner or later, every great server faces the inevitable.
  8. Exilia

    Personally, back in the days, I have always enjoyed this event. The thrill of finding and killing those shining mobs which had increased or guaranteed chance to drop jewel of bless was quite rewarding on a low economy servers. I remember there used to be a chance for Erohim to spawn during the event as well, it was fun competition between guilds for those juicy drops. I don't see why it wouldn't work here on this server. Maybe 1 to 3 times a week this event could take place, and instead of jewel of bless the shining mobs could drop jewel of harmony / gemstone, since those are the things most people crave for at the moment. And of course a small chance for Erohim to spawn, to make it interesting..
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