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    1. dlwlrma

      im quitting this game thanks to bullshit top ranking players who sell items with unreasonable prices, look at Aryman, Bangkayo, and others who have such an item which they doesnt use but put on store to show you they have what u need but not willing to give it to you unless u pay as much as if u can farm jewels like they can. the economy is just fucking ruined. ive had given it many chances to keep on going but still end up at the same problem, player to player economy is just fucked up although it has been more than a month since the server opened. its as if these top ranking players expect u
    2. dlwlrma

      With the stage system you can definitely catch up with leveling and also the drop of ancients from DS5 upwards. But when it comes to hunting goldens there is no way to compete with high leveled hunters especially with master lvl which is already equipped with 3rd wings. And guess what they still hunt low lvl golden like goblin for extra credit points and after they kill that they move on to higher and stronger golden monsters, so with that being said there is nothing left for lvl 300+ players to kill unless they find the golden first but sometimes getting killed as well or the kill stolen due
    3. dlwlrma

      A voting poll should be conducted in which a player can decide if he is in favor or not on bringing back the classic dark horse design rather than the new custom made look. Im bringing this topic up because in my opinion the current look of the dark horse is too fancy considering it is season 6. This post is for people who share the same thought in the game as I do and how MU should be now and in the future.
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