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  1. Cerberus

    [Phoenix] Special / Hot Features that you should KNOW!
  2. Cerberus

    It sounds good but this will require a lot of work for balance and progression and people might not even like the end result so it's kinda risky.
  3. Cerberus

    exp is supposed to be crap, you cant have exp and anc drop... choose one or the other the problem is that anc items drop in DS and CC ALOT. This should be fixed and trials should become the best source for anc items.
  4. Cerberus

    5x5=25 max guild members is 25 25 = 25 ?? where is the problem?
  5. Cerberus

    By others i meant other servers
  6. Cerberus

    ?? This is the normal mentality and you cant show 'unique people activity'. The server owners are at fault here for taking advantage of this situation. Nobody wants to play on a dead server This is the reality, until someone comes up with another clever way of dealing with it. The good thing for Old Squad is there is already a player base that respect the server and will come and play on a future server (in most cases). You should not care about others, you are doing great.
  7. Cerberus

    You can play with many more accounts through virtual machines. I was playing with 6 accs but got bored quickly. 😁
  8. Cerberus

    Hello, First of all, congrats for 3 years. I know how hard it is to maintain such a thing and develop new features. This is hands down the best server I've ever played (of course this does not mean perfect) and you seem to genuinely care about it and the community so big thumbs up. I've played on all servers (non-rr, 30rr, 50rr, if there was another server it was before i new there was an oldsquad) and this is the feedback i can give you: Power level gap - The gap between active 2/47 players and 2-3 hours a day casual players is HUGE. There are always 100-150 players that are fed as fuck and the rest of us (more casual players) might as well not play, theres nothing we can do to even get close to those 150. MU Online is and will remain an AFK game for the most part. I think you need to give less rewards for active play - id say roughly 20% less and increase items/jewels drop from "AFK" play with 20% as well. This gap is most noticable on non-reset server i think - you can check top 100 players and rest of the players. Donations and VIP - Now, I understand you need money to maintain the server, Im not stupid. But again, those who donate crasy money will have HUGE advantage. You promote the server being Play2Win but donating plays huge part in this as well. My suggestion here is make only 1 type of donation - lets say $20, and only the first donation to grand credits. That way donate can really mean DONATE - as of now it might as well say "BUY CREDITS". Also if you do this you need to come up with different method of generating income but idk what that might be. (ads on website?) Messy spots - I noticed couple of spots with mobs spawning too far away from each other making it difficult to clear. Kanturu2 150 50, Kanturu2 110 60, Trials - spot with lizard warrior, dont remember coords. These are just the few i noticed, im sure there are other spots like them. You should go through all spots and check spawning coords. Devil Square / Blood Castle - 20 participants max with 3 hours between events is not nearly enough especially for the non-reset server, reset servers were fine i think. We need more slots - atleast 40, and more spots in DS, if the limit is 40 then 8 spots, there is enough room in the event map for 9 spots so this should not be an issue. Invasion mobs - Invasion mobs on non-reset are too strong for a solo player and i think there are a lot of players playing on their own. Maybe make +1 - +4 mobs weaker. Fortress of Imperial Guardian - Again as DS/BC, there are people clearing the event 24/7 and rest of the players cant go. My suggestion here is to remove the limit of only 1 instance of the event so parties can join whenever and it will create another instance. Now, if this is not possible, another solution is to decrease the invitation drop dramatically - 80% atleast. Of course, its too late for this non-reset (people have tons of invitations already) so maybe in the next server. Quiz event - Some people are answering too quickly for some reason (latency to server, hacks idk) making it really hard for others to participate. Adding 3 seconds delay for example to answer the question after it appeared might fix this but idk, you have to test it. New feature for blacksmith - Adding option to item with credits - I think this will be very useful on non-reset server. With max of +3 lets say - so if is an armor item - 12add max. I got this idea while failing hundreds of lifes for simple 4add on item with luck. You have to check the % on that one because it cant be 70% as stated in info. (or RNG of MU is not really a random, cant say for now as im not that familiar) 2lvl wings excess - There is always a stage in a server where clean 2lvl wings are worthless. You cant sell them to anyone because all players have wings and looking only for ignore/luck wings. Possible solution here is add vendor in-game or feature on website to sell the wings for 10b 10s - this is just an example. Another cool thing you can do is "disassemble" feature - you put the wings and there is a 90% chance you get a feather back from it. This might be easier to do on the website i think. (but dont forget the security, there will be people trying to exploit it, as everything else 😁) OSGM events consolation price - I think the consolation price should be updated weekly. As it starts from 2 chaos, every week it should be increased by a little. 2 chaos are not worth much after 1 month into the server. Fist Fight Event - This event has to go. It is not fun at all, you cant understand what is happening, its too slow, its exploitable. (with group of people taking 1 corner and staying together, basically guaranteeing reward) Bigger maps not droping exc - I dont know if this is actually the case or im very very unlucky but i think the last maps (karutan, raklion etc) are not dropping excellent items. Why? This is one of the chances for casual players to catch up with 24/7 players Custom quest system - Ive seen couple of servers with their own custom quest system - you kill mobs and get rewards for it. It will be really cool to have the same thing in our server. Possible rewards are jewels, feather, crest, box of kundun, chaos cards. This will promote active play. Website design - There are few thing on the website that are kinda off - styles, design and usability (as i said to @ADMIN in pm, i can help with stuff for the website :)). One of the things is the market layout - its very slow to check items, there should be more items per page and a different layout. This is just a quick example i did, you can perceive the information about latest items more quickly in a grid, this is my opinion of course, some of you may disagree - example link Happy holidays guys, stay awesome and keep doing what you are doing. Love, Cerberus. PP: If my post is one of the winners, just give my reward to the next guy as I'm not playing the non-reset anymore so it will be a waste 🙂
  9. Cerberus

    you are always in party so this statement is invalid Everything about Characters & Formulas! - info about chars/builds
  10. Cerberus

    I agree with @Pawluszy here. The Icarus issue won't be fixed with more spots IMO. People leave their alts (multiple) in Icarus and adding more spots will result in more alts. We need crest / feather drop from another events / boxes . Yes, there is an event that rewards you with feather crest but that might be the dumbest event ive ever seen (Fist Fight Event), its not enjoyable at all and it can be manipulated with group of people taking one corner of the event map and stacking there and eventually one of their guys will be the last man standing simply because you cant get to him. Now the other issue, currently there are way less spots in k2 before bridge than players and most players cant fight k2 after bridge / k3 / karutan 1 / karutan2 because the gap between those mobs is too big. Either make mobs from [k2 after bridge, k3, karutan 1, karutan2] a bit weaker or add more spots with satyros in k2 before bridge but that second option is very limited, there is not enogh physical place on the map for much more spots
  11. Cerberus

    sure, if @ADMIN decides i deserve a ban he can ban me
  12. Cerberus

    are you just mad cuz you cant contest a spawn?
  13. Cerberus

    no one can use these items so what is your point exactly?
  14. Cerberus

    Hello, this idiot is me. It's a bug, we are waiting for @ADMIN or @SouLSet to fix it.
  15. Cerberus

    Yes, there are many players complaining about this issue , even I have some duped items. This has to be resolved fast and fix the bugged items @ADMIN