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    1. @ADMIN @Gion What are the requirements for change race? (max resets/levels?)
    2. I never understood that. Why do you force guild masters to play DLs?
    3. Cerberus

      u will get all exc/socket options from the second weapon/shield, its not like its useless to have something in that slot
    4. Cerberus

      If you mean this stat This is only valid for the main hand. If you wear 2 staves, you will get this wizardry increase only from main hand.
    5. Cerberus

      Only other thing i can think of is if you have enabled full screen scaling in your gpu settings. Check nvidia/amd/intel hd graphics (whichever you are using) control panels for such setting and disable it. Edit: you can also try this registry code to disable the fullscreen in MU Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Webzen\Mu\Config] "FullScreenMode"=dword:00000000
    6. Cerberus

      Try this registry code to manually set the window mode in the windows registry. Either copy the folowing code and save it as .reg file or download the attached file in the post Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Webzen\Mu\Config] "WindowMode"=dword:00000001 windowmode.reg
    7. Cerberus

      I did 1 run and we completed it with 0/3 mobs passed.
    8. Cerberus

      haha sure that makes sense @ADMIN delete this or check if its safe to use ;d
    9. THIS i dont understand why admin decided that only MG should not be allowed inside the kundun
    10. SM: Mana Shield: Max Rate: 30%. Formula: 1(%) + (ENE/689)(%) - Capped at around 20k ENE or lower with ML. Duration: 60(seconds) + (ENE/80)(seconds). at 260 0rr u will have no more than 2% MS there wont be exc socket items in the game
    11. Cerberus

      Cerberus: I actually stole this nickname many years ago.. My first Season2 server that i've played (i think it was around 2008-2009) with some friends, there was this russian or ukrainian guy (i think, not sure) with a MG char called Cerberus. So this guy left the server after some time and gave the MG to my friends to play with it. So from that moment started my passion for MG (my fav char :D) and i started using that nickname most of the time when i play MG. The meaning of the name, copied from wiki: "often referred to as the hound of Hades, is a multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving" Fun facts about that server: it was really hard, i think it was 3x exp with max of 2 resets Rune Blade was never added to the item drop but that guy and my friends begged the admin for it and he actually gave them the item. This was the only MG on the server with a Rune Blade
    12. Cerberus

      everyone has equal chance to enter, idk what u mean by that
    13. two sub-servers only first sub-server to have invasions (golden inv, rabbits, ww etc.) second sub-server to have no invasion but 20% bonus exp for 1-250 lvl for example so newbies can catch up second sub-server to have 20% more zen drop (or even jewel?) to attract all alts here
    14. Cerberus

      Server is based in Europe and the targeted playerbase is in central european time (+- 2 hours i guess). Its just not possible to please all players in different timezones.
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